Movie Marathon with Jiawei

Yesterday went out with Jiawei!
To watch "You're the apple of my eye" (那些年,我們一起追的女孩) and "Already famous" (一泡而紅).

Hahaha, it was just so that the theatre for this 2 movies are the same, simultaneously.
AND, we choose the same seat too, H-11 and H-12. Woahhhhhh.

Frankly speaking, "You're the apple of my eye" is so much better than "Already famous"

The storyline is really refreshing and unexpectedly romantic. 
Even though it has some...THOSE scenes inside haha. 
Not really to the extent of making it to a sexual movie, but enough to make you blush especially if you're watching it with guy friends. LOL.
The fact that it IS based on a true story really makes people go "awwwww". 
The outcome of this whole movie was really kinda disappointing though. 

Shows you that not everyone get what they want, 
That if you missed out on a chance, you may never get another. 

Remember I posted about this book that our school librarian, Teresa gave us?
The author of the book was actually really in the story, like, she know the director, and she really know each of them!
And really, every single character in the story really existed. 
Maybe they're somewhere in this world, watching this current movie!
This fact really awed me.

Jiawei actually watched this show for the 3rd to 4th time! 
But was understandable since it's such a nice show! 
I'd rate it 9/10. 
Really recommend every single one of the person in this world to watch! 

This movie is directed and acted out by Michelle Chong!
As you can see there, "A Michelle Chong movie."

Personally, I feel it's a teeny wee bit draggy and somehow I feel that it's bringing the audiences in circles. 
But there WERE some scenes that was really funny and hilarious.
Though the sad part of the story didn't really gave me an impact (Jiawei cried though hehehe).
I guess maybe it's because we just finished watching "You're the apple of my eye" and I expected more?
But oh well.

Michelle Chong was actually acting as a malaysian. 
But it was obvious that it seems as if she was...trying too hard.
Don't be mistaken, I really respect her for being able to grasp so many different accent.
But I just think that her Malaysian accent just doesn't make it..
I don't know, if I was a malaysian, I would feel insulted, cause like, too exaggerated?
Jiawei and Qiuxia in my opinion can do so much better!

I'd rate it 6/10.

Okay, so these are my personal opinion. I apologise if I've offended anyone but I hope that you understand everyone has different point of view.

Still working (selling icecream) whenever I can and somehow, my money just all flies away lolol. I don't even remember where I spend them on. I'm such a spendthrift..
Tsktsk. Ever since I was born, I could never save $100. The most only to $50 omfg.

And there I was, thinking maybe I could save enough to get that clarinet. Ah shitty.

Oh, did I mention I'm going to a malaysia trip with my school band?! On the 9th, 10th and 11th. A 3 day 2 night trip. Thank god we are still allowed to use our edusave otherwise I don't think I would even dream about going. (Each person have to pay $350 to go if you're not using edusave.) 

We're having an exchange with a Malaysian school band there! :) 

Made this together with my section as an appreciation gift (with chocolates but not with me).
Though I think I did the most zzzzz. 
I only liked the words "CLARINET" there. Wooo!
Yep I drew them, of course looking at samples of words lah. 
And the idea of highlighting etc was given by Kimberly!
Kendrick did the outline of the card, the borders.
...that's basically what they did lol. 
Well better than Jeremy and Sharafi who did NOTHING. Tsktsk, you should be ashamed of yourselves. 

Alrighty~ That's all. Yes my life is still isn't meaningful and yes I basically have no life LOL.



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