Basketball and Chirstmas Celebration with OBOG.

Nevermind.. I'll just have to do it again. :'(

OKAY. So I've not been blogging a lot. Cause I was busy laaaaa duhhhhhh.
Haha, I went to Malaysia, Pahang with SWO, and didn't have the chance to even post about it (though Day 1 is done halfway). I shall do it these few days since I'm kinda free now...

But now I shall post about the previous Saturday, 17th December.

In the morning, went to AMK and meet up with Sean. We were going to this basketball court near MrLim's house. YES, I was joining them in their basketball game! I only intended to watch though, since MrLim was playing and the main reason I was there was because wanna see how good he is!! (I heard he's damn fast so I wanna see it for myself)

There was MrLim, Wayne, Sean, Arshad, Regent band members and their Alumni. (I don't know their names, opps.) Wedding joined us a bit later.

I really didn't intend to join cause the only time I've played basketball was in arcade. And even when during PE, I always chose to play captain's ball instead of basketball. So all in all, the number of times I've played basketball in my whole 16 years of life is probably <10. 

But 2 of the regent alumni asked me to try and shoot some balls since there was like another court(?), so I did. They were reaaaally nice! Like they know I was a total noob but kept passing me the ball to shoot into the basket and telling me how to do it etc, even encouraging me! See, that's why I said band members are the best people in the world to make friends with. I'm positive about that.

They even asked me to play in a match and I was so shocked. I didn't feel that pressurized like how I normally would if I don't know how to do something (cause will drag other people down) as they kept on insisting that "it was just a game" and I "need not take it too seriously". Wow. I'm really touched frankly speaking. We played against MrLim's team hahaha.

I was totally CLUELESS. I don't even know how the game works! Like what check with your opponent etc.. I even held the ball and RAN instead of dribbling it (I don't know how to anyway lol..) I didn't even realised till MrLim told me: "Next time don't hold the ball and run ah." LOLOL!

They kept telling me to throw the ball and the first time I did it really went through the basket.
EVERYONE WAS SHOCKED. Including me. HAHAHA. It was somewhat a miracle. ..but it only happened once -.-

Afterwards Wedding came and they asked her to joined too, so in the end each team has a girl.

Wedding and I: "So which team wants to lose??" 

I really enjoyed myself thoroughly! And the guys really gave in to us SO MUCH! Comparing to the way they played in the first few rounds they were really gentle when we joined in. Ahhhh I really hope I can get to play with them again. :)

Afterwards, we were suppose to go to Junction 8 to buy present for the Christmas exchange later on in the evening (yes, we're all last minute) so we want to shower first. But none of the guy's parents allowed (maybe cause we're girls? IDK) so in the end Wayne, Wedding and I went to a nearby swimming complex and showered. LOLOL. We paid to shower ok~

Ate at KFC even though we were rushing for time cause all of us was famished.

Sean: "I was so hungry that my hands were shivering."
Wow. It has never happened to me! I wanna try LOL.

We went to Fairprice and all of us bought Chocolates! Different brand one lah, but still. Hahaha. We really had no idea what to buy lah! We bought gift wrappers too and decided to wrap them when we reach Artist Academy.

When we reached there, it was already 4pm and I had to rush to change and get ready for Hausmusik.
It was my first Hausmusik ever and we only practiced for 3 days!! 
There was 4 of us in the quartet- Anna, Yunhan, Wilson and I. Anna and Yunhan played this piece for quite long but Wilson and I only get to practice it 3 days ago omgggggg.

Oh yah I had to borrow from Siangjoo black long sleeved shirt and from Siangyee her black heels LOL. I need to buy soon, tsk, keep borrowing from people. I had to squeeze toilet paper inside the heels hahaha.

My left leg was shaking. I tried to stop it but my right leg shook. And when I stopped BOTH, my ARMS shook. Arghhh! I had to be careful not to squeak, and have to control my ugly tone... You have no idea how relieved I was when it was over.

After that, everyone starts to prepare for the Christmas Celebration thingy. It was suppose to be a recruitment event for OBOG too but most of the students in the schools MrLim teach went overseas (since they don't have band practices..) so it kinda become like our own celebration. Though some people did came. :)

We sight read 2 songs and proceed to eat food that they prepared (ordered I mean, they ordered pizzas! There were fruits too and Jelly~). We ordered 100 man tous (some kind of buns) the day before and we couldn't finish it cause there wasn't a lot of people hahaa. In the end Sean and Wedding played Rock Scissors Paper and those who lose have to eat the man tous. Of course they cheated and force it to other people's mouth when they can't take it lol. I didn't know it at first and when Sean asked me to eat it I thought it was dropped on the floor or something that's why he gave it to me HAHA. But in the end really got motive one lah tsk.

Afterwards we played games. Seriously it was the best part! Unlike previous attempts in school events or smth, everyone was really playing the games and it was really hilarious! I can't really describe it.
We laughed every 2min or so and the punishments wasn't lame. 
HAHA. Those who lose has to eat 3 man tous AND spin a few rounds/shake their butt/pose a sexy pose at the same time. See! We didn't waste any man tous.
Ahhhh that'll be one of those great memories I wouldn't want to forget.

We were carolling too! Though we did better the day before but still, it was really fun with the chords and such!
I recorded it on my iPod but have no idea how to upload it so yeah....

The score! 
Hahahah feels like choir~

The last event of this whole thing was the gift exchange! Even the gift exchange was unique (to me lah since I've never done much gift exchanges).

It's like this. Siangyee and Siangjoo and maybe MsJama too, collected all the gifts and wrote numbers on it, and made number cards. Everyone gets to pick a number and they will get the respective presents one by one according to number. So the person who got the number 1 have to open the present infront of everyone. The person who got the number 2 does the same thing, but he/she can decide whether he/she wants to change his/her present with the person who got the number 1. So the person who gets the last number (23), will be the luckiest, since he/she would be able to choose between 22 gifts!

I got the number 3. LOLOL.

Eh but my gift nice eh. It's a black schedule book, with black pen holder I reckon. And I changed it with the person who got the number 2, which is the same thing, but he got the brown colour one. I was thinking someone else would confirm change it with me one so I didn't hope for too much, but in the end, nobody did! In fact, not a lot of people changed their gifts! Hahaha, guess they're contented with their items!

It was really fun and interesting to see all the gifts! Hehhe I've always wanted to do that, like to see all the gifts. ^^

So I got this schedule book as a Christmas gift! YAY! You know, I was thinking of buying one cause I know I'll probably need it, but now I don't have to! It's really nice and has monthly and weekly schedules inside. 

(Sorry 'bout the quality of the photo!)
And the box is also so pretty~

I was thinking like, it looks kind of expensive and the budget for the gifts was <$5...
And I was thinking who so rich ah. Till I saw this...

But oh well. Guess that person (which I actually know who it is) doesn't need 2 diary~
Really grateful though! 
Trust me. Though it says it's free. IT'S REALLY NICE. 
And it's just the type of schedule book I like. Wooo!

Alright. That's all that happened that day. And it was FUN. 

My first ever basketball game, first ever hausmusik, first time pay to shower in a swimming complex without towel, shampoo etc, and the Christmas celebration was unexpectedly fun (yes I thought it would be boring) and I received a Christmas present that helped me save money hahaha. 

I don't really celebrate christmas (never did for my entire 16 years of life) so this was really refreshing, with the cute and pretty decorations. It's one of those best moments I've ever had.



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