So yesterday was the sixth month that Junyuan and I got together. *insert heartshapes*

So I stole this picture from my own Instagram hahaha. This was sooooooo long ago probably the first month or something wow. We don't take much pictures now due to various reasons but I suppose we will start to take more pictures soon I'm pretty excited about that!! YAY! 

It's been six months, but we are still going on so well. It's hard to believe it's ALREADY six months! Wowwwww.

We don't quarrel much, and when we do it's mostly because I'm so hot tempered (heh) and even so I've tried my best to make sure when I'm angry at other people I don't vent it on him cause you know he's innocent. Hurhur.

He's really so patient with me, and even in the relationship, I'M the one who says the most vulgarities (heck he doesn't even say them much unless he's really agitated) and he doesn't even get angry much! What a perfect boyfriend I have I'm not even joking. Pretty, kind, gentle, playful, patient, adorable and VERY open about new ideas to do together! (and he knows it so he's a bit buay hiao bai about it but oh well they're true) The list goes on and on by the way, and there's really nothing much about him I really dislike. ZERO. (Or maybe the fact that he likes to be popular hais oh well)

YA HE EVEN AGREE TO DO THIS WITH ME HAHAHA and we created our accounts like a few days after we got together! That's my ugly face there, and ya he's always complaining I'm ugly (which I am especially since I always do stupid faces infront of him) but he still love me muahahaha!
He don't do ugly faces with me sia :( 

On second note, about being popular. He really is pretty popular, especially amongst the girls. That's kinda sad really, for me lah, and I guess he kinda likes it. But the thing is that he doesn't CRAVE for it or flirt with the girls and all (though I guess he does before we were together but he's single mah who doesn't right) and he knows his limits, and WILL try to put himself in my shoeeeee. So he's still perfect and it's kinda great anyway because I AM THE ONE WHO IS HIS GIRLFRIEND ALL OF YOU CAN GO ONE KORNER AND SUCK YOUR THUMB MUAAHAHAHAHAHAAA! ok calm down xm

I have tons of screenshots of this kind of messages from him yes we message each other like compo even after 6 months yes we put a lot of emojis but it shows that we're sincere and I love every part of our conversations!

It feels great to be with him cause I know he's loyal and faithful, and the fact that he makes me feel that I'm WANTED and LOVED. Which no one else ever made me feel before and frankly speaking it feels great.

I like the fact that we don't make a big fuss out of anniversaries. Like, we don't have to always go on a date whenever it's our whatever-monthsary or we have to get each other something on that day. It's nice to be spontaneous and be like "ok today it's my treat" or "EH LET'S WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW" than thinking what to do on that very special day.

Heckkkk I spent the 25th Sep sleeping all the way till 4pm while he works! (Usually I'd go to his workplace, SP, everyday but ytd and today I was too tired cause I slept so damn late -.-)

Hahahahaha he wrote this hehehe so cute right though so rou ma hehe. 
Oh ya did I mention he's WAY neater than me even his handwriting! Haiyo I feel ashamed sia.

He even dare to wear couple tees with me like omg wow who does that anymore?!

This wasn't couple tee but we just HAPPEN to wear the same colour pants/dress, cardigan/shirt and shoes! 

Okay so I've finish bragging about my boyfriend. Hahahahaha! But yeahhh, I'm so glad that I got to know him, and that I really am such a lucky girl.

Seriously, those who are having BAD relationship and cry everymotherfuckingday, DO NOT let those useless guy make you feel worthless, and block the doorway for the person who is ACTUALLY right for you. Like what I almost did wow I was so stupid.

I chose a path where I would be happy, and I've never regretted it, and I know I probably won't in the near future too.

Here's a super adorable picture of Junyuan when he's younger to end this post! AHHH OMG SO ADORABLE SPAZZZZZZZZZZ.


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