Out with Jiawei

I AM BACK. I know, I said that I won't be back so soon but here I am~ One fine day after I finish blogging the previous post, I received this from Jiawei.

Ya I was full of vulgarities lol I apologise for that. I really was so shocked. WHO THE HELL WILL GIVE SOMEONE A CAMERA. Even though she already have another one and she doesn't use this one that's why, but still?! She could have sold it or smth and get some extra cash but NO SHE GAVE IT TO ME. 

I am really really grateful. It's really something not everyone will do for other people, and she is so generous. Plus she read my blogpost sia hahaha I thought she won't cause my posts so wordy~ But ok maybe she skips the wordy ones haha 

Oh yeah I actually have an album in my phone named "Makes me happy" and it consist of messages and tweets that people send me which makes me smile or happy. All those up there is already there haha! Currently the "makes me happy" folder has 178 screenshots. And of course, Junyuan has a folder all by himself and he has 752 screenshots LOL! From wayyyyyyy beginning when we started chatting sia woahhh. 

Anyway, here I am to blog, hehe. Really for Jiawei this one. Blog about the day Jiawei and I went out together and got my first camera! "Giving you an excuse to blog more!" hehe.

(Picture from Jiawei)

(Picture from Google)
It's a Samsung PL170! 
With a front screen hehe. 

So early in the morning, probably 10am, we met at the Macdonald near our house to have Mac Breakfast!! 

Jiawei was like "XIN MAN YOU JUST USE I KNOW YOU PAISEH DON'T HAVE TO BE PAISEH" hehe she knows me well~ So here is my first picture I took on the camera, our Mac Breakfast. HAHA. 

And oh ya Jiawei took a few Selca in my camera hehehe so I'M GONNA POST IT ANYWAY SINCE SHE'S SO PRETTY HERE OMG DAT LIPS. So pink!

We took bus 502 to town, and on our way we chatted and chatted and gossiped and laughed. Really. We never even stopped LOL! 

Walked around Far East I think? I really suck at this haha serious I never remember where do I go and the names of the places I went. 

Like really I've been to Bugis+ so many times but I didn't even know I was there until one day Junyuan asked me to meet him there but I was like "lol I don't know how to go" and he brought me there, stepped inside Bugis+ and said "THIS, is Bugis+. WE CAME HERE BEFORE RIGHT" hahaha. But I digress. 

So we went to a few places. I think there was Far East Plaza? And we went to Bugis+ and walk around!

We ate Gelato! This is kinda my first time man! Really, Jiawei is always the person bringing me around to try stuff I would never do it alone because it looks so expensive. Plus it's ice cream and I'm scared of creaminess that so many people love. 

I remember there's one time Siang Joo bought this, Rum flavour I think? And I DISLIKE the taste cause it's so creamy! Thus from then on I kinda had a bad impression on this but heh I'm good with it now~

Mine is Chocolate while Jiawei's Coffee! BOTH TASTE GREAT. It's a tad bit expensive though like $5 for the smallest size (The smallest sized is call Piccolo omg lol Piccolo!) but it's really just enough for one. I knowwwwww I am so outdated lol but yeah I'm like aunty ya cheapskate. But it was soooo good especially the marshmallow hehe I'd probably eat this again!

Okay I know this picture is definitely at Far East? Look at that dress I'm wearing. Jiawei bought it for me. BECAUSE SHE WANNA SEE ME IN IT LOL! I mean I was already wearing a dress, a maroon skater dress and that's the only dress I have (I have skirts but yeah, only one dress). And Jiawei was like "XIN MAN THIS SUITS YOU I BUY FOR YOU YOU NEED TO WEAR MORE DRESS" 

Jiawei really dotes on me and pamper me sia it's like she treats me LIKE HER GIRLFRIEND. I feel really guity though first the camera then the dress omg. 
But she knows I am too and shes like "Xin man you're studying now you're broke I understand. You can always repay me when you're working or something one really don't worry so much" WHY SHE SO NICE TO ME :'( 

So yeah, I wore this dress throughout the whole day with her hehe. I really like it too! The material is so good and there's a pants inside already NO NEED TO SEARCH FOR SAFETY PANTS HUEHUE.

Afterwards we went to buy the tickets to our movie! Last Summer! 

(Picture credits to Google haha)

I shall talk about the movie first. It's so-so. Maybe a 3/5 for me.

The movie is kinda interesting as there are like 3 'different' stories with different characters but they are linked. Like maybe the first story is about the friends, then the 2nd one is the aftermath, about the family if you get what I mean. (Maybe not cause I am not good at explaining something hais oh well)

I give credit for the storyline, however, there is no real climax in this movie in my opinion.. The jump scares aren't really very scary, and the sad scene didn't even make me cry! (I'm well known for crying over movies lol cause sad what!!) But Jiawei did hehe we switched roles haha! But yeah throughout the whole movie I was just thinking to myself "What the hell?"

Jiawei was spazzing about how handsome one of the main character is! But in my mind I was like hehe Junyuan still the best haahhaha!! 

So yeah... It's probably worth watching if you're watching it online (aiyo so mean teach wrong stuff) but maybe not paying for it..

So before we went to watch the movie at like 5.20pm, we had time to spare so we walked around Bugis+, and went to the top floor. Because there's always no people on the top floor and there's this place that we can sit down and no one will disturb us haha. 

Here's a picture of Jiawei hehe so long sia her hair!

We took polaroids! Because I had tons of polaroid films I haven't used and polaroid films EXPIRES -.-
And mine was expiring on Nov 2013.. So I brought and spammed haha! 

Since I won't use it much, I decided to lend it to Jiawei! :) 
Hehe and Jiawei was really super adorable she never really used a polaroid before and was like 
"Eh this thing so cool not bad sia!" 
Haha! So yeah. And of course I gave her the films for free, 

Ok so....
Get ready for a spamming of the pictures of both of us! 

(From Jiawei's Camera)

(From Jiawei's Camera)
I love this picture! HAHAHAHAHA.

Oh I love her hair!!!

Heh heh hello!

My attempt to take Selca of myself. 
But I just can't smile normally and my double eyebags is showing and yep my concealer is useless hais.
But ok it still looks pretty ok. 


Jiawei was showing me how to use the camera, the macro thingy and wow I LOVE IT.

My attempt hehe edited of course duh walao.

Jiawei took a picture of me looking inside what's in da box! 


(Picture from google)
The similarity is uncanny. Huehuehue.

Yep I am gorgeous

Okay next, we went to the arcade at Bugis+! Both of us never came here before so we decided to buy the card anyway. And we played a car game which involves switching roles when one of us can't drive well aka hit the wall HAHA. It was not bad, but I still think normal car games where we race is much more fun hehe. 

We then decide to play basketball! 

Okay I suck at this game haha Jiawei is better than me, but I did finish the 3 stage that we were allowed for each game play(?) Should be haha cause they "Very good" us anyway but game over :( 

The first time, we competed. Thus we pressed a button and we go into competition mode. Then after that, we decided to play another round, just the both of us shooting in one hoop. 


We were like "EHHH WOWWWWW" haha! Cause really it's been so long since I see this like WOW THEY STILL HAVE THIS?! Haha! 

And then we ask ourselves what the hell should we do with this. Since we only gotten 20 pieces and we can't get anything -.- BUT WE FOUND A MACHINE THAT CAN LIKE 'EAT' OUR TICKET AND KEEP THE AMOUNT IN OUR CARD?? Woah! Haha I sound so aunty but really! 
And Jiawei and I was like "Next time come here play basketball already"!

Here's a pic of Jiawei trying to make the ticket thingy go into the machine.

We also played a game call Pop' N Music!

(Picture from Google)

I think Jiawei mistook it for the game where we compete with each other with short games, but this one is a music game. I used to play this with a friend when I was in Sec 1 or something, and he'd take 5 buttons and I'd take 4 and it was tons of fun! I thought Jiawei knew!
In the end I think she likes it anyway! 

The volume of the machine was so soft though, and my guess was that because this isn't one of the mostly played games so they turn the volume softer. BUT HELLO SO SOFT WE LISTEN TO WHAT. But it's cheap though! $1 PER GAME HEHE.

Decided to take a picture of the card because it finally served a much more meaningful purpose LOL
Other cards is just to keep the value of money inside this is so much more! 

After the movies, we head to Beer Craft. I am glad that I worked there before and can introduce it to Jiawei. Plus I know how to get there by walking through Bugis Street! HA!

I wanted to drink the Brother's Toffee Apple (MY FAVOURITE) but it was out of stock......as usual -.-
So I took Brother's Pear Cider instead~

It's nice to be back as a customer instead of an employee! Changed quite a bit, there was a sign that light up and attract so much attention. Ha. 

(From Jiawei's Camera)
Hehe I actually look pretty good here yay! LOL.

Jiawei and I chatted and chatted again~ We really never stopped talking! We talked about my school work, money issues, annoying people and she did the same. Even weird news haha. It was really really fun sitting down and chatting with her!

We had Umeshu too! I kinda like Umeshu but Jiawei didn't like it cause she said there was a weird taste. And I forgot she dislike plum and Umeshu is like plum wine lolllll... Oh well! 
I can't wait to try Toffee Apple with her omg! 

After Umeshu, Jiawei suddenly have craving for a frog legs! And who doesn't what to eat that? Now I'm craving for it already after I mentioned it :( It's really delicious and maybe it SOUNDS yucky but once you tried it you'll never regret it! SERIOUS.

So anyway, of course I agreed, and I was like "Now still have? And where??" And she brought me back to our house area. WE HAVE FROG LEGS NEAR OUR HOUSE AREA AND I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT IT. I've been living in this area for EIGHTEEN YEARS and I DIDN'T KNOW!? Oh my goodness... But oh well now I know hehe will definitely go there and eattttt!

Wow ok I'm really craving for it already 
Jiawei if you're here reading this and you wanna eat again TIAO MEH!!!! *drooool*

Anyway, at beercraft, all the drinks and food and after that the frog legs, is all paid by Jiawei. :( I really must repay her next time when I am working!!! :/

So yeah! That basically concludes the day spent with Jiawei on that day! It was great, after all the hectic schedules with our lives. I had band practices and the day before I went out with Jiawei, I had a band concert- JBIC 2013! Here's the recording anyway, if you're interested and there's a you reading my blog anyway haha! 

I really love OBOG, but sometimes I'm really just so so so tired. :( And Jiawei is too, with her colleagues and work... So going out with her really helps me to relax!

I'm really excited about the Thailand trip the both of us planned!! I really can't wait omg so exciting! I'll definitely blog about that too! Heh!


It's nice to have a friend like Jiawei to be with you. Even thought we don't talk to each other everyday, (which is better because then we have TONS of things to talk about when we meet) or meet everyday, you know that if you need help, or even to just rant, she'll always be there. 

Thanks for being there for me Jiawei! :')


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