Another busy week.

I didn't post for the past few days since Monday, again!
It was really a busy week, though slower paced than last week. (Alah, excuses lah, I was busy watching Running Man when I had the time to switch on my computer. HAH!)

So on Monday, I went to this party which I mentioned at my previous post (if you have really taken the effort to read, that is, which I know most of the people don't). It was located at Liwey's house (CONDO!), and her dog, Roy, was there to welcome us! Seriously Roy is so cute. His leg is so short and, stumpy? HAHA! I think dogs with short leg is really adorable! It's like they have to walk twice as much to catch up with people XD 

We watched this show call "She's the man" while waiting for people to come, and end up watching everything before we had lunch. Apparently some people already watch it before, and I have a vague memory about the story but I forget things easily fast so it was considered a "new" show for me, haha! Sorry to those who already watched it!

Afterwards we had lunch and it was tasty! 
Oh my god Liwey's mashed potato is really delicious!
(Some people did take photos of all the food but I forgot who and nobody uploaded it) After that, we played this game, called uhm...errrr.. you know where other people gives them words and it has to be acted out, so that their team mates and guess it? The korean variety call Running Man always has this game, if you watched it, that is. (Heard that a lot of people is) It's a nice show!!!! Damn funny~

Okokok I digress. So we actually played this game and split ourselves into 2 groups! We came out with names of shows/cartoons and music as questions and it was darn interesting and hilarious to see how the groups try to get the other groups to guess the words hehehehe. And it was actually my first time playing this kind of games (lol pathetic), people should try it more! Really time consuming and fun at the same time hehe.

So afterwards, we went back to Liwey's house and proceed on to the Secret Santa. (It's where people picks out a name previously and they had to get a present for the person they picked without telling anyone who they're buying the gifts for). I think it's really great idea cause in the end everyone gets a present yet everyone doesn't have to spend a lot of money for everyone (since we're students and the money most probably come from our parents LOL) 

My Secret Santa was Mei Juan!

She gave me sweets! 
Hehee cause she knew I like sweets (since I always ask people whether they have any in class LOLOL)
Thankyou Mei Juan! 

Afterwards we (me actually) kinda "forced" Jam they all to say some ghost story/real life experiences they had or their friends/family had. Apparently, Philippines or Myanmar or both (they keep making me mixed up with this countries...when I was already confused) has a lot of these... brothers and sisters. Oh my.. And Jam told us when she was around 2 years old she had a dwarf as friend, and this friend was always protecting her when her friends and herself was ghost hunting or smth like that (when she was older lah, not 2 years old). She said she lost this ability when she came to Singapore for some reason and when she last saw him, he had a family! Awwww~ 

Frankly speaking, I still have doubts about believing these kind of spiritual things, (cause I have no experiences..), not because I'm doubting Jam etc. But I do want to believe, and sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry, right?!

Went to Rose's house afterwards with Jam and Xinwan, cause Rose was lending me her brother's guitar! (They weren't using it and they said I could have it till they come back from their vacation, YAY!) In the end, I also borrowed from her the almost whole series of The House of Night novels HAHAHA. It was a series that I want to collect! I only read a few books, borrowed from classmates. Even after borrowing from Rose, I still hoped I can collect them someday in the future, when I have a decent job and all..

Hehhee the guitar, and yes, there's stickers of cars on the guitar, by her nephew!
Alah, as long as it can be played with, and I can practise on pressing the strings first.

(Made it smaller cause quality sucks)
I was diligently practising ok! It hurts after a few min of pressing tsktsk.
But must perservere!

The almost completed series! 
I'm kinda worried when it's completed I won't be able to get it from popular already. ):

In the end, other than me borrowing the books, Xinwan also borrowed some books from Rose. (Trust me, her bookshelf is so filled up with books that we think she can open up a library already...) While Jam got a few spoonfuls of Philippines dessert powder? Hahhaa because Jam really like that but she had no idea where to get the ingredients and Rose offered her some. So in the end, we were like going shopping LOLOL. Thanks Rose for everything!

On Tuesday, met up with Danish to lend him my paper market stickers for Kimberly! Her birthday is on Wednesday, so we spent the whole day finding her present and making her cards! :) He told Kimberly he was going out with him MUM. Tsktsk. 

I bought for her sticky, and a customised badge (she told me she collects badges) which says 
"Hi, I'm KIMBERLY & I'm a cute midget" Hehee. Idea given by Danish. 

We went to this place near my house to make the cards, and actually saw a stray cat. It was LIMPING badly. ): So we were wondering whether to call SPCA or not. In the end I did. I really cannot stand it when I abandon someone when I could have help! It was darn skinny, and when I petted it (I had to to make it stay), I could touch it's bones.. We believe it was so skinny because since it was limping it couldn't run fast enough to IDK catch mice and eat? ): 

When the SPCA guy came, I asked him whether will the cat be put to sleep. He said if it's really incurable then they have to... But if it's fine then they will let it out, since it's a stray cat and all (a cut on one of it's ear). Phew. Cause I heard SPCA will just put them to sleep and I was worried. We can't expect the SPCA to keep ALL the animals, right? Sigh....

On Wednesday, went to band practice! Ohmygosh darn long didn't go and visit! It was a normal band practise and after that went to eat Roti Prata with Kimberly, Danish, Farhan and Farah. I forced Kimberly to unwrap the present in front of me! Hehehe.


...what, newspaper???



..*saw the sticky,* 
"Ahhh thankyou!"
*sees another one wrapped up with white paper* 

"Xinman... Seriously???"

Danish: "The present became so small.."

"You idiot."

Wahahhaa! Actually, Xinwan did that to Malikka's present (during the christmas party). She wrapped it, with loads of newpapers, but she really wrapped each of them really neatly and etc. She put in more effort than mine! It has been so long since I did that to one of my friends. Kimberly, you should be honored. :D

After that, I went home and prepared. To go to work. Selling icecream, door to door. Since I really couldn't find a job that has part time (I needed to get a part time one because of band and etc) I was afraid I lose my touch hahah since it has been like a lot of months since I sold icecream!

Asked my icecream boss to help me find a partner cause the people I worked with all had a job already T.T So he did. We took lift cause the block we were selling our icecream at had their stairs quite far away so I was okay with it. In the end we clear stock! YAY. 

So yeah, $50 in my pocket. But just my luck. I lost my wallet. 

I have no idea where did it happened. While on the way to MRT station? Did I dropped it? Or was there a pickpocket? Did someone took it while I was sleeping on the train? (It was a long ride since the location was at Tampines and I live in Jurong) But I held my bag closely with me...

I was really devastated. The money wasn't the main thing I was sad about. It was the contents in my wallet and the wallet itself. The polaroid pictures with Mr Lim, my teachers, and my juniors. All gone, just like that. My popular card, Papermarket card, the arcade VIP card my sister gave to me (cause I lost mine when my wallet was stolen in school. zzz) And the wallet itself, was a gift from my juniors during POP. 

Sure, the cards can be make again. (Though the stupid nebo one couldn't that's why my sis gave her mine). But the polaroids. The wallet. I really cried when I thought about it. I told the MRT service, and they told me to give them my contact number and the appearance of my wallet and contents inside. 

Thank god my IC was as home, and my ezlink card was not in my wallet, 
otherwise I'll really be in big trouble to remake the IC, and I wouldn't be able to go home if I lost my ezlink card... 
I was holding on to my phone and listening to my iPod so they're weren't stolen. So the heartbreak was still So yeah, things could have gotten worst. I can't imagine it if my phone AND iPod was stolen too.

Thanks to these people who was trying their best to comfort me, and cheering me up after seeing my tweets. Yihong, Siangyee, Ashwin, Yaohui, Calvin, Sinlee. Especially Jiawei, who called me and asked me whether I was okay, and the only one who really cheered me up, helping me curse the pickpocket and all. Haha. 

So that day was wasted. 

The wallet that was given by my Juniors...


Seriously. I was really pissed. 

To the pickpocket even though I know you can't see this.
A girl's wallet who may have no money inside you also want to steal. Freaking hell. Why don't you work? What, you've got the hands to steal yet no hands to do have a decent job to work with? Apparently you have not got the feeling of getting your things you treasures stolen yet. Well don't worry, Karma will hit you hard. You'll get this feeling, 100x more. 

The thing is, maybe it was because I was careless. Maybe I forget to zip the compartment and it somehow, dropped. If that's the case, I hope someone really have the heart to give it to the police station.. Or maybe if the pickpocket just took the money and throw it somewhere. And maybe some passerby will see it. I really, just wants my wallet back. ): Sigh. 

On Thursday, I went to make a police report straight away after I wake up. (because it was closed when I was there at midnight). I was kinda worried that it'll be a trivial matter to them, as, well, how many people lost their wallet each day? LOL. But nope, they still made a report. I hope they won't ignore it though, high chance they will. ):

My first police report lololol. 
(I don't know whether can I post it so I slashed out all the things I thought that uhm should not be shown? lol)

Ahhhh but even though I lost my wallet, it doesn't mean the end of the world~~
I still work, again. With the same person. But that day, I was really disgusted by his actions lol. 

I mean seriously. He was complaining hot etc etc, and wanted to take lift, even though we only had to go one floor below. I was okay with it the first day because there really wasn't any stairs in sight. But this time, the stairs was so near, and we had to WAIT for the lift. Waste time can! And he was bragging about how we can sell so much BECAUSE OF HIM. Uhm please, my sales was always okay with whoever I work with (not bragging), not because of YOU. -.- And his method of selling was to whine to the customer. OMG. Not even telling them about the icecream, but WHINE STRIAGHT AWAY. 

Really despise this kind of person, egoistic. In the end, I carried the trolley by myself when I could by the stairs, and I reached faster than him. Retard, and so ungentlemanly.  

Argh okokokokok don't make myself angry lol. 

On Friday, band prac again. But the whole band got scolded by Mr Lim. Cause we didn't practise the piece we should. And in the end can't perform it on Saturday (open house). Sigh. What happened to the band?

I worked again, but this time with Yaohui. He saw my tweets and tell me he wanna work too, as he's saving money for his thai trip. Working with him was okay! He's really hardworking too, though he was unsure in the beginning. And, like me, he got pumped up when sales was getting better. I think our sales was okay cause the flats we took all suckedddddd! (2 doors on each level), every single one of the flats! Tsk. But we still sold 17! 

When I reached home, my dad actually bought for me a pouch, because he knew my wallet was missing. Awwww. Even though it was those $2 types, I really appreciate it, it's the thoughts that counts. 

The pouch! 
Now only has money inside...

On Saturday, which was yesterday, was our open house. 
Nothing exciting really happened. But I was furious about something. 

"Coincidentally"(with BIG open ended commas), our performance was CLASHED with the principle speech. And of course, being the principle speaking, all the parents of course would be there. So guess what, we performed to no one, but our fellow students in school at the fair. Zzzzzzzz. 

Well, who can we blame? The inefficient planning by school or whoever who plans it, or some people's childish grudges? We never know.

Yeah sure, this kind of event is difficult to plan. We could understand that. But seriously? 

Argh whateverrrrr. Afterwards, I went home to shower and all and go to OBOG! They had Hausmusik first, then our OBOG! But there was like darn little people there. ): It's like smaller than our junior band LOLOL. Sad. But playing there compared to playing at my band, it was so much more...comfortable? Since the people there knows how to tune better and we could sight read faster. :) 

Really miss going OBOG! Especially the dinner afterwards. Hehehe.

Oh yeah, Ms Loh actually gave me a "love" letter! Hehehe and she was actually shy about it and asked me to open it when I reach home XD

So sweet of her right! 
Plus it's so prettaayyyy (Y)

Alright. So that's about it. Guess the wallet lost thingy was really the "big" thing that happened to me lol.

So yeah, that's basically how my life is right now. Selling icecream.. Go band practice.. Watch Running Man when I got time.. Press guitar strings. HAHAHA. 

Shall end this post with a picture I edited @ :) 

Hehehe Mr Ong's daughter, Caryn! 


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