Selling Icecream can be awesome too.

Okay that title sucks. I'm horrible with titles~

Yep, I went to sell door-to-door icecream again with Regine a few days ago, (wednesday, specifically), cause I needed money and I didn't want to keep asking my parents for it.

So yeah, I waited Regine to finish working at Burger King, and while waiting actually saw Michelle, Khoi Yan and Wedding! They just had band and were coming here to eat. Chatted with them about the band, seems like everything is going quite smoothly except for some minor problems.. Kinda relieved.

Afterwards I received a message from our manager telling us where are we suppose to gather, and whoa, had  to travel all the way to Toa Payoh. Whampoa road or something. So cute eh the name, like something which comes out of a Willy Wonka factory. Okay so anyway! We travelled there, and we were like 30mins early. So......we bought candies!!

..and the.. dried..something. I forgot. 
This sweeeeeet!! I ate it ever since primary school! The mama shop always have. 
It was 10cents each. It's STILL 10cents each.
Is this the only thing that hasn't increase price yet?? Awesome.

We spent a few minutes opening the first one, cause the wrapper was kind of stuck to the candy (melted?) and Regine had fun LAUGHING AT ME cause I couldn't get the wrapper out at ease!! I mean really, I opened it, slooooooly, yet it still got teared. They don't like me. 

When it was time to go we went to a blk quite near to the base! (No need walk so much yay!) Then started selling. 

In between, there was this aunty who asked me:
"Are you like 11 or 12 years old?" 

I was so shocked lah! I know I'm short. But....11?! 12?!!!? Apparently she wanted to tell HER 13/14 years old daughter how diligent we all were coming out to work at such age. Grrrrr! Why can't I grow vertically instead of horizontally. 

And another customer, he was taking out his money, and Regine walked towards us and stopped beside me. The uncle went: 
"Hello AH BOY". 

Regine's face was epic. That shocked and "WHAAAAA...?!?" look was transferred to him silently. 

Exactly like this: 
(Taken from Google)

Naw I think Regine's one more epic. Hehe.
But thank god he didn't notice HAH. In the end he looked closely and apologized. I guess part of the reason was because it was getting dark and our customer himself was engulfed in darkness in his own home, plus Regine tied up her hair, that's why.  

It was really funny lah! We don't get such things much do we. HAHAHAA THE LOOK!!! Can't stop laughing for a few minutes after that happened! 

The rest of the day pass by, and soon we were at the last floor of our last blk. I started heading to the end of the corridor and something on the ledge was..whimpering. Not exactly whimpering, but it sounded like a chirp-but-in-a-distress-way kind of sound. My first reaction was to jumped and quickly ran away. LOL. But when I look carefully it was actually a bird. A pigeon. And it was standing there firmly on the ledge. 

The thing is normally birds don't let you get so close to them right? I was quite near the ledge as I walk pass, and it was weird that it didn't flew off. I looked at it again and thought that maybe it's leg was stuck? But it started walked so nah.

I continued to ask door to door (nobody bought on that floor) and dragged Regine here. I let her see the bird and we were looking at it thinking what happened. In the end we realised that it was actually it's wings were stuck. They were like in a clump and the pigeon was trying to flap it. While making that chirp-but-in-a-distress-way all the time. I feel so sad for it, but we couldn't do anything, cause I think it will attack us if we touch it? 

I started wondering whether will it be thirsty since it might be there for very long, so Regine actually opened up a packet of sweet and throw all of them into her bag, and we rolled the packet inwards so we can pour water inside and leave it there. When we did, it actually went to the EDGE of the ledge, like it was afraid of the water. Opps. But we just left it there anyway, better than nothing..

It's sad to think that it might just...die there. Just because of some glue that got to it's wing by I-don't-know-what-method. 

In the end I approached one of the resident (cause there was one that looked friendly, fatherly with his son inside so it must be quite safe to approach) and told him what we saw. It appears that he KNOWS it has been there. And apparently he fed it too. 

We actually called our boss somewhere in between and he told us that the blk around us is all taken, so we can't go to any blk, but only to stroll around asking people walking. By that time we still left around 45mins, as it was already 9.50pm and 10.30pm we have to go back to our base. Since we already sold 18/20, we figured we can stay here and accompany the pigeon. 

I was really flustered! It's like I'm so helpless, looking at one living creature, knowing it might die soon.. 

The uncle kept talking and he said : 
"Why don't you call spca luh." 

I CAN ACTUALLY SAVE IT! But then we were thinking...since he knows can call spca, then why didn't HE call it in the first place and help it?! What the???? I mean, even if he don't know what number, he can just tell his son, who is like right infront of the computer, TO GOOGLE WHAT. I think they're just lazy to do it, and be so heartless and let a living thing die there on the ledge. I was so pissed can. Why can't they take the initiative?! THEY LIVE HERE SOMEMORE.

Thank god my phone has mobile data. So I GOOGLED IT. I don't see why THEY can't. Argh. 

I used to think that SPCA is only for those stray cats and dogs to go to only LOL. But there was a part to call when there is any injured animals. Wow. Eh and ah, SPCA is 24hours! SO GOOD. 
Imagine they only work in office hour. I don't think we can stay one whole day there to look after it before they come, since it was already quite late..

The person on the call was very friendly lah, and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be! (I don't even like to call deliveries, cause it seems so difficult I don't know why I think of it that way too.) We waited for a bit, cause the person might need around 30min to come, and we've got 30min to spare. 

After a while Regine asked to go back to the base, and return our trolley first, so we went to return, since the pigeon has nowhere else to go but stay on the ledge right? After we hand back the money we were suppose to return, the spca person called me, and we brought him to the bird!

When he was there, he was telling us it might be those rat poison that got stuck on it's feather and from my own personal experience, RAT POISON DAMN STICKY CAN. I pity the pigeon ): 

And he was so gentle with the bird! For a moment he seemed so handsome even though he might be over 40 years old?! LOL. But really, he was so gentle and calm. I could only stood there and get all flustered! ): 

But oh well, AT LEAST THE BIRD WAS SAVED. WOOOHOOOO! *imaginative applause* 

You know how relieving that is?!? I mean if I just went home like that, I would feel so guilty!!! The next day I might already have forgotten about it..BUT STILL. It was cruel to leave it there and let it suffer alone. 

I swear that if I ever encounter anything like that again I will contact SPCA. Oh and thank god, again, THAT IT'S 24 HOURS! Like this part a lot heh.

So afterwards we went to the busstop, and wait for the bus to go home. On the way there. We encountered cockroaches and imaginary cockroaches, WAS LAUGHING ALL THE WAY WHILE WE SCREAM LOL. I hope we didn't disturbed the resident. LOL. 

So yeah, basically that day we ate loads of candy before work, I was mistaken as a friggin' 13 or 14 years old kid, and Regine was mistaken as an AH BOY. We saved a pigeon. And we have a screaming session with cockroaches. Oh and we earned $45 each! IT. WAS. FUN. 

Oh and, my leg was damn sore afterwards. I think I need to exercise more!!!! I used to feel alright even after a feel nights straight! Gosh.

Seee, work can be fun too. Hehe. 
Oh by the way, sorry for this wordy post. NO PICTURES LAH.


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