A typical day after school...

..and it's all written not only my face, even my body. HUNGER. Yes, everyday after school, I'll definitely feel hungry. I mean, WHO DOESN'T? I always try to suppress my hunger because:

1) Want to save money. 
2) Too busy to eat. 
3) Just plain lazy and finding excuses like (1) or (2). *heh.

Let me tell you this story of mine (drama sia). Of how I beaten up my excuses and still able to eat a filling snack and still being lazy. :D (Which isn't exactly a good thing, but whateverrrr).

So as usual, I'm hungry, lazy and yet I wanna eat something because the black hole in my stomach feel like sucking up some food and my mouth is ITCHY. Not literally. Itchy as in ITCHING FOR SOMETHING TO CRUNCH. Or munch. Or chew. Yea.

"Cook instant noodle lah! So convenient, and easy!"
Eh, but it's still so troublesome eh.. See, you have to take the pot, fill it with water, wait for it to boil, open the seasonings, pour the seasonings, wait wait wait, stir a bit, wait wait, stir, wait. Then finally, can eat. And hey, there's even a more tedious one! A more healther way of cooking maggi- which is so tiresome.

Anyway, back to topic. So I would have thought of those things above, and will actually....


And stare. AND stare.

And eventually..

& dangggg, if I eat anymore of this, with all the MSGs, all my hair will probably drop sooner and later. Like.

Even though my hair isn't that long yet. But yeah. You get my point.

"Okay then, go takeaway lah! Less MSGs, right?"
Not that I don't want to, but, you see?

HAZE! Later I cannot see properly, and tripped, then injured myself how?! & what if my asthma make a come-back? You know what they say right, 'Better to be safe than sorry'. So I'ma choose SAFE.
*Temporary EXCUSES. 

Then I'll start to make myself feel bad, so that I will restrain myself from eating.

WHOAAA. Okay, good good. I'm gonna go on a diet.

Yea, do that and I'll refrain myself from eating! 

Like real. 

*After a few sec- not even a min.*

Okay, maybe next time then go on a diet.. (which is what I say at EVERY next time) Now I shall go find some food. No maggi, no takeaways, just some snacks will do.


It's always like this! How come my fridge everytime got nothing one ah. Okay now better already, mum bought lots of yakult so at least got something to drink LOLOL!

And I'll start to walk around the kitchen aimlessly finding dunno what and I caught myself looking at the sink a few times. Thank god I wasn't hungry till go and eat the leftovers at the sink omg ewww.

Then I start to bite my nails. Like, really. Now you know why I've such short nails, cause I'm always hungry. And my mum would have caught me, and give me that 'look'.

And she'll be like.

Nah she still scolded me and give me that face but LOOK!

Mister Potato Crisps just saved the day!

On a closer look at the canister, it wrote, RICE CRISPS. Huh? Rice?? Wow. Means I can actually eat it like rice? 

Look mummy! You don't need to cook anymore! Plus, with 4 different flavour of 'rice', I don't even need side-dishes! (Eh joke)

*Mum gives that face.* Aiyoh don't worry lah mummy! There's no added MSG, it's 20% Less Fat then normal fried chips, Cholesterol & Trans Fat Free, and No Artificial Colouring! And oh boy, it's even HALAL. So considerate of them right!

Filling? Check.
Non-fattening? Check.
Delicious? Check.
Convenient? Check!

Wooo and I like the fact that when you bite it, little or even no crumbs will scatter around and won't make a huge mess, AND my mum with that face. HAHA.

It's really great for people who wants to save money as it only cost <$2.50 and >$1.80 (I only found these prices). And those who claims that they're busy to eat (lazy) and yet has itchy mouth, and doesn't want to gain  weight AT THE SAME TIME, (and of cause those who bite their nails a.k.a me),


So what are you still waiting for, huh! Go get some now at the any of the convenient stores right NOW!

There’s no need to act like a madman because there is Mister Potato Rice Crisps for you to munch on, anytime, anywhere.


Now, please excuse me while I hide all of my Rice-y Crisp-sy before my sis finds them....

Sister for helping me to take the pictures even though she was annoyed and a bit bu shuang.
Mummy for actually entertaining me! 
Tiffany, Anna and Mandy and co. for encouraging me to participate.
Xiaxue for her interesting Advertorial about this. 
And Google for some of the pictures. 


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