Since Ms Loh's birthday is coming, and she ADORES Totoro, I decided to crochet a set for her birthday!

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I must admit, I've never watched Totoro before, I KNOW I SHOULD AND I'VE BEEN WANTING TO. Maybe I'll make Junyuan to watch with me hehe. Ok no need to make la he's very nice he'll definitely watch with me one muhahahaha! ^^

At first, I wanted to use LucyRavenscar's Totoro patterns, since it's the first nicest looking one that came out from Google search. They all look very similar to the ones in the anime! However, it's taking too much time because they're REALLY huge. And I found out that I'm a very impatient and easily bored person. Especially since I like to see results almost immediately. So I guess huge amugurumi patterns are not for me eh? 

You can see the difference between the one on the left (the pattern I used next) and the one on the right (Lucy's pattern). The difference is so huge!! I mean, I guess Totoro IS suppose to be huge but what I had in mind was kinda like a small one that can be used as a keychain or something, AND WHO DOESN'T LIKE TINY STUFF. 

You can get the pattern I used from and the Grey Totoro Pattern here, Blue and White Totoro Pattern here.
I sincerely thank both Lucy and QueenieChan for being so generous and sharing their beautiful Totoro patterns! ^^

Anyway, I didn't even use the one on the left because I found out the colour was too dark and if I were to embroider the eyes and nose with black yarn it wouldn't be obvious... So I changed my colours. 

I really have no idea what type of yarn is the grey one LOL! Reused yarns~ 
I changed the blue one too because I think it'll look nice with the grey and white! ^^

Of course, since I want to start taking notes of how long I take to finish a project, I wrote the time down on my iPhone's notes whenever I start and end the process of making these Totoros.

Honestly, the white totoro was the best it was darn easy to make! See! Only 1.5 hour!! Haha.
And yeap, all the short intervals is when I was travelling hahaa I try to crochet anywhere ya!

So yeah I wasted 1.5 hour on that too-dark grey totoro :( But it's ok you gotta learn from your lesson right! So next time I must make sure I check the colour I'm going to embroider with contrast to the body. 

Grey Totoro Total Hours: 5hr 30min
Blue Totoro Total Hours: 5hr 5min
White Totoro Total Hours: 1hr 30min
Total hours for all Totoros: 12hr 5min! 

Hahaha wowwwww it actually took quite long! :( 

But ok, frankly speaking the Blue Totoro shouldn't have taken so much time.. It's because I swear Caron Simply Soft is NOT suitable for tiny amigurumis! Because tiny amigurumis will tend to be smaller and VERY tight, and Caron Simply Soft Yarns are not really stretchable at all... Whereas the other 2 yarns was very nice to work with! 

I guess it's yet another lesson learnt. Oh well~ But I think Caron Simply Soft will be good with bigger sized amigurumis, maybe the huge totoro pattern which I found. Because amigurumi is suppose to be better with not stretchy yarns (so that, I assume, if kids play with it it will not stretch and let out all stuffings) 

Anyway, here's the three totoros I crocheted! ^^

Yep, I am really proud of them. 
And again, I am rarely proud of anything I do. HA. 
You're gonna see a lot of pictures of them lol.

And yes, they DO stand!!! 
Even though I had to adjust a little because the platform I placed them on was tilted.

They have cute little tails too!!! 
I am super happy about the Grey and Blue Tototo's tail, cause when you lift them up their tails DANGLES!!


Anyway, I actually changed a little bit of the pattern for the Blue Totoro's ears. Because I thought it looked too big for the blue totoro. I realised that for the White Totoro right, since it's so so so small, the instructions was actually to crochet a flat piece, then sew them together at the ends. I figured I can do that too for the Blue Totoro's ears, but just make it a little bit bigger. 

White Totoro's Ears and Tail.
Rnd 1 - Ch 5
Rnd 2 - sc, then ch 1
Rnd 3 - sc

Blue Totoro's Ears and Hands.
Rnd 1 - Ch 6
Rnd 2 - sc, then ch 1
Rnd 3 - sc, then ch 1
Rnd 4 - sc

Left the tail pattern as it is because it's looks better dangling though I took out one or two rows of sc stated cause it was took long. 

Here's how I do it!

You can see that it's much smaller and more well-shaped!
Cause Totoro's ears have a pointy end. 
But from the picture that QueenieChan took, it looked pretty okay! 

Different people have different ways of making something (which is the beauty of crafts) 
And someone somehow made it look this way, doesn't mean you will make the same. 
So adjustments should be made to your liking and thus that's what I did! ^^

Anyway here's the measurement for each Totoro's in real life haha.
They're really pretty tinyyyyyy, perfect for a keychain! And the exact size I wanted! *yay!

Since I am so proud of them but am giving them away, of course I must take tons of pictures of them and LET THEM HAVE THEIR OWN SPOTLIGHT!!







*Whistles and more clapping!*


Okay lah as you can see I am REALLY happy about them huehuehue and seriously Caron Simply Soft really sparkles man! 

I'm gonna send Ms Loh this on her birthday haha prepare already.
Don't worry I am 199% sure she doesn't read or even KNOW I have a blog so she won't see this hehe. 

The unedited version is currently my desktop wallpaper!! ^^

It was really fun making all these Totoros and I enjoyed every single moments! 12 hours is pretty ok, right? Heh. One day, I wanna create an amigurumi pattern all by myself! ^^ *flex muscles*


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