So I've had this pattern with me since quite awhile ago. And recently I made in into a crochet pattern for FREE.

It's the ✧Tiny Onigiri✧!

It's again- REAAAAALLY TINY. Hehehehe. 

This ✧Tiny Onigiri✧ is a redesigned version of handmadekitty's Onigiri Couple Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I didn't exactly redesigned it as it looks at least 80% similar....BUT, I made it smaller! Because I wanted to make a keychain sized Onigiri for my friend, Ember, whom have an obsession with Onigiri. I thought that the original size was too big- 8cm so about 3.1 inches. Whereas the redesigned one is 1.5 inch! ^^ PERRRRRFECT FOR A KEYCHAIN I would say hehe. 

So I started on this pattern on the 29th October, 10.10pm and stopped at 12.10am, not satisfied. So that was 2 hours wasted haha. HOWEVER, on the 31st October, 7.50pm I attempted on it again because Ember's birthday won't extend for me, and finished it at 11.20pm. 
Hence, I spent about 3 hour 30 minute on this Onigiri! ^^ 
Don't worry, this time you have the pattern so it won't take long! :D

So head on to the ✧Tiny Onigiri✧ page and get started on your very own mini Onigiri and spaz on it everyday~ :D 

Do visit handmadekitty's blog and check out her other patterns which is all AH-MAZING. Go go go! 


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