Exchange at Shuqun

...was such a failure.

It was our first time hosting, and we SCREWED it all up. 

We can even have an awkward loud blaring slience gap which is what we're not suppose to have in the middle of the song. -.- 

Got scolded by Mr Lim. And we deserve the scoldings. How does it feel to have your own conductor saying that YOU'RE LOUSY straight to your face? And frankly speaking, I agree with it. Everything about us is lousy. Our attendance, playing, endurance, patience, resilient, diligent, respect, whatever moral you can think of, WE HAVE NONE. 

I'm kinda glad that Mr Lim actually scolded us instead of letting us being all yay-I-screwed-up-today-but-nobody-scolds-me-so-I'm-not-gonna-care. It kinda shows that Mr Lim cares about us, uhm, right? :/

Anyway, I do hope today has hit most of our nerves and click our brains, and wake us up. I guess Shuqun Wind Orchestra learns things the hard way. You can never pamper us or praise us, since all we do is take advantage of it and think that "wow nobody cares so I don't need to try my best." 

Do you really want to be in a band that has no pride? 

Do you really want to get scolded everyday, to be nagged?

Do you want to be in a band, which can't fall-in properly, talks rudely to seniors and think highly of themselves, get all happy when you play lousier than a sec 1 band? 

If no, 

And yes, I'm not a great assistant band major, and I know it. Everyone has flaws and I'm doing my best to lead the band and etc. I shan't be too lenient since people always take advantage of it, thinking that "aiyoh they confirm won't ______ one." 

But all other members ought to be ashamed of themselves.
We practiced. Yet when we're suppose to perform we got all distracted, stopped looking at Ms Loh. What is this?

Everyone is in the wrong today, including me. 
What's done has already been done. No use crying over split milk. 



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