Extraordinary people.

So I came across a few videos in youtube.
And this video really made me think a lot.

The smallest girl in the world. 

When I saw this girl in the video, all I could think of is "She's so pretty."
She's only 2 years old, and she may not live till the age of 3. Even if she does, her brain may be damaged or something. It really pains me. But I'm glad that she was brought to this world, and that her family really cares for her genuinely. 

I kept thinking things like what is she thinking about. How long will she live. She looks so delicate, will she be able to carry things without difficulties? Will she get bullied if she does survived? What will be her future?

And that's when I felt grateful. 
Seriously people should watch this kind of shows more often and learn to appreciate their current lifestyles. 

You may have problems, but some other people's problems is way more important and crucial than yours. To them, all they ever wanted may be to exchange their problems with yours. 


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