Junyuan's mum's cowl.

So in the one of the posts a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I have a lot of projects to be done regarding crochet.

I finally finished one of them.

A Deco Daisies cowl from a blog call Holla Knits
Wanted to make this for Junyuan's mum for the longest of time! 
And I finally finished it!!! 

Joanna will hate this though, cause of the holes LOL. 

I know people will be like wah so bias never make for your own mum, but the thing is, my mum doesn't like this kind of stuff, plus because of all the holes, it will definitely catch on hairs and such (mum's a hairdresser) so yeah. I thought of making one for her too, but I think it''ll be better if I let her choose! In the future man! Heh. (Yeap Junyuan's mother was alright with this)

Anyway, I wasn't really satisfied to be honest, regarding the time spent. I actually recording it down on my phone's notes. And frankly speaking, I expected myself to finish it in 4 days maximum. Guess I had too much expectations of myself~

YA IKR 7.5 HOURS OF MISTAKES!!!!! RAWR!!! (More about this later)
Anyway, I minus off one or two hour because I ate in between or did something in between.
All these numbers are estimations, so if it's 2.45 start, I'd just write 2.30pm haha.

Okay I know people will be annoyed to read everything and skip them, so to sum it up:
Hours spent on mistakes = 7.5hr
Hours spent on that extra row (-.-) = about 2 hr
Total hours wasted = 9.5 hr

Total hours taken to make this (without mistakes)= estimate 28.5 hr

YAAAA I KNOW IT TOOK SO LONG I FEEL SAD. I really thought I can finish this quicker. But yeah.... And I was really pissed at myself with that mistake. 

*Note, you may not understand a shit from _ to _ onwards.


Okay so regarding the mistake, I actually snapped a picture of it but it was accidentally deleted. GRRR. Anyway, for this cowl it's actually kinda cool. Usually I'd be making amigurumi or something, but this time, it was like making 2 piece of LACE FABRIC. Then seam them both together. I mean that's common sense if you think about it, but I had no idea what I was doing so I just went with it.

So in that 7.5 hours, I created a lace piece of...collar? Because I was unsure of which holes I should put my hook into. So I practically put my hook into every single one of them. (Ok I know non crocheters will be like I DON'T UNDERSTAND A SHIT) Wish I got that picture..... :( Anyway, it just started curving in and I redid it for at least 4 times before I was sure I did something wrong.

Here's the pattern given. Of course I can't post everything because IF YOU WANT THIS PATTERN YOU GOTTA BUY THIS YOURSELF OK. But I'll show some of them.

So after I read the pattern and I understood no shit, I started to look for the chart for help.
Even though I've NEVER read a crochet chart before,
(read and learn about them a little, but never used them to create any projects) 
I managed to understand it (woah) and with the help of this chart, I FINALLY WAS ABLE TO MAKE A FLAT FABRIC, NOT A CURVY THINGY. *phew*

The way I keep track of it is to put a line when I'm starting the next row, so I know which one I'm doing, and that number 7 over there has it's meaning too. Will explain below. 

This chart shows you how to start the row, end the row, and if you notice, there's actually a portion of it which is covered (to protect people from getting freebies), and that portion is black. 
It means I should repeat the black part 6 more times. 
It sound ok now but wait.

So at first I was like, ok~ make two of the same piece, that's fine.
And this picture only show until Row 2. It's all the way to Row 8.

When I finally finished the whole Foundation to Row 8, I was like what the why so short.

And then I saw THIS.

Oh.   My.   Buddha. 
So yeah, that's what the number 7 I wrote on the chart stands for. 
It means I repeated that whole Row 1 to Row 8 the 7th time.
That's why it took forever haha. Both pieces have to be repeated from Row 1-8 nine times!!!! 


Okay sorry to those who don't understand a shit. I just want to write them down anyway CAUSE I NEED TO VENT MY ANGER. LOL. Ok lah not anger ok. I was really frustrated when I realised all these, but I slowly got the hang of it, and actually enjoyed myself! :) It's really pretty fun!!!

Plus, it was my FIRST TIME making a fabric out of yarn!! (Usually it's beanies and dolls so...pretty different) It was the same stitches I know, but placement was different, and it looks different! Lace is pretty~

I learnt new stuff too. HOW TO READ A CROCHET CHART (instead of pattern). Really, sometimes you just gotta do it and you'll realised you actually know how to.

This is probably 1.5 row heh. 
Do you see the flower pattern? Instead of just holes... I hope.

Two pieces seamed together! 

My room bed has limited spaces so I couldn't lie it completely flat to take picture of it, 
but yeah one piece is about this length.
It looks simple, but remember this is all done stitches by stitches, bit by bit. 
I assure you it is NOT easy.

When I was crocheting this, I realised I always see weird faces (I swear)!
(pictures will be pixelated cause it's zoomed, taken with iPhone) 

Hahaha wth man


So here's a game. SPOT TEH SAD FACES. 

I hope Junyuan's mum won't notice it though and just see those flowers HAHA. 
Ok wait can you see those flowers? *omgomgomg*
(Answers will be at at back if you're actually interested LOL)


Anyway I started my songwriting assignment today. I'm dead. Oh well. 



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