An awesome young artist.

My classmate and friend call Lynn (16 years old) loves to draw. 
And good at that she is. 

Her forte is in animation drawing, and currently she is doing it out of passion. 
I talked to her just now, and she told me that she hopes to share her work with people, and is currently trying to sell bookmarks which consist of her own drawing!

These are some of her works.

For now, the offer is still available. 


(each) $0.50
(whole set) $3 

Customized bookmarks: 

(each) $1.50
(whole set) $7

Oh and you don't need to doubt her works, cause it's amazing!

This is actually the front of her name card. 
I know right! Name card already so pretty! I really love this one.
And yes, she created this herself. Copyrighted!

This is one of the customized bookmark that I personally ordered! 
It's simple, really. 
I just told her what I wanted, and BOOM! She draws it and gave it to me within a few days!

And well if you're not convinced by all the above..

The pictures above are all requests from her classmates and friends, including me, to draw them.

All she did was to look at one of their profile picture, 
and use that as a reference, and viola! 
And I bet all of her friends was contented with her work cause I sure did!

As long as you give her a reference, or tell her what you what, 
I am sure she would be able to give you a satisfying picture, bookmark, or anything else that you want it to be printed on.

You can make this for yourself, your friend, or even loved ones as a simple, random gratitude, 
(which I think anybody would love.)
Or if you are troubling about what to give to your friend as a birthday present, 
this might be just the right thing!

Customized bookmarks: 
(each) $1.50!

If you are interested, please DO NOT HESITATE to contact her @


And of course, feel free to ask question @ my tagboard if you're lazy to go anywhere else, 
I will ask Lynn to reply here. :)

 Please attach a picture of you, or the person you want Lynn to draw in the email 
& indicate what form you want it to bea bookmark, or just a drawing or some other forms :)
You can adjust the size if you want. Wallet size, A4 size, Bookmark size? (Price might be adjusted)
Please also tell us whether you want the bookmark to be in a rectangular or outline form.

Important: There is actually 2 types of sketches. The one on my bookmark is chibi type.
The rest that my friend drew for her friends one, is call sketch.
*note that sketch only can draw the upper part torso, like the pictures there.

If you want it to be laminated first, do tell us. 
(may have a change of price if laminate, will update)

So in conclusion:
Types of drawing: Sketch/Chibi
Lamination: Yes/No
Item: Bookmark/Drawing
Shape: Rectangular/Shaped
Size: Wallet/A4/Bookmark

I do hope people will start supporting her, since she really has got an awesome talent,
Especially those who know her like her CLASSMATES. *hinthint.

Let's give her a chance to take her first baby steps here!

Oh yeah, and do visit her website, some of her works are there, 
and you can actually see how much she improve ;)

Hope to hear from you! 


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