First ever crochet pattern for a DC character!

So those who know me will know that I made a batman amigurumi for my boyfriend.

However, at that point of time even though I manage to make an amigurumi without any pattern, I did not write down the pattern!!!! *criesoutloud* 
But I guess it all goes well since it means that only my boyfriends have it and it makes it special for him! So all is well hehe

I tried making superman amigurumi too, but it was pretty failed as it was a tad bit bigger than batman. Of course it shouldn't bother me, but my boyfriend and I are pretty much a perfectionist and we both wanted superman to be the same so I stopped and left it there :( I'll probably get to it soon!! 

Anyway after all these, my boyfriend said he wanted Flash, and this time I was determined not to let the size affected the outcome so I borrowed batman from my boyfriend for a few days. It was the right thing to do and now DC Superhero: Flash is the PERFECT size! 


I am pretty happy about it, even though I think that my black background photography skill is a little bit off....... Gotta go google about it soon! Hehe

Here's the time it took me to design, making it perfect, making the amigurumi itself and writing down the pattern. 

13th Jan 1.30pm, stopped at 5.45pm -1.5hr because ate and stopped (2h 45min)
15th Jan 6pm, stopped at 7.30pm (1h 30min)
17th jan 11am stopped at 2.30pm (3h 30min)
18th jan 12am, stopped at 1.30am (1h 30min)
19th jan 8pm, stopped at 9pm to eat, back at 9.30pm stopped at 1.20am. (4h 50min)
20th jan 4pm start, 5.50pm done! (1h 50min)

Hence in total it took me approximately 16hr 30min to complete the design. 
It really took a long time to design though so I'm not too sure about the total time just to make one ✧DC Superhero: Flash✧. The good news is I am going to make THREE of these Flash and sell it on my Doubleoxm Design facebook page. Even though now only my friends will buy from me I guess haha. So I'll know how long it'll take to make ONE ✧DC Superhero: Flash✧!

Anyway, I wanted to finish Flash quickly so I brought it to school and make it when there's nothing to do in classes. Even though there's actually a lot of assignments to start on..but I really rather make Flash. *guiltybutnoregrets*

OK I DIGRESS. So since I brought Flash along to make, and I want to take as many pictures of the process as possible to make the perfect crochet pattern (see I'm such a perfectionist), I brought my camera along. And my friend, Ember took it and snapped a lot of pictures
unglamarous pictures. I myself took some pictures with my boyfriend too so~ hehehe. HERE THEY ARE.

There's batman! Yep I brought it along too so I can gauge~


This was when Ember realised that my camera has dual screen and was SO HAPPY that she went around the classroom with the 2nd screen in front on haha!

Ya she took picture of my clarinet case haha!

Hehe my two favourite girls in DMAT


So that's about it! Hehe.


Go on to my crochet tab at the top of my blog to see more information about my ✧DC Superhero: Flash✧ pattern! :)


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