Do you believe that mermaid exists? 

Since Jiawei is interest in marine creatures (especially piranhas) for some reason, she showed me a video about a mermaid body being found.

Of course, I watched it, even though it's about 40 mins long but I was really well entertained and intrigued.

I think I'm pretty slow regarding this? Apparently there's an Animal Planet documentary about mermaid quite a few years ago, and this video Jiawei showed me was to just proved it even more.

I'm going to post the two videos here, by sequence that you should watch it in.

I give this video credit, it really is well made, and even give illustrations IF mermaids existed, 
It was cool to see those illustrations, to know that there may be a chance that these CAN happen!

I admit, I got some goosebumps watching these videos.

*There will be spoilers if you haven't watch the videos and I do encourage everyone to watch it!

After watching these two videos, it really made me think. And I guess, this made me BELIEVE that mermaids do exist.

It's nice to know that they're actually showing the whole world their findings despite the risks that may be involved because they truly care for the mammals.

The purpose that these researchers chose to risk maybe their lives to reveal what they've found is because the US marine was killing the marine creatures(?) I am actually unsure what is that (sonar?), but probably some sound thing that was being placed deep in the ocean and actually pierces their ears..high pitched/low-pitched. I really have no idea what is that..but all I know it was killing the sea creatures, forcing them to go up the shores away from the sound(?) and because of that, they were stucked and then dies.

They feel that if they can prove that a new species of marine creatures exists, and the US marine was killing them, it will somehow stop them from using the machines that kills those creatures again. But they never expected what they found.

There IS a possibility that when we were being evolved to humans, to the us that adapt to the land surroundings and disasters, there may be some who are more willing to stay in that water. Maybe it's "safer" for them, maybe the sea gave some of them security. And who knows? Maybe those who chose to stay in the waters are more "cowardly" than us humans that's why they chose to hide.

These hairless, naked, tailed with a 'ridged-crest' on it's forehead apparently existed long long time ago. In egypt, there was like drawings on the wall of caves? (You know those drawings you see on historical documentary haha) And the drawings depicts 'stick figures' of human AND mermaids! Mermaids being represented by a human body, and a triangle at the end of what seemed like tails.

The sad thing was what was seen on the drawings was that human was throwing spears towards those mermaids, which was apparently accompanied by dolphins, I think, or some sea creatures. Maybe this "war" made mermaids almost extinct? Hmmmm....

I honestly think that it was this.. "war" between us humans and those mermaids that led them thinking that we humans are dangerous. Which I think we are, to them.

Just think about it. Since we humans are so "awed" by new findings, we would use them as experiments to "know more about" them. It would be horrible. Maybe we humans will even KILL them to know what their bodies is made out of and what was the change in humans that made them adaptable in water.
Or maybe we humans will capture one and keep them in a museum or zoo and make them as a tourist attraction. The things that humans will do to make money..

The guy who researched about it said something like this: "They chose to hide, and I hope that they will continue to hide."
I totally agree with this. 

I think the fact that mermaids exist is so cool. And apparently, mermaid's range of hearing is much better than us humans? Like...they can hear much higher pitches than us? The sounds that they made was considered new and not recognizable and was considered weird and mysterious. They're call bloops.

 I do believe that they have languages too! Makes me curious about whether they know about music? Maybe they like music, and there also may be a chance something like Ariel the Little Mermaid could happen!!

Picture from

Even though they'll be bald (adaptions to the environment) and fierce and scary. They really do seems unfriendly to me! :(

And maybe when they saw us humans, they're thinking like "THESE ARE THOSE THINGS THAT KILLED MOST OF OUR ANCESTORS" and they're probably pissed at us haha.
They're probably protective and cautious.

According to this website, "We have explored about 5 to 7 percent percent of the ocean floor and about a half a percent of the ocean itself. In the deep ocean, it is even less. Part of it is because it is so hard to get to."
So imagine. There probably IS a whole civilization of them in the deepest and most natural part of the sea!

And since humans are curious and all, I suppose some of them will be, too. Maybe some will be courageous enough to interact with humans! Or stupid. So who knows? Maybe in the future we will see one of them, alive.
Though I do hope that we humans won't do anything bad to them.

I actually would like to see movie adaptions/illustrations/fiction about mermaids instead of the happy, pretty Ariel! Or what will happen if mermaids were to interact with us! Heyyyyy maybe some films about mermaids are already being planned and all! Wow I'm so excited already I hope there is and I'd definitely watch with Jiawei hehehe. *excited*

After I finished watching these two videos (which frankly speaking weren't enough for me though they're around 2 hours added together), I saw THIS video.

WOW! She's so brave and pretty, too! And there's a job as a PROFESSIONAL MERMAID HOW COOL IS THAT!

She can hold her breathe for so long and stay under water for like 20min? WHAT! Wow I really hope I can see her once in my lifetime!!

And...maybe.. She may be the one who start to interact with a real mermaid! Since she LOVE marine creatures and seems to be able to communicate and calm them.



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