It is difficult to describe the plethora of feelings that suffused my entire body.
HAHAHA that was one of those sentences that I memorised for my English O level. ...and it's the only one I remember LOL.

So well anyway, HI!!!!! Actually Monday (14th Nov'11) was the last paper and it's Sunday (20th Nov'11) now, but I was busy the entire week and did not have the time to post! Really. It was like straight away after the exam and I was booked the whole week omg~ So now I'll blog about each day alright, be prepared, it's gonna be yet another long post- but this time with PICTURES! (Hooray!)

Monday (14th Nov'11)

It was the last O level paper! Science MCQ. It was so-so. Let's not talk about it and let bygones be bygones~ LOL. So straight away after the paper, met my friends, Cally, Xinwan and Pamela at our school library with our school librarian, Teresa. (ok I started to get to know them more during the period where I stopped blogging, and I got to know our school librarian more, and she's more of a friend than a teacher to us)
We planned to go kbox and have dinner together with Roger (who is Teresa's friend who wanted to see us 'cause we're close to her(?) and we've never seen him before btw). 

Sad to say, we didn't take any pictures! ): Just went to kbox, sing, and have fun! We went there wearing our uniform ha! Cally can sing very very very well omfg. Her hidden talent! In tune and all! Xinwan and Pamela too! Roger had a strong vocal and Teresa puts in a lot of emotion in her singing. We sang lots of variety of songs, and seriously, it was the first time I sing with vocal remover. (sorry I forgot what it's called but it's just the song without the vocal) We sang a lot of chinese songs and Roger seemed bored since he don't understand chinese! XD

We had dinner afterwards, at Yum Cha or something (I don't remember, but it was like a fancy restaurant). I felt really uncomfortable at first since I'm used to surroundings like COFFEE SHOPS LOLOL. I was afraid I'm too loud or whatsoever but actually it was alright.

If I had a choice, I wouldn't want to go to another fancy restaurant... I don't really have any eating etiquette, and I think I look damn ugly when I eat. Like a pig, stuffing down food and all... We chit chatted and Cally&Xinwan was busy serving all of us, felt as if they're my mother!

OH YAH. We saw the menu when we were on the way to the toilet and it was, what, $230+++ for the whole set(?)! #!$%#^#@! SO EXPENSIVE. I wouldn't mind eating at coffee shop.. T.T Money fly.

Overall, it was a really enjoyable occasion and I really enjoyed myself! It may be difficult to hang out with them again since we won't be seeing each other often from now on.. I hope we'll stay in touch! ):

Tuesday (15th Nov'11)

It was Junior Band In Concert 2011 (JBIC'11)! 
It's a concert where all the band sec 1s of the schools my conductor, MrLim teaches prepare and come together to perform on stage! Some seniors who were preparing for the ensemble competition (also by MrLim) went to perform too as a preparation for the competition heh!

There were 5 schools by the way, Shuqun (us), Hougang, Haising, Regent and Pierce Secondary!

MsLoh asked me for help during O level period and of course I was willing to help! I was one of the backstage crew. The thing is I've never been at the backstage before (always either performing or watching) so I was really blur and clueless! But it was a really awesome experience because I get to see the backstage and I get to work with all the other alumni of other schools (some same as me, just finish O levels, some goes a looooong way). 

So our main job was to make sure the stage has the correct number of chairs and stands for the next group. (We also had to make sure the next group performing is prepared backstage etc) During the rehearsal, we had lots of problem even though we thought the plan was perfect! The person in charge told us the chairs can't be put this way etc and we had to change our plan at the last minute! It was really exciting. ..for some reason. HA! We were at the right wing, and we had to work well with the people at the left wing.

The first part of the concert wasn't that driven, we just had to make sure the next junior band performing was there. It was during the intermission we had to rush! And because the percussion ensemble group had to perform first afterwards, we had to clear the podium, push back first row chairs, push in the percussion instruments that they need to use to the front, adjust the drumset at the back, bring in the toms and prepare properly. The bringing in part was not as bad because we had 15 min to do so. But after they finish their pieces, we had to reverse everything and put another row infront for the other ensemble groups, and we only had 5 MIN TO DO ALL THAT. 

This was really really confusing! So we had roles for the helpers, some take toms, some stack the front row chairs to make room for the percussion instrument, etc etc etc. Thank god they last min include a small uhm appreciation event thingy(?) where the juniors give things to their respective conductor to thank her.

Here are some of the pictures of our planning. I actually took them because I was afraid I'd forget about it, but might as well share it BECAUSE I'VE GOT NO PICTURE SINCE WE WERE ALL BUSY. ):

This was the final one. 

In the end we didn't need to do anything for the 1st half, and just look at the 2nd half one.

The position of the percussion instruments we had to change during interval!

This was the sequence of the performance! 

Right, sad to say that the first few pictures are boring lol. But hey, this was the first time I got this kind of planning and etc, and the fact that one wrong move can screw the whole thing is really scary!

Oh and by the way, Shuqun junior band getting smaller and smaller each day eh. ): There's only one trumpet left and they had to make it seems as if our band is bigger by sitting further apart. Sigh. 

Wednesday (16th Nov'11)
It was our graduation day! Yes, day. No prom night, no nothing except for a lunch. Hah. It kinda feels pathetic. But I guess it was understandable since our school do have people who are not rich (me LOL) and this would be appropriate. But why can't make it a dinner at least, and let us dress up? Why must we wear uniform. (Though it's the 'last' day and all...) Oh and we have attire check. Geez.

Sorry to say, but it was boring. Walked to the hall, teachers stand in two row and clapped while we go in. (It felt awkward and I wasn't used to being brought to somewhere so formally..) Principal speech, form teachers of each class get up to the stage and give their student a year book as a graduation gift (and a badge) while pictures of class photos shown on a slide show (which we can see in the year book), a dance performance in the middle of the event to I guess not make the graduation boring, Yunghui saying 2 speeches, continue with the graduation gift thingy, everyone stood up and sing school song ...anddddd it ended. Yes, just like that.

Oh wow I just summarized my whole graduation day in a paragraph! LOL.

Frankly speaking, I was kinda disappointed even though I kind of expected it. We paid for the year book, and thus making the badge the only REAL memorial for the whole of our 4 years in Shuqun. Wow. 
(I wanted to take picture of the badge and post it but I realised I lost it OMG HAHAHA I'm so...bad) 

I went to the library with the usual people (Cally, Xinwan, Joyce etc) and meet Teresa. She gave each of us a book! As a, goodbye gift(?). It's not like I won't visit her, but Thankyou Teresa nevertheless! 

The artwork is really adorable! 
Too bad it's in chinese and in traditional chinese characters somemore wah. 
My chinese isn't as good as Cally, Xinwan they all ya'know! Oh well. 

Went down to the canteen and have our lunch. Ate a bit. Nothing fancy or what but yeah. Took pictures with people and asked them to sign the year book! 

*I would first like to apologise for the disgustingly low quality that my phone offers. ): 
I made it smaller so they'll LOOK better. Oh and the shadow of me taking the picture is really annoying. 

MrGopal! The only person I know who hates his own race. XD 
And frankly speaking, 
the only tamil adult I'm not scared of- in terms of outrage of modesty things like that LOL

MrTang! The only teacher who never taught me but close to because I was always late.
(he's like in charge of discipline and stuff like that)
Always teasing me about being short and late tsk. 
He seems fierce but he is really fun to talk to.
He actually dared me to not be late and say he'll treat me dinner if I manage to not be late till the end of O levels! 

Mr NoelOng! 
Always funny, real, and annoyingly tall. He's always calling me a midget. Tsk.

Teresa! The person who can be my mother but is like my best friend. 
Glad to know her even though I only got closer to her in a few months...

Yes, I am that short among them. ):

Cally Tan! 
The person who always SEEMS fierce but may be the most kindest and caring person I've ever known.
She knew I tiptoed in this picture and she tiptoe too. Argh. 
And I thought I could be taller once a while...

The polaroids we took in the library! Joyce, Sinlee and I took some, and of course I paid!
Polaroid is expensive ya'know!
Thank you, Sinlee for letting me use your polaroid camera! :)

The pictures of the year book! And you will see my unglam floor hahaha.
*Used my phone again...so yeah. 

The cover page of the year book.
Actually this year's year book is really nice. Loads of pictures, and I see lots of familiar faces. 
It'll actually make a great memorial. 

Yes- the first thing I looked for was the page where our band is featured!
One page only, stingy~ 

I saw this page when I flipped through the book and the first thing I saw was HERI! 
The thing is, Heri isn't in our school anymore! But he did come back occasionally a few times for frisbee 
(his previous CCA before he changed school).
But still, seeing his face being featured was really shocking!
He's the one at the bottom left, the picture with only a head and the sky. (HAH!)

Ohhhhh I really LOVE this picture of MrTang! EPIC FACE. XD

Actually I didn't see this till Victoria told me!
Hehehehee, Artist Academy is my conductor, MrLim's shop! WOOOOOOO. 

*I'm sorry it's blurred ):
Someone (I think either Rose or Jam) asked me to sign her book, and I couldn't stop the urge from copying this idea HAHA.
This actually make this book more precious doncha think? 
Some teachers wrote too! *gives a too happy face.

Did you see the "Everything! Everything! Everything!" part? That's by Mr NoelOng. 
Apparently he has nothing to write, saying that we did more things together since we're from band and he's a band teacher. BUT HEY. He wrote well wishes for Victoria who is also from band! 
I think he hates me ah. HAHAHAHA. (I'm joking, I know he means no harm) heh.

Hehehe oh the orange strip is pasted! 
It was from Mandy, to save her the trouble of writing, I pasted this special one on that spot!

These are the class photos that we received after O level science practical! 
Took them awhile back but okay shall just post it since it's kind of related.

The reaaaally formal one! 
Oh our form teacher MsTan, wasn't there on the day of the photo taking session, 
but she was nicely photoshopped into the empty seat! 
Ahhh the power of technology..
Even though it look as if she was there at that time, but if you look closely you could actually see white outline....like she was sparkling. WOO.

Oh and, the picture is really funny. 
The background is outside school.
But the floor is the indoor sports hall one. 

Jam's pin up fringe will always be on our mind..
(She's at the centre)

The following pictures are taken by camera/DSLRs. YAY.
Got these pictures from facebook, where I was tagged. :) 

*Credits to Odwin! 
Wow this is so nicely edited! 
With Syazwani! And I think my double chin really ruin the picture lol.


Annnnddddd Odwin! The person who edited these photos and tagged me in facebook! 

*Credits to MeiXuan, who is in this picture.
Hehe my math buddy! She really helped me a lot with my math! Love her

Okay so after this, I went to my mother's workplace (she's a hairdresser), and YES. I WAS GOING TO  CUT MY HAIR. I  was actually troubled about whether to grow my hair or cut it shorter again. But I chose the latter because I couldn't stand my hair being CURLED UP like a broom (because of my shoulder) and tickling my nose, and my hair look really weird with the sides being so straight like 2 piece of paper stuck on my head and then ends curled up badly. 

And since I was there, I might as well dye my hair! 

I wanted to dye my hair like, a bit greenish yet brown? (Picture below)
Quite nice rightttttt.

Because everyone is dyeing either red or brown or golden. So yeah!!! It turned out too bright (but it actually looks better now)

I had to go back home and get the dye cause my mother's workplace don't have it. But when I reach home I realised I didn't take my house key, so I had to go back, take the key, and rush home again. But then I took the wrong dye, and had to go back home, AGAIN. Man, I went trough and fro for like 3 times!!! But it was alright since my mum's workplace was like a few buildings and a road apart. Still, why did I have to be so careless?!?!

After cutting and dyeing my hair (thankyou mummy!!), I rushed home and prepared, cause I'm going to our class BBQ at Edward's house! Anna, Mandy, Rosanna and Tiffany they all thought that our school graduation day was really too -.- so they decided to have a BBQ to celebrate our freedom. 

*The following pictures are, again, taken from facebook. Thank you, Philomena, Lynn, and Kian Hong for uploading! 
I will be taking some pictures only cause there's a lot and I'll mix them up a bit. :)

Edward's house is near Clementi, and I saw Jam they all at clementi mall. we decided to head there together, but then realised that we were utterly lost because we don't know which side to take the bus from and we couldn't go to the clementi bus interchange because it was raining and we didn't want to be drenched..

So...the faster and efficient way was to take a cab, since there was a lot of people and it wouldn't be that expensive if she share the amount. YEAH RIGHT. Just our luck, we got onto a taxi where the taxi driver didn't know how to go. 

Okay, I'm not expecting all the taxi drivers to know the roads of the whole of Singapore. But we would have appreciate it if he just tell us that HE DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET THERE and LET US GET OFF. But instead? He made it seemed like it's OUR fault. 

Us: "Uncle can go to xxx condo? It's somewhere near here, near xxx school." (Yes I admit this was unclear)
Him: "Here got a lot of condos leh, must tell me the street mah or else how would I know how to go?" (Rude)
Us: "Okok, hold on ah" (4 of us desperately calling our friends who was already there)
Us: *within a few mins "Uncle it's at xxx street, near xxx school"
Him: *Starts to fumble for directory. "Can you all go find the street there" *Arron taking the book and search. 

Like, HELLO????? Just tell us you don't know lah. Why be so thick skin and ACT like you know, and in the end waste OUR money? In the end, when we reach, it was around $10 whereas the other group (we had to take 2 cabs as there were too many people) with the driver who know how to go there only had to pay $5+. Frustrated much.

I digress. So when we reached, most of our classmates were already there, and some of them were starting the fire. I was busy taking pictures, mainly because I don't know how to start the BBQ and I was worried my cooking might kill my classmates and I love them so yeah (excuses HAHA. But I really never start a BBQ fire before! I was always standing at the side and...stare.)

The BBQ pit! The one dressed in all white is Orlando by the way. 

Ashwin: "Why is everyone dressed so formally?! 
It's a BBQ you know!" 

This was the pool beside the BBQ pit! 

When we reached they were there trying to start the BBQ pit! :) 
Oh and yeah my hair become like that within a few hours HAH.

Haha Kian Hong! One of the person there who took pictures.


Ah yeah I changed shirt! Initially I didn't wear that red sec 3 camp shirt but Syazwani was worried that I might dirty my white top so she lend me hers! Awww so sweeeeet of her!
I love Jam's face here BTW. 

Anddddddddd here is Syazwani! :D

The hardworking MANDY!

Syafiqah was also one of those who spend most of the time BBQ-ing.
Ahahahaa one of our "cooker". 
(I actually said that instead of chef omg embarassing)

The arrival of Mr Low! 
Okay a bit unglam here haha!

Yeah he actually helped us to cook HAHAHA.
They were busy trying to cook food for him but I guess he couldn't bear to see us doing everything without knowing how to do it. HAHAHA XD 
Mr Low teached a few of us later at the night! 
Things like, big charcoal to start fire, small charcoal to get the fire going, how to know whether the chicken is cooked or not, the salmon etc etc. 
Hehehee helped us a lot!

The arrival of Mr NoelOng and her daughter! Awwwwwww~ 
It was so nice of him to bring his daughter! She's really well behaved and adorable.
Quiet and not rowdy at all, and she's 5 by the way. SO TALL HOR. Got Mr Ong's genes hahaha.

-Happy faces-

Ah Rose! She was chit chatting with Mr Ong's daughter, and she could really communicate with her well!
All I do is stare at kids (cause they're sooo adorable) like a pedophile. LOL.

Lynn & Jam: "Rose, we can already see your future! You'll be a great nanny."

They were talking about cartoons, and we just keep on throwing cartoons at Rose so she could ask her XD

Me: "Omg she (Mr Ong's daughter) is so serious even though they're talking about cartoons!
Mr Ong: "Xinman, you must undertstand lah. To a kid her age, cartoons are serious stuff."

Mandy helping her to plaid her hair! 

Ahhhhh prettyyyy~ 
(And I really love the quality of DSLR T.T)

Mandy to Ong's daughter: "Do you like it?"
Her: *nods nods
Mandy: "If you like it let's call your daddy to learn how to tie plaids okay?".
Her: *looks at Mr Ong and giggles.
Mr Ong: "Let's call mummy to learn it okay."


Ohhhh you see the lunch box there? 
She was suppose to eat finish that before her mother comes, hahahaa so cute!
And she spent like more than an hour to finish that XD

Mr Ong: "Please make yourself useful and help me get a drink."
(He really said that! but of course he was teasing)

Her complexion is sooooo gooooooood~ *envy

Anna was another person who spent a lot of time cooking! 
Thanks for your hard work!

Hahaha philomena is willing to do whatever she's doing to take a picture!

I think this 2 pictures was taken in sequence XD 

Our hardworking Mr Low busy BBQ chicken wings while I'm here taking pictures heh!


Set: "AckKkkkkkkkkkk THE FLLAAAASH!!!"
HAHAHAHHA OK THIS IS EPIC. It'll make a good profile picture!

Ahhhh omg the chicken wings.... Okok I need to stop.

The bustling BBQ pit! Eh it'll make a great oral picture description. HAHAHA.

Fresh prawn! Can be eaten raw! ....

...Get yours in any local market NOW! *While stocks last. 


Okay so Mr Ong was showing us how his elbow skin can stretch till darn long. 
I forgot why he showed it to us but I remember Mr Low poking it with a pen, saying that it doesn't hurt. 
Mr Ong's daughter was like protecting Mr Ong's arms!!!!!!!!
She cried. 

....so @!@#$%#%$^%& cute!!!!!!!!

She hugged him afterwards, and really teared. 
It made us all feeling so guilty 'cause we were pulling his elbow HAHAHA XD
This picture is sooooooo heartwarming right?!?! 
*heart melt~

Rose: "Mr Ong hugging his child while I'm here hugging a....pillar." 

I was showing Mr Ong something in the year book and in the end he showed his daughter some of us in the year book! 
Hahaa, she held onto it and in the end return it back to me and gave me a hug before they left

Serious man to man talk. 

Okay maybe not.

"What. See what see. Never see people take aluminium foil ah." 
Hehehee I kiddddd~

The ball ball thingy very nice. Although I have no idea what is it HAHAHAA.

Oh yeah they bought liquor! A whole box full of it. 
Dang I didn't take picture of it!
Oh I didn't drink any of it. Heeeeee. I'm a good kid. LOL.

*fan. fan fan fan.

*fan fan fan fan fan fan fan

"Ahhhhhhh BBQ-ing is tough."

 Omg a bit unglam. Don't know whether should I put this or not. 
Okay Tiff if you saw this and want me to take it out tell me ok. XD

Jiawen and I! Ahhhhh her smile is so natural here!

Malikka! It was her birthday on that day!
Let's roar in the toilet again in the near future. Hehehe.

I think they were talking halfway. But still look so nice!


Ohhh I kinda like this picture. 

I am jealous of the fact that Edward can stand behind and show up on the picture naturally.
WHY HE SO TALL?!?! WHY?!?! *spew fire

Mr Low FINALLY eating something instead of BBQ-ing!
You worked hard!

Chickens on fire! Chickens on fire! KYAHHHHHH!!!
*Runs around frantically.

Alaaaahhh, but the fire damn pretty!

Mr Low saving the day- I mean, ahem, chicken. 

..but still... burnt. 

..can we still eat that chicken??

See see I'm BBQ-ing! Really my first time I BBQ-ed seriously LOL. 
And my 2 loyal helpers! Actually not really lah 'cause Arron's teaching me. Heh.

Hohoooo! We're the chicken cookers! :D

Heehehe like this picture a lot!

The three best friend!

I did take picture with each person who stayed till the end, but I'm gonna use them another day for another post, 
so I shall leave it first. You wouldn't want to see the same picture again, right? :)
(and yes I'm gonna write a post dedicated for all my classmates, one day.)


Ohyeah this is ART. Haha!

Hehe, took a group photo with the people who left the BBQ pit last, and who helped to clear the mess!
With timer. And failing lots of times.

Yeah it's taken, but Syafiqah butt is still at the side~

Yes! Everybody's in!

Woooosh~ Is everybody in?

It's supposed to be a funny one, but all I did was...smile wider. LOL

Hell yeah I'm TALL.

We had to go part, and we saw them from the overhead bridge. Heh!


They were acting emo for some reason. 
I felt like acting like I'm kicking them, for some reason.


It was kind of sad that both our form teacher and co. form teacher, MsTan and MrTan respectively, didn't attend this BBQ. ): But the fact that our humanities teachers came really helped to liven up the atmosphere. Thankyou both for coming! Especially Mr Low who stayed till very late even though he live at the other end of Singapore! 

Thursday (17th Nov'11) & Friday (18th Nov'11)
Woke up early in the morning to help out in Singapore Ensemble Competition 2011 (SEC'11)!
I was the timer for the warm-up room, where people go in for 10mins, and I was to make sure they are out of the room 5 min before their performance. I can't really believe that I really spent 2 whole days waiting for time to pass just like that! :O 

I couldn't watch the performances T.T

But I know Shuqun did fairly well and I'm proud of them nonetheless even though they didn't got to top 3. As long as they've tried their! :) 
Oh and congratulation to T3HE for getting 1st! 
Hehehehe glad to know people I know got first. 

On Friday, we had to bring the VIPs to their seats during the concert (where the open division get judge again and the senior and junior winners perform). It was really scary... MsLoh really stressed me out when she said it was better to memorize who sits where...anddddd my memory is severely poor. T.T 

Though the VIPs isn't fierce or whatsoever (though some was..), we were really nervous! We had to serve them during the interval to refreshments and drinks, too. And one of the VIPs talked to me, asking me how come I was here, what school was I from, when I started playing instrument, whether my parents supported me. Omg. Omg omg. Thank god MrLim was there and helped me eventually XD I was trying my best to smile naturally and talk proper english! (The time where I could use my oral skills HAHA)

Actually there was some pictures, but I'm really too tired to go find and post it... Sorry~ 

Alright, it's reaaaaally late and I still have a christmas party(?) to attend to tomorrow. Hahaha aiyoh not really christmas party lah, I guess they were finding an excuse to let us hang out together hehehe. Ah gosh I'm SO TIRED. 

Okay, this is really such a longggg post. I hope I didn't bore you! 
And hi my future self, if you're reading. :B 
Promise I'll blog more frequently from now on!

Oh by the way, my friend (Lynn) and I might resume our bookmark thingy again! Hehehe, stay tuned for my advertisement, haha!

(Ohhhh I really like this picture!)


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