Okay, it is 6.43am on the last day of 2013. And I had been making this first crochet pattern since 4pm. BUT I AM FINALLY DONE!!! FINALLY FINALLY DONE! I am absolutely excited about this. Even though it's super unhealthy ok now I know the last unhealthy thing I do in 2013.

I know people would think I'm crazy, using the whole day and the whole night to make ONE crochet pattern? Plus I was so into it that the only thing I ate the whole day was green bean soup my mum made (which was delicious btw huehue) and a packet of my favorite seaweed tidbit. But no lah of course~ I did the template obviously so next time it'll be easier for me! Plus I doodled a lot of things and also had some problems..WHICH I SOLVED EASILY THOUGH SO YAY.

So this pattern is called the ✧Tiny Legless Duck✧. Yep. Cause it's legless. HAHA. Okay I'm just really bad with names and it's tiny and with no feet so......

This was a request from Heri, my friend since secondary school~ He have this thing for rubber ducks, and I have no idea why. One day he asked me for it, so I was like "WHY NOT I CAN MAKE A PATTERN OUT OF THIS ANYWAY OMG 1 STONE 2 BIRDZXCXZ". Hence I stalked on his instagram to see how his rubber ducks are like and I'll try to make something similar.

I assume he brings his ducks everywhere he goes to LOL.

So yeah! I started on it on the 24th October, 8pm and I finished it at 11.50pm on the same day. Minus 45min because I probably ate halfway or stopped and texted my boyfriend a few times or something haha! 
So in total, it took me 3hr and 5min to design and finish this pattern! ^^ 

I figured keeping track of how long it took to finish this would be good so... I thought of putting it in my crochet patterns too but nah... 

Since I had no idea what I should do to make a pattern at that point of time, I just kept it in my phone's notes... UNTIL TODAY/YESTERDAY/WHATEVERYOUWANTTOCALLIT. HEHE. Even though I took pictured of it, adjusted the brightness and everything and kept it all nicely in a folder, I just never had the motivation to start on it. I still have a few more patterns like this so I can't wait to make them all into patterns! 

I think I took too many pictures and there are some left so I'll try to post as much as possible in this post cause if I put anymore in that crochet pattern it'll be too much and I don't wanna waste them all :(

A super bad attempt at trying to make it look less empty............
I wanna try and collect ornaments though, so I can take nicer pictures hehe 
Oh well, just have to make sure I actually use them~
This flower light thing is actually from a little kid that I helped as a teacher's assistant hehe ^^

Another friend of mine saw the duck I made on instagram, and he requested for a white one! 
It looks a little bit smaller since it was another type of yarn.. I forgot to check the guage..... Opps...

But caron simply soft yarn is not really good for making amigurumis I think, it's too...tight? Especially when I'm trying to sew in the end or the body parts together!
The white one was so much easier even though smaller.


Because in all the pictures, the duck looks kinda big so I used my macbook cover to help gauge it!
But I didn't used it in the pattern anyway LOL.

Quack quack quack QUACK

That's all I have now! It's 7.17am already so I gotta go sleeeeeeeeeeeep oh noz. But am pretty excited anyway since 2014 is coming and I was 'told' by a fortune teller the zodiac pig in 2014 would be pretty well to do wor~ Except in wealth. I guess I'll still always be broke next year T.T




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