Another milestone achieved

I finished another crochet pattern!!! Yay!!!


Okay there's no point to that since I've already said that in the previous post....... YA IT'S A PIG. THE PIG. The ✧Tiny Little Piggy✧ HERE IT IS.

Yes it's winking. Just because. Hehehe.

So, like I mentioned before, this is an ONE OF the amigurumi requested by my friend, Jin Wei. He's really supportive and was very patient (I owed him those few amigurumis for quite a while since I was quite busy).

I asked Jin Wei to draw how he wants the pig to look like, cause I actually wanted to make another legless animal but a legless pig is kind of... And since he's my customer and he didn't want the pig to be legless either, I decided to let him draw hehe. So this is what he imagined the pig to be:

Picture credit to Jin Wei

Turns out... He was actually drawing from this picture!

Picture taken from

He drew the picture and showed me the googled one, when he could have just sent me the googled picture.... HAHHAHA! 

Ohh oh oh! Here's the time I took to design and complete this amigurumi! 
I started on 3rd January, 5pm. Stopped at 9pm. But minus 2 hours because I think I was pretty distracted and did something else in between, plus I had some problems thinking about the tail and legs... So 2 hour for that day. 
Continued this pattern on 4th January, 2pm and completed at 3.30pm. 1.5hour for that day!
SOOOOOO, in total, 
I used 3 hour and 30 minute to designed and complete the ✧Tiny Little Piggy✧
Which....I don't think is pretty accurate because I thought I used up quite a lot of time but yeah....

Anyway, I think that this little piggy is really adorable and suitable to be a keychain! ^^ And I found the PERFECT method to make it like a keychain! It's really simple, and instead of using those key rings (which is pretty annoying since it's hard and takes up space) that will "loosen" by itself SOMEHOW and then dropped the precious item that we spent the money to buy so we can spice up our keys or bags or whatnot, my method will make sure that IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN. NO KIDDING. I thought about this for quite awhile... AND I FINALLY FOUND A METHOD. And it doesn't take away the attention of the amigurumi too hehe ^^

I was thinking maybe I'll put a tutorial up about it but currently it doesn't have a name and I'm going to have to ask Jin Wei whether is there any problems with it hehe. 

Okay I digress. 

Soooooo, this is the first time I've ever put up an amigurumi for sale. ONLY 1.90 USD!!! (I used USD even though I'm in Singapore because the place I'm selling it online only uses USD haha)
I hope that it'll catch someone's eye and I think I'd be really happy when my first customer appears. I'd probably screenshot it and keep it forever as a momento. Hahaha. 

Alright, gotta go... It's 2.41am and I still need to attend classes tomorrow............... BUT I'M HAPPY BECAUSE THIS IS THE START OF SOMETHING I WANTED TO DO. YAY. Hehe ok bye~


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