Hi, I'm back! I bet nobody misses me. HA.

Anyway, my mum's friend helped me to massage my shoulder, neck and my calves (I suddenly remembered what it's called omg)! My left leg calves suddenly hurt a lot, 2 days ago, when I was getting ready to sleep. And it happened again ytd when Regine and I were walking back to base.

Speaking of yesterday, we sold 16/20! I'm happy because these few days my sales totally SUCKED.
Like, seriously. I even got 10/20, my lowest sale so far. ):
Well at least it's not less than 10 if not I die let you see. (Exaggerating)

Oh yeah, our sales actually started increasing when I had to go to the nearest mall to poo. Regine sold 5 at one shot! (Y) I should start to shit more while I'm working LOLOL.

Took some picture while on the way home and we took it in the toilet 'cause I had to shit again. LOL. This is the toilet where I shitted! Even though you won't be interested, HAHAA.

The toilet at the uhm, ______ mall! (ah my memory)
It seems more of like a market with a coffee shop below to me. O.O

Regine is so pretty right! 
Damn they're all pretty, Cherry, Michelle, Joyce (this girl I know today during CIP) and Jenny.
What's wrong with the sec 2 batch!??! All so pretty tsk. 
I'm born on the wrong year, mum. 

Oh yeah! Suddenly remembered. The day before ytd Regine's slipper was spoilt. BOTH OF THEM. As in, the part where you place your big toe and your index-toe whatever you call it, CAME OUT. We had to go and lend tapes from people HAHAHAA!!!! Epic!

And ytd, when we're at JE and bus-ing home, her bus came and her shoe actually spoilt again before she could run to take the bus! HAHAHAHA OMG.
How much must she earn to buy the shoes she spoilt while working sia! HA!

Actually it was quite tough for her, since she stood up the whole day for a few days, for long hours straight cause of CIP, and the tapes on her slipper was making her soles and etc hurt. Wah. She really can tahan man. (Y)

Anyway, my mum's friend said that I'm walking too much, and carry way too much things (backpack). But what to do lah, I had to go to work, and it requires walking. And I tend to walk faster cause I'd worry about having not enough time to sell finish 'em. Argh. I'm worried that my legs can't take it. I mean, I can take it, but I don't want my leg to be uhm, spoilt? LOL. :/

Bah. So, today we had CIP, the whole band.
It's uhm, sorting out books and finding books for the parents who come, to take the books.
I took some. :D:D FREE WHAT. 

YEP I'M A VOLUNTEER! (The sticker near my boobs)
Why do I look so much like a guy here??? Tsk.

"Can I request to change the sticker to 'being forced to' instead of 'volunteer'?"

We had to sort out books and etc, and make sure whatever books we're getting for the parents is the right edition and we have to dig through a whole pile of books. Gosh.

When I was there EVERYTHING was in a mess!! So disorganised! But we sorted them out slowly whenever we have some time, and by the end of the morning it's already all straighten and categorized! (Y)

Oh yeah, the primary school textbooks were in a room, and same goes to the secondary, and storybooks, assessment books and etc were in another room, blah blah blah. I'm in the secondary section! 

I was supposed to be in the sec 4 and 5 side, but I went to the sec 3 one cause it has a lot more 'customer' and seems more busy, LOL. Like so kpo. But hey I was trying to help! Better than doing nothing right!

And gosh, it really was tedious! A lot of books nobody wants one, plus the bottom of the uhm trolley or whatever has books too, and I actually dug out a lot of books below (which was in a mess, too) which we thought were out of stock!! Man the feeling of re-stocking things that a lot people wants is really....shiok.

I've got to say this. I think I really like helping people! (Wait who doesn't?)

The feeling is so... I don't know, I feel that I've accomplished a lot, and it just feels great to be able to help people. To make others happy really is the key to make yourself happy. But if you're not happy, how can you make others happy? AH WHAT TALKING ME.

Anyway, if only I could get a job that requires me to uhm, help people in some way or another? Well I do think I have the patience to go to extreme measures to help people.. (Lol like complimenting myself thick skin)
And I love it when people gets happy! It makes me hyper WTF.

Gah anyway,

See anything inappropriate here? 
I didn't know Regine has this side of her lah! And she's damn fucking daring. Like OMG.

& the cross necklace she's wearing so doesn't suit this appearance lah!
Not holy but holy, ya'know??


There was this baby boy that an uncle carried! He allowed me to carry him (baby, not the uncle) omg! 
AND HE DOESN'T CRY. So obedient right? *squeal like some mad kid.

Oh and. I STILL HAVE NOT DONE MY TUITION HOMEWORK, WHICH IS DUE TMR WTF. The thing is, I don't know how to do them. ): And now am waiting for Samantha to reach home and I'll go and find her. It's like troubling her man, but I really don't know how to do, decided to just anyhow whack at the questions instead. I don't want to trouble her. I only have time to do it now wth cause I was busy with work and band and sectionals.

Ohyeah. It suddenly occurred to me that I HAVE NOT FINISH MY HOLIDAY HOMEWORK YET, TOO.

Urgh. ):

What a sad life.

Alright some happy thoughts:


I actually downloaded a lot of stuff like, METRONOME, and bought an awesome portable speaker so that I can play the metronome using it and practice with it HAHAHA. And TUNER too! Yes, there is this application that lets you tune your instrument omg. Even though I've not tried and see whether it really works? Wow so happy.

And there's this application that can SLOW DOWN SONGS. Which means I can slow down those band songs and PLAY/PRACTICE WITH A GOOD BAND MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

And it's really damn convenient and I can actually DL manga and read on the go without wifi! (Y)

Plus, I've got this application that tells you when's the MRT last/first train and etc and it's really great since I'm working till darn late and I can check what time the last train leaves! Omg.

Even though everyone knows it.

Seriously, I sincerely believe that buying an iPod touch is one of the wisest choice I've ever made. 
*nods head.
I feel like I'm advertising iPod touch. HAHAHA.

OKAY. BYE. RUSH MATH HOMEWORK. Anyhow do already. :/


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