JAE and JPSAE results.

So on the day I came back from Indonesia, it was Monday, 
and the results of JAE posting is released!

I was really anxious to know about my result, and the thing is, my phone only left 20% when I reached Singapore! (Was reading manga I downloaded in SG in case I was bored..) Wah. I immediately went on Twitter and found out almost everyone got back their results! I was like "why didn't I received anything?!" Cause apparently they will send a text message to you!

I went for JPSAE for Music and Audio Technology too and I remembered them saying they will send an email to me.. But I didn't received anything ):

In the end I went to the website my cousin, Darric, send to me. Like hello I should have known -.- Why didn't I googled it myself tsktsk! And I found out that I went to the course Early Childhood Education in NP!

Frankly speaking, I was a bit disappointed. Well, I did JPSAE for Music and Audio Technology, and I didn't got in. But I was actually okay to go Early Childhood Education lah, since I love children too!

But still...

I called Siangyee and Siangjoo and tell them about my results! Hehe yeah they're the first people I find! Probably because they care, duh! Love you guys. 

Siangyee was telling me like, whether did I received anything regarding JPSAE result, and I said I didn't. But I thought I was already going in Early Childhood Education DESPITE JPSAE. So basically, I thought the results of the JAE included JPSAE results and that is the ultimate answer of where am I going afterwards.

Turns out, JAE is JAE and JPSAE is JPSAE. LIKE DUH. I think my mind wasn't working well because I was too flustered. So Siangyee told me to maybe call SP or smth and ask about it. In the end when I reached home, I actually LOG IN to the JPSAE account! I forgot I can do that!

And yeap, I got in!

I was THRILLED I tell you!
Hehehe immediately called Siangyee again and I bet she could hear my excitement! XD 

I couldn't believe it cause my interview for JPSAE really sucked. Like, I screw up my answers for all their question, I was nervous and couldn't find my words.. They asked this question: "Tell me why should we accept you." and I was stunned, and in the end didn't even answer at all, fearing I may say something wrong.

So now knowing I'm in, I should say I'm just lucky.

The thing now is, I've got 2 choices again. -.- Frankly speaking, before I posted all my submission of the schools for JAE, I was already troubled with these 2 courses. I don't know which one should I go. And now, instead of giving me just one, I got in this BOTH. Omg.

Okay I know I should be thankful, having accepted to 2 courses that I like, when others can't even get into the one they wanted.. But this choices thing is really causing me a headache.

Wah dammit I hate having choices. Just give me one and I'll do it with all I have. Don't let me choose ):

The thing is, if I go Music and Audio Technology, after I graduate and get the diploma, I may not get a stable job. Because I think that in the Music industry, it's either you're damn good, or you're nothing. And I think I'll most probably be the latter. Childhood Education may have more opportunities.

But I am really interested in Music and if, I were to regret if I go both courses, I think I wouldn't regret in Music and Audio Technology as much as Early Childhood Education..

The only thing that can back me up to go Early Childhood Education, is that I like children. That's all. But that doesn't mean the children will like me.

Sigh. Such a tough decision.

Big thanks to everyone who encouraged me on Twitter and asking me to do what I like. 

I think I kinda made up my mind. 

Well anyway, putting that aside, on the day of JPSAE, Siangyee actually woke up darn early and brought me to her classroom to practice a bit, and brought me to the place, even though she could have slept more! :') So touched eh! 
Thankyou so much!! 

After the interview, she had to go soon, but we slacked a bit at the mac in SP, andddddd, camwhored!

Hehe Siangyee so cute here.

In IDK where. I remember one of Mr Bean's shows got!

This one this one!

Haha this is cuter.

Yep I'm having fun.

She looks a bit gangster-ish ah.

It's like we both got boxed lol


Looks like Popeye's one!
Uneven muscles haha.

Annddd big bodies.

Omg Siangyee's eyes is scary..


Hehehe can't help laughing!

Longgggg chin!


Hi we are conjoined twins.

..andddd I have a huge mouth.


Alright, that's it! 
Thanks Siangyee for posting the pictures on facebook! <3


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