New everything

So I've changed my blog layout (sort of).

I made the banner myself! YAY! I am pretty proud of it though the resolution looks kinda crappy, and it's darn easy to make LOL. And changed the dull colour to white, which is STILL PRETTY DULL but I'm looking for simplicity here heh. Been wanting to make my blog like this since forever but I was lazy, and I have no idea why I decided to make it NOW.

Bye old blogskin with that cheesy quote. (YA DAMN CHEESY SIA but I believe in it ok tsk)

I even changed my URL!
No more, but! Ya, everything also doubleoxm so sian right but it represents me mah and seems kinda mysterious HAHAHA. Is it mysterious? Hmm. 

I still remember why did I put though. Cause last time Jiawei's blog was or smth haha! Must have 4 of the same letters you know? XD She changed hers but I didn't blog much so I didn't really bother. Now that I've changed it kinda feel guilty you know? I ruf eu my wei-er *muah

I guess my blog looks pretty boring now with the plain white background and it's so meh but until I find a background or picture that I really fall in love with I guess I just have to deal with it. It's the content that counts righttttttt (though all are just nonsensical thoughts that nobody gives a shit about, hi to those who are really so bored to read my blog lol). Too bad for my imagination readers then hahahaha.

Frankly speaking, I wanted to create a new blog from Wordpress. Cause ya I just wanted to change the blog skin etc and I was too lazy to do it on blogspot and honestly was getting tired of it.

Furthermore, I actually downloaded the wordpress app and the app was not bad sia! It's like I can update anytime! Really really user friendly!

So you know I was so prepared to make a new account and etc, and a new blog, and when I did after a few hours (not even 12hours), I got so disgusted with it that I deleted it.

So firstly, most of the templates were not free. Some are, but they look like shit (ok not so bad but definitely not what I was looking for) but fortunately, I thought (keyword- THOUGHT) this default one actually looks pretty awesome! Cause it was simple and all. So I used it, and start to customise it and etc.

 I love the fonts that were available in the template in Wordpress. It was OH SO GORGEOUS. I started to edit everything you know? The header, and I even posted a post saying how excited I am lol so naive.

WHAT.      THE.      BEEP.
Seriously?? And I can't even use the background image or smth. I HAD TO PAY. 

And look, if it was a one time thing, I would still think it's alright. But it's a $18/mth or some shit. HELL NO AM I GOING TO DO THAT CAUSE FIRST I'M DAMN POOR AND SECOND WHY SHOULD I 'BOW' DOWN TO YOU AND PAY YOU MONTHLY JUST FOR THAT FONT? OH MY GOODNESS.

I was so disgusted with that omg. After I made changes to THIS blog, I decided to go delete my Wordpress blog. As I was searching for it, I saw this thing where it says I have how many FREE spaces and I used up how many. WHAT? Is it for pictures? Or posts or something? So if I exceed that amount of pictures I have to BUY more space?
Frankly speaking I have no idea what the f is that memory for, but wow. Talk about MONEY MINDED. 

Thus I decided to go back to good old Hey at least it's really totally free (somewhat) and even if the template isn't that good just have to change some html lor (although I looked at it and it was so different oh no). I am allowed to do that unlike Wordpress CAN'T EVEN CHANGE FONT. 

And when I was making changes to my 'new' blog here, I realised there ARE new fonts! Plus, blogger app improved. TAKE THAT YOU MONEY MINDED WORD PRESS.

So yeah, that's what happened. Wordpress is really gorgeous and fast and whatever, but too money minded. It's like a female who is feminine and pretty but all she cares is about money. While blogger is the ah ma who've been through a lot and like to give everyone chances.

Let's just pray hard that blogger doesn't decide to be all 'young' again and get money from us to get some botox.
Omg I'm so funeh. HA. HA. HA. (Sorry getting agitated already LOL)


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