Yep I'm online to take some orders from my band mates hehehe. The sales been quite good I think! We've got like, 27 orders now, and 48 items! (Both done and undone). Whoaaaaaa. I feel so proud!

Eh but don't think this is easy ah. I have to some of the lazyass customer's questions when I've already copy paste all the things they ask, just because they're lazy to read. Grrr. Well guess I'm training for my future. Maybe I'd make a good salesman. LOL.

So anyway, Recently I'm hanging out with Xinwan, Pamela and Cally. At the library. HAHAHA. And they are all hardcore fans of MANGAS omg! HAHA. And they even got me hooked on CHINESE MANGAS which I've never tried reading before cause I think it's..weird? But now I think it's like the same as english ones lah.

Apparently they ALWAYS hangout at the library together. Like, during recess, after school etc. And they're like best friend with the librarian lah. I was like WHOA. They're like librarians but not librarians. Get what I meannn??

OK. Well, they were using the comp in the library, (APPLE SOMEMORE SIA WALAO school so rich) since Xinwan had to make smth, and then Cally forced (yeah she's kinda violent) Xinwan to play a youtube video which is....

Must watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Especially for those anime freaks and 仔男 LOL.
This is Hatsune Miku, and she's a vocaloid. What's a vocaloid?? GO GOOGLE LAH LOL.

Okay don't so bad, briefly expain it since I'm SO nice. Hee. OK, so a vocaloid is like a made-up singer, with a program to make song and lyrics and the voice. (Ok my explanation sucks) And there's actually really a singer that provided Hatsune Miku a base, and she's Fujita Saki.

"She provided the voice samples for Hatsune Miku, the first character in Yamaha’s Vocaloid2 series of singing synthesizers."
Btw her voice pitch is like almost the same!! I didn't think someone could sing SUCH A HIGH PITCH!
*She only sang a song, but I THINK she can reach the notes that Hatsune Miku reached?? Hmm.

You can find out more about vocaloid here.
(Took this from the video link, and there's more information there too,)

So this video is like one of her concert, and she's a HOLOGRAM here. Yes. She is being projected. And if you noticed, actually behind her is a mirror, (I think) and she wasn't reflected! Kinda sad LOL. If only she's reaaaaal. So pretty. And hair look so smooth too!!

*The concert one like smoother.

This is another video of the SAME song, with english lyrics and everything, so you can understand what the song means!!! Yay!!!!!
This version is longer, and very cute too!!! Hehe.

Gah really, they kinda made me addicted to her. ): Okay only to this song. Frankly speaking I don't really like other songs.. Btw, there's other character in this Vocaloid thingy! You can go youtube aaahhh. 

Oh yeah, the video below is also sang by her, but....errr... Just watch.

This song is so....annoying LOL. 
But cute at the same time, you know that feeling!?!?!
I should totally learn how to sing this and irritate people HAHAHA.

Oh yeaaaaahhh!!!!! I just found smth, you know I was saying like if only Hatsune Miku was REAL???? Well Japan made this robot (if you don't know it yet) and it was also linked with the VOCALOID TECHNOLOGY wooooo!!! 

But if you watch it for a long time it's kinda....creepy. 
Imagine one day if you got killed by it omg. 
I wonder if it has a mind of it's own too like in movies?? Hmms...

The above one is the 2007 version, and this, is the 2010 version, 
More realistic, and natural, and her mouth area even got some skin peeling off(?) like normal people!!!
Omg creeeeepy~ 

But IMHO, I think Hatsune Miku should really stay as an anime character. I mean, you can't make the hair as silky in real life right?!?!?! Hair is like so important lah, imagine if it looks rough and all....eww.



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