Hi I don't know what should I put as title.

This'll be yet another post w/o pictures. It's gonna be boring~ So I suggest you to go surf facebook or something if you don't want to read a picture-less post with boring title and have no absolute idea what I'm talking about. Hah.

Anyway, had tuition today. Early in the morning~
Actually, I rushed the homework ytd, around 11pm plus, just to ask Samantha how to do the 4 questions. LOL. Yeah in the end I still went to find her! Cause she was willing to teach me! Wow.

Had to go commonwealth after tuition for exco meeting, to plan for the exchange on tuesday. Oh my god really a lot of things leh. I don't know whether will it be in order on tuesday. Plus, we can all prepare to screw up during the exchange.
Buy some tissue. LOL.

And of course, WORK! (I like the colours!)
I was working with this guy call Anthony, cause my Icecream trainer ask me to tag with him LOL. Something about that guy- his friend, getting sick of selling Icecream in solo? (1 person). So I just agree luh. Anyway he always do solos leh, confirm got a lot of experience, and can learn some mah MUAHAHAHA.

Speaking of that , my calves started to hurt again (no link) even BEFORE I start to work. I had to endure it for 5 hours omg. I'm old.

The thing is, HE'S REALLY GOOD LAH.
He's like my Icecream trainer. TALK AND PSYCHO NONSTOP TILL HE/SHE BUYS.
And plus he knows malay sia. I mean, he can actually speak malay fluently! Okay nothing to be WOW of but sometimes all I see when people speaks malay is like, ANYHOW ONE, act only you know. But he REALLY can speak.

Plus, HE'S FROM BAND OMFG $@#$!@%^%!#@!
His school is... Bukit smth. I can only remember the bukit. LOL. I mean, it's like I rarely see people from band selling Icecream leh. Excluding me lah. HA.

If I'm not wrong, I think we sold 6 or 7 boxes within 30min or smth? But of course our 1st blk was a good one and he really can psycho lah. HA. The 2nd and 3rd blk sucked. Heng we got another blk, and managed to sell.......

25/28! (Restock)
My 2nd time restocking! Wow.

Okay, I'm here to just brag about my sales lah, LOL. I mean I feel so happy that I should post this so that next time when I'm older and am an old ugly fat hag I can read back and reminisce mah! Ha.

OH YEAH. I FELL DOWN TODAY, BUTT AND ELBOW ON THE FLOOR. Fucking embarrassing can! Thank god nobody was there when I fell. (Anthony was selling to another house). I walked down the stairs and since it was quite dark, I didn't see a pool of water/pee or what below and slipped, and FELL. Imagine if that was really a pool of urine. Omg ewww.

What the fuck is wrong with my dad? I'm so fucking pissed with him. Remember I posted something about him taking out the fake wall (which took half of our room), and making it like a DECENT room again? Now it's kinda empty, cause it's become more spacious and our things remained the same.

The thing is, my sis actually bought this study table, for both me and her. Cause we actually don't have one LOL. I've always been doing homework on bed. Which I don't really like it. And my sis actually bought one study table and a roll-able chair (sounds weird)!

Then guess what. My dad tell her to THROW IT AWAY. What the fuck? My sis said he said something like, "I already saved a bed for you you still buy another table put here for what." 
(FYI, my sis has been sleeping at her boyf's house, but she's kinda planning to come back).
I mean, What the? It's like telling my sis, "Eh why you come back? Don't come back lah I want to rent the room." Zzzz.

My room is now spacious. It's able to fit another mattress or whatever shit. The table is not even gonna block any way. Yet my dad wants to throw it away. -.-

My SISTER is the one who bought the table, not HIM.
And he just tell my sis to THROW IT AWAY?!?!. -.- What, she's the one who bought it what and still have to think about what you say, LOL.

I'm having O levels next year.
I need to study.
And apparently my dad feels that my studies is important, just that I shouldn't study on a study table. -.-

Argh, pissed.

P/S: Sorry 'bout the abrupt rantings and ending.


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