O level result.

Yes. Today, the 9th of January 2012. 
O level results 2pm.

Woke up quite early, showered, and prepared to get black hair spray for my coloured hair! Damn annoying leh must spray spray. HAIR WILL BECOME FRIZZY YOU KNOW!!! Ah, but it's only for a day, so forget it.

Cally suddenly text me while I'm in the middle of preparing, telling me her father will fetch me to school too. LIKE WOAH SO SUDDEN!!! And she kept rushing me tsktsk! In the end they had to wait for me ): One of the things I really dislike is to make people wait for me. :/

Ohyeah, the black spray in Watson and Guardian was OUT OF STOCK. I think cause everybody is spraying their hair that's why. WATSON AND GUARDIAN SHOULD PREPARE MORE MAH, must check when results coming haha earn more. 

So in the end, called Mandy (suggested by Cally cause she said they might have it) and she said she will share the cost with me for the spray. So wow, $3! 

I got so called kicked out when Teresa came out of school with Anan. So we went to the coffee shop to eat smth while waiting for the spray. Teresa had to go back to the library so we Cally accompanied me to wait for Mandy at the security guard post. ♥

Thanks Mandy for the spray and helping me to spray my hair! 

After slacking in the library awhile, went to the hall and get ready.

Given by Philomena when we saw each other at the hall!

Plus the faces of the teachers. Like, they know something but they're so  not going to tell us. Argh made us more anxious! The new principal talked awhile, and then MrGopal talked about out batch's percentage compared to last year's. And OUR BATCH IMPROVED A LOT MAN. What a surprise. HAHA.

When the talking is finally over, everyone was sooooo stressed out! Frankly speaking, I felt..neutral. I was prepared for the worst and expect my results to be >20. Though I still feel a bit overwhelmed.

When it was my turn, I went to get my results, and MsTan passed me 2 chocolates. Aww really appreciate it!

The lollipop was given by MrLow. Awwwww. 

MrLow was there too beside MsTan, and he was the one who passed me the result slip. I took a peek, and just take it. I don't want to sit there and let others wait lah haha!

When I really looked at it, I was like. 


Can't really see well.
Combined Science C6, the rest all B3.

At first when I saw it I didn't had any reaction. It's like my brain stopped functioning! How do I explain this?!

JUST "Orh." 

I think it was the way they put the grades lah. Normally it's like B3, B4, C5 etc beside the subject, and now it's so weird so my brain couldn't absorb it LOL.

When I realised that my English, Combined Humanities, Math and Amath was all B3, I was like. WOAH IS THIS REAL?! (It's like 3 hours later then I realised this. I'm always slow.). 'Cause, I thought it would be SO MUCH WORST.

Ok, after taking all the test, this was my expectations for myself.

English B4
Combined Humanities C5/C6
Math B3
Amath E8
Combined Science C6 (Which happened)
DnT A2 (Yes had much more confidence for it cause of coursework)
Chinese B3 (Affirmative)

And I expected my L1R4 to even exceed 20.

Yes, I don't really have much confidence, but I did my best and I know how stupid I am so therefore,
I was already prepared for the worst. 
The thing is, I wouldn't be sad cause I know I already did my best. This would be my limit. And if my limit is this result (above), I wouldn't be surprised. 

So tadah! Throughout the whole thing, I guess I was smiling foolishly.

Look, AMATH WAS TOUGH OK. Seriously. There are even tangent question!! GRRR. And when waiting for result I kept thinking "Amath so wasted." But surprisingly I got B3! I think cause the bell curve ah.

Ashwin, who wanted to skipped the Amath test, took it anyway because I told him not to give up.

Moral of the story: Don't ever give up. 
You never know what you can do until you do it.

I was actually scared that Ashwin would end up having a bad score on his result slip so it was actually quite risky. BUT WE FREAKING DID IT. 

Oh, and if you're asking me whether am I sad about my combined science marks, NO. Hellllooooo, my sciences has NEVER been good since nursery (Exaggerating. I don't even remember whether nursery has science).
So what's the point of hoping that I'll get good marks for it?

That reminds me, my maths was NEVER good too. BUT. I have one awesome tuition teacher SO TADAH. If it weren't for her, I guess I would have gotten similar marks for both maths. MY SAVIOUR. MY LOVE.

I expected really bad result from combined humanities too because I always can't finish my essays though my SBQ are okay. Can't finish not because no time. Can't finish because CANNOT REMEMBER. Yes my brain is the size of a pea. But O level was better cause the question that came out was those that my awesome humanities teachers drilled into our brain. And I was able to finish one and a half essay! My luck not bad ah.

English was really distressing. Since you know you HAVE to count it in no matter what, and if you fail..I forgot what happens but it's not good. 
So B3 is already good enough for me!

So yep! Basically it was quite an unexpected yet pleasant surprise. :) 

L1R5 18
L1R4 15

If I can use my CCA points, my L1R4 would be 13! The thing is I don't know whether it can be used for Poly. Hmmm.

Well, I'm pretty satisfied with my results. 
"The amount of effort you put in equals to the magnitude of your result."

Oh yeah, Meixuan bought for me souvenir when she went to Malaysia! 


Thank you so much Meixuan!  


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