Okay, I'm currently reaaaaally tired now cause I didn't sleep at all last night.

We need to reach Shuqun by 6am, so I have to wake up at around 5am. And being me, I know that I can't wake up on time one, so I didn't sleep. So pardon me if I have a lot of mistakes here and there. Cause I die die want to post about today. Heehhh.

Nah that's part of the reason why I didn't sleep a wink. The real reason is that I was rushing things to give the band. Since I'm stepping down.

I feel. Old. 

In the morning it was quite...stupid. I didn't sleep, I wasn't late. I reached school, and realised that we're suppose to wear BLACK SHOES today. AH SO PISSED WITH MYSELF. I didn't read the message properly. So I had to go back home, and change the shoe, and go the Peirce Secondary MYSELF. So it's like even if I didn't sleep, I'd still be late anyway. Tsk.

Thank god Sean brought me there ytd so at least now I know how to go myself..

Peirce's gate is so friggin' far. And ytd we alighted at the side gate. It was locked. We had to walk ONE BIG ROUND because there was a lot of construction going on. Tsk.

So yeah. Nothing special really happened there. We did one dry run, then the event just start. The juniors of each school perform, then the graduands of the school goes up to take their certificate and the things that their school prepared. Then ahhhhh, long story. (I'm just lazy to type out the schedule lah, YOU WON'T BE INTERESTED IN IT TOO, RIGHT? No? Good.)

The pictures of Shuqun during the event!

Our senior band when they performed! 
So small eh the band. ):

The passing down ceremony! 

I'm kinda unhappy about our blazers. I wore size M ya'know. Size S was already a bit big for me, but size M is really oversized lah.

Mr Ong: 
"You look like a kid who's trying to wear a grown up's shirt." 
"But you look good." 
(He's just trying to make me happy so I won't complain LOL)

Seriously!!!! I look like I'm copying Micheal Jackson's trend.

My shoulder felt twice as large. Literally. There was more than half width of the shoulder part of the blazer (shoulder pads???) empty. It FEELS just like this.

But nah, it just looks damn big luh. 

"Where's your hand?" 

LOL! Yeah, the sleeve is longer than my hand! Tsk.

But oh well. Just go up and take certificate only what. No big deal. We don't have to wear clothes that makes us feel confident and it's okay to look small sized in those big blazers. No it's alright. (arghhhh)

So yeah, after all that, we took photos! Heh, I was busy finding people and giving them stuff, and we only had like 30mins to roam around ): So I took quite little...

Heheh, just getting a little revenge.. (hint: my hand)


After I graduate...I became taller than Wayne. FINALLY!! Not. 
But oh well, at least he still entertain me let me happy for a while. LOL.

Hahahaa Wayne and Sean trying to act cool.

Siangjoo: "coolboiix_seaniie94 and coolboiix_w4yniie94"

With Howieeee!

The graduands of Shuqun! 
My eyebrow is funneh.

These are the pictures I got tagged in facebook for now! I know there are loads more, confirm haven't uploaded yet. Shall update again yeahhh!

These are all from Eunice! Get ready for some unglam photo hehehehe.

Oh my god this is really ugly lah, my face like deformed. 

These are the stuff I received! Hehehe, Kimberly was beside me when I took all the photos.
She just say one word: "Siao!" 
(Cause I took picture of everything!)

Made by my clarinet section! ^^ (front)
Thank you all so much! I really love it a lot. This means so much so much, to me! 


Hahaha Kendrink helping me to take so I could take the picture of them!

This is by Kendrick! 

By Allen! He wrote a lot, I didn't expected it! It was quite touching too! :)

By Wanping!

Heheh by Jeremy! 

The only sec 1 who wrote! ): But thankyou!

By Azri! 

By Kimberly! Hehehe so sweet.

This is the package the graduands receive when they take the certs! 

The Certificate! 

Inside the package was this shirt!!

For Alumni! YAY! I thought I won't have one! ^^

The back design! Designed by Samantha!
Nice right~

The clarinet section actually bought a wallet for me as a farewell gift! 
Omg so sweet of them, love them lah!!
And I wanted to get a new wallet too XD Just nice!

I don't really know what's that suppose to be but YEAH. 
Think it's a dartboard or smth?
And this wallet is kinda translucent!

The inside hehe.

This is from Michelle!<3

Turn, and it's a drawing of an iPhone! And wow so nicely done leh!
So talented!
Thankyou so much, love it! ^^

The flute section! I didn't expected from them you know!

From Vanessa!

Eunice too!

And Nining! 
Hehhee thank you all so much! Feel so touched omg.

We even took polaroids! 

This is the old one, but since I have it, and the occasion calls for it, so yeah!

Hehhee I love this section one!!!!! <3

My dearest clarinet tutor! 
But I'm so ugly here siaaaaa, ):
Oh and we almost same height! Heheheh yay!

And Mr Lim! Awesome conductor I've ever known hehe.
He's one head taller than me omg.
Sigh why I so uglyyyyyyy.

My sec 1s! 

Hui Juan! She's the one who let me polaroids using hers! 

Polaroids are really so so expensive. But it's really gorgeous lah. Sigh but then have to buy the camera, and have to keep buying the flims which are damn costly... ): So yeah thanks Huijuan!!! So sweet of her to let me use. 

Alright! That's all for the P.O.P! I can't believe I'm really stepping down.. It doesn't really feel like it you know. Since I'll still be in school, and I CAN visit them if I want, but I have to study... Sigh. So many things need to study. 

Okayokay! I'M GOING TO SLEEP. 1 day without sleeping yet now still so late sleep gosh. Hope I can wake up on time for tuition tmr! Alright Adios! 


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