One Year Later.

Hi guys. HA.

Okay seriously I don't think anyone still reads my blog
I'm not sorry at all I've been busy okkkkkk. I bet my blogging skills sucks now (not that I'm saying I'm good last time) but heh I'd like to update a little~ It's gonna be a reaaaaally long and wordy post though so... And I'm kinda lazy to get pics? Okay maybe I'll take some from my instagram but if you follow me on instagram you'd have seen the pics anyway... Oh well. Self update!


So yeah. I'm having the holidays now and I have a holiday assignment but I'm like usual, procrastinating. HA.

Half of my life in DMAT is officially gone. I really have no idea how do I feel about that. Sadly, I kinda want these 3 years to end ASAP. Let's just say I'm still pretty unsure of what I wanna be in the future, but probably not gonna be the job scope that DMAT guides us DMAT-ers. Cause well you know I have no motivations at all.

Kinda sad isn't it, I get into a course I thought I'd be able to make it, in the end I become lazier and less motivated. (Seriously I DO stuff when I KNOW I can do it, even if it's something I don't really like in particular eg. math lol) All I can say is "OH WELL" and yeah just continue everyday and trying to survive. At least I know that I can't do these stuffs HAHAHAHA. Yeah I know people will be lecturing me and be like "if you don't practice for it obviously you won't be able to do it yak yak yak" and I'm just like YA I KNOW THAT'S COMMON SENSE but if I don't have any inspirations for it or motivation...anything that I created will be shit anyway.

What I want to be, probably, is a CROCHETER. (or hehe cum knitter but I haven't really learnt how to knit)

Except for the fact that nobody pretty much appreciates crochet stuff? Okay maybe not that, who doesn't like amigurumi (crocheted dolls so adorable) but maybe the EFFORT being put to crochet something, ESPECIALLY amigurumi. Tell me, would you pay like $50 for a amigurumi doll of.. ok maybe your fav cartoon character or idol. Even if it's your favourite, you won't pay that much anyway. Why spend $50 to buy something to put beside your bed and...collect dust? :/

A Cinderella Princess amigurumi I crocheted for one of my friend, Esther's birthday.

No really. 
Crochet is the only thing I feel that I CAN do and DOES IT WELL. :/

But why must it be so expensive? If you think about the material cost, and delivery service (if applicable) and the EFFORT put in, the TIME.
Nobody thinks about that huh. One amigurumi doll will probably take at least 12 hours to make, or even more because of the individual stitches and the attaching of the body parts (depending on what kind, big or small), and if the crocheter is to design the doll him/herself... It'll take MUCH more time.

See, that's what I want to be. Ha. Unless I become goddamn rich and I can afford to spend everyday crocheting. Or I don't eat at all.

I eat wayyyyyy too much.

So yeah! But come to think of it..... I didn't even know how to crochet or that crochet this art existed. And yeah I made the same mistake of calling it CROTCHET (the note LOL). It's spelt as crochet (no 'T' in the middle) and it's pronounced as cro-shay. Woo it looks pretty neat! The spelling croshay. Heh.

And yeah I admit it after I know crochet and I know the difference between crochet and knitting, I get pissed off with people saying something that is knitted a "crocheted" piece. Like "HEY GUYS LOOK I'M SELLING A CROCHETED PANTS" and I'm like wtf no it's a pants probably made out of lace material... -.- Ok I digress.


So okay, it's been a year, and I got a really pretty (yes pretty I call him pretty cause he IS pretty) and really sweet boyfriend. Like seriously I click so well with him and we both have the same interest (and by that I mean we like to play the same type of games LOL HAHA YES WE BOTH LOVE RPGs YAY! Ok la of course got other stuff haha) 

And hey Jiawei can click well with him eh NOT BAD HAHAHAHA. (For your info Jiawei is not a very friendly person and she knows it HAHA cause she's shy lah and don't like to interact with people she don't it's really an achievement!) Plus Jiawei has good instincts and she tells me that he's a good choice and she's usually 90% correct huehuehue.

This is Jiawei anyway and we go wayyyyy back in sec 1! Still meeting up occasionally! 

At first glance you'd think he's a flirt cause I thought so too, and I made sure I do not get close to someone like that plus he's a Gemini LOL HAHA but he isn't ok hehe. I'm really happy now and I've told him everything about me and he accepts who I am. Everyday I just think how lucky I am. Really.

The batman amigurumi I made for Junyuan, and I designed it by myself so it was a big achievement!

We've been together for 5 months. Yes it's not much but we've never really quarreled and there's no problem between us at all!
We made sure to solve everything on the day itself if there's any unhappiness or whatsoever. I guess you can say this is the first relationship that I have so much confidence with (and I almost never have any confidence for anything SO THAT'S REALLY SMTH)

Couple case I crocheted for both of us! Designed by myself again. ^^ Yeap I'm proud of it

Really glad to have met Junyuan and to be his girlfriend. I bet he think's I'm annoying now LOL since I always do stupid stuff in front of him (ya I think he already saw all the ugly faces I can make hahahahha) and hehe both of us is as possessive LOL! So yeah people find someone who is as possessive as you and you'll never go wrong~

Yeap that's Junyuan~ With Batman amigurumi and the cover I bought for him! 
Oh and that's the beanie I made too hehehe. *insert heartshape* ok cheesy haha


I'm still really broke. Cause yeah, food. And the fact that I CAN NEVER SAVE MONEY IT ALL GOES SOMEWHERE I DON'T KNOW WHERE AND HOW... I did attempt to save money but failed so many times I kinda give up....

At least I invested money in something worthwhile to me like YARNS to crochet and crochet hooks and knitting needles and such. But now I don't really have a place to put everything because yeah I still share a room with 3 tenants. Sigh.

One of the few yarns I'm investing on~ Bought from online!

Shoe organiser but sorry my yarns are more important! 

And well, my friends in DMAT, Ember, Joanna and I decided to have a blogshop together! Or facebook shop lol since it's a facebook thing..... Doing this so we can earn some money~ And I'm proud to say that the 3 of us work pretty well together and no disagreement yet! (Touch wood, hopefully won't have any in the future)

We're call Matte House, and we just opened like few weeks ago! Just in case.. If, there's anyone still reads my blog or what LOL go find us on facebook!

The discount is still available so GOOOOOO! 
Oh ya it's designed by Ember, and the penguin/bird hehe is drawn by Jing Xi! ^^

Ember and Joanna are really kind and they allow me to sell my crocheted stuff there in the future! (mostly beanies for now) I'm preparing for it now, so do support me okkkkkkk. Haha!


Yes. We've got a pet now.

I got a pet last time too call Mua Chee but sadly it passed away cause we can't have it in my house (cause of tenants)... and there was a huge downpour and Mua Chee was soaked.. It got too sick and passed away... I feel so guilty especially since it was a pet that Siangyee and Siangjoo gave me and it was their favourite hamster too.. :(

But this pet, is different. For once, my parents are willing to take responsibility of it BECAUSE THEY BOUGHT IT. 



Isn't he gorgeous! I don't know what gender it is but we're guessing it's a he so he it is then!

He's ALWAYS climbing and clinging to something~

Head, definitely love to get on top of someone's head.

Hahaha we call him Boston because- wait for it- MY PARENTS BOUGHT IT ON THE DAY BOSTON WAS BOMBED.....................
Kinda bad huh. :/

We grew to love him so much but recently he started biting on human fingers sigh but it's okay it's still really cute haha. Plus, my mum really love it a lot and even like talk to him like he's her kid LOL. No joke. She'll be like "WHERE ARE YOU? NAUGHTY AH." I guess it's good cause she have Boston to accompany her when I'm in school or dating with Junyuan (lol) and my dad is working or out drinking. (-.-)


So what am I gonna do now?

I intend to go on and continue with DMAT (duh) and see what I can do afterwards... Maybe I'll go to a University? Or I'll work or smth? I really don't know... There's really so many things to consider.

But what i REALLY want is to crochet, and if Matte House make it big, concentrate on it, and make a facebook page for my own crochet stuff (like amigurumis and such) and a blog.

A new blog. Not this.

Yeah I'm gonna abandon this blog, and create a new one, with new entries. Haha this blog is really so boring and meh.. And all my past posts are so stupid and all LOL! Of course I'm not gonna delete it, cause the purpose of creating this blog in the first place is to laugh at my younger self in the future.

But I want my new blog to have something that I'm proud of, to yeah I admit, show off what I created and share my love for crochet. I think I'll update my personal stuff up there. But there'll be a place for all my crochet stuff to be and it'll be more organised. ^^

I really can't wait for that to happen!! 

But before I have that blog, I want to have a decent camera to snap my creations and duh learn to take good pictures. (because just because you have an expensive camera doesn't mean you'll take good pics -.- ) To make sure I have a steady income SOMEHOW. And make sure I have the TIME to invest in a blog and etc.

It all sound so scary and a huge step to take, but I think with the help of Junyuan and my friends. I will have the courage to do it. And I think I definitely will, one day. Soon. Just you know, let me get poly life over and done with omg that love and hate relationship I have with poly life..... 

Okay. That's all for an update. I probably will not do another update for... maybe another year? And the next post, I'd be writing that I'VE GOT THAT NEW BLOG. 

A sneakpeek of Superman I'm gonna make for Junyuan!
Dammit everyone says it looks like a girl... (like PPG, Betty Boop.......)

I don't think anyone will read though every single word but if you did I thank you!


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