Out Swimming and Slacking with Jiawei.

Yesterday, Tuesday 8th October, Jiawei and I went for a swim. Early in the morning. It's been quite a long time since I swam, and I was pretty excited about it too. Plus it was Jiawei's payday + an off day from work for her so she was pretty happy!

So we met around like 10am, then we head to Jurong West swimming complex. It was near our house and I believe the most entertaining yet also cheap swimming pool in SG HAHA. But by the time we got there, we realised it was CLOSED. What the?!?!

And there we were joking about what if we were to reach there and the pool is closed LOL. ROAR! 
So we must remember that the Jurong West Swimming Complex is closed on Mondays..

We didn't give up though, despite feeling sian.. So we google search which swimming complex is near us yet opened and we found bukit batok's! YAY. Though still sian.
So we tried to find our way there and wow it was pretty near our house, too! Like near our secondary school? AND WE NEVER REALISED IT WAS THERE LOL. Poor Bukit Batok swimming complex.

Anyway, we went there, and it felt kinda like an adventure cause it's somewhere we've never been before!

YA WE IS CHEAPOZ. Eh no lah we're still kids in our heart (bullshit)

It was pretty simple I guess, all the pools are something like this, just flat.. I mean, at least Jurong West Swimming Complex has like a "river" pool shit and "wave pool" which is like a poor substitute for a beach but still fun nonetheless cause of the artificial waves~ 

This place does have a kiddy pool but just one simple playground stuck on a knee level pool lor~ But Jiawei and I did went to all of them and we even laid down on the kiddy pool and rested! 

Actually right, most of the time we were like chit chatting and doing stupid stuff like "swim" like a mermaid LOL cause of the mermaid thing we talked about haha! But we did swim one lap...and a few but hehe just for fun and stopped halfway to chat again! I guess we did lose some fats ya HA. It was fun!!

We used a sun block but I guess it wasn't really water proof so we got kinda sun burnt! D: I mean I'm already so tanned already still get tanner, macham kena bbq-ed! 

See!! This is really BLACK not tanned lor! TSK.

Jiawei's! But not so much lor she still so white! 

We want to try to swim every week if possible? Or if not once in awhile! To catch up and everything, plus exercise a little hehe. We'll see how this plan goes~ 

After our swim, around 2pm, we head back to Jiawei's house to prepare to go to Jurong Point. Jiawei put on a little make up and change her clothes, and she decided to help do a little make over for me cause I'm dull like hell LOL. 

Of course, have to pin up my fringe right then put make up HA BUT I LOOK SO FUNNEH 
Like acting cute sia cannot tank.

Of course, a retarded look with retarded placement of clips.

Doing everything while listening to MVs on her ipad mini! 
It's always good to have music as accompaniment while you're doing stuff.

Jiawei said my eyebrows are so untidy, and she wanted to trim them for me! Apparently it's her first time plucking eyebrows and shit but I trust her lah~



It really got neater and much refined! YAY. HEHEHEHE. 

You can see the white borders of my eyebrows! Hahah after trimming.
Not bad, not bad at all! 

After some more slacking, we were ready to go out and EAT. CAUSE SWIMMING MAKES YOU HUNGRYYY.

First thing we did, BUY TEH MOVIE TICKETS!!! 

Yeap! We went to Ding Tai Feng! OH MAI GAWD. 

Jiawei ordering. She knows what the nice food here so I just let her. 
Anyway, she's gonna treat me...AGAIN. 
And you know what she kinda "begged" me to let her treat me, WHATTTT. 

Here's the proof HAHA.
Why she so cute. Seriously only she will do this kind of thing!! HAH.

Taking stupid pictures while waiting for food~

And they're here!! 
THIS IS MY FAVOURITE!!! Some...fried-egg rice or smth IDK it's name D:

Zha Jiang Mian!! 
I'm okay with this cause I don't really fancy the taste of the sauce? 
But the noodle is well cooked ^^

And of course the Xiao Long Bao(s) (? Is it? I think so HAHA I SUCK WITH NAMES)

(Even though in this picture there no soup cause I broke the skin of this xiao long bao hais)

After the tasty fooooooood, we went to walk around, window shopping for me, but potential clothes and shoe shopping for Jiawei! Cause we had about 2 hours to spare mah~ 

We went to the arcade, and played basketball again!!! 

Our highest score played tgt so far I think!! 
Our teamwork wasn't that bad today haha!! WE MUST IMPROVE OK AH WEI-ER. ;)

Jiawei while queuing for the ATM~ 

Because we had so much spare time, we went to the place where you can get DIY cakes! Where you buy the cake and etc then draw stupid stuff on it and eat it. HA. 

I remember when Jiawei, Samantha and I when we were in Secondary school, we'd buy one tgt and draw stupid stuff and then eat it at the staircase beside burger king on the same floor of Jurong Point! We were reminiscing those times man!


Our decorations and mini couplers!
Actually the pastel colours one was kinda hard to use.. cause when you squeeze the stuff comes out all wriggly and it was hard to write stuff. :(

Jiawei look so pretty here seriously hehe.

We were like "EH CANNOT WASTE" and attempted to use EVERYTHING hahaha!

Wrote this then realised didn't have enough space to write my name so it overlapped the stars decorations. 
But ok lah her name was written quite well (self praise)

Guess what did we wrote on top!!!!!



So we went ahead and go to the staircase and gain back whatever weight we lost while swimming. :( 

The cream is awesome man it's kinda fruity and not cheesy cream. I HATE those creams.
But this was not bad! Though sinful. 

I used to like the fruits inside though, but somehow it was I guess too frozen and tastes kinda weird so ugh.


All done. 

After this, we watched Insidious: Chapter 2! I think I didn't watch Insidious or smth cause I couldn't remember anything.. But Insidious: Chapter 2 was great cause the link with Insidious was A LOT but I could understand everything! I love the plot, the way it was conveyed to the audience, and the fact that it's long but not draggy cause it's really direct. Plus, it's not ALL scary and shit cause there's actually some humourous part which made the whole audience laughed

Picture from http://sciencefiction.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/insidious-2.jpg

I found myself enjoying the movie A LOT. It's been awhile since I enjoyed any movie I watched recently. Really. I watched 3 movies consecutively which sucked before Insidious: Chapter 2. 

Picture from http://biffbampop.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/insidious2.jpg

I really enjoyed the day spent with Jiawei. It was relaxing and we chatted so much! Even though the both of us kinda got sun burn on our shoulders (which hurt like a ___), we went swimming again this morning! (I'm at her house blogging now while she rests btw) Hehehe. Hope we will continue swimming whenever we can! ^^


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