Short random post.

HI. Yeah, I'm here again since today's workplace was at Bukit Batok, thus I'm able to reach home earlier today. WOO.

Today during band practice, we've got new scores again! I guess we're practicing them for some...performance at a Supreme Court or something? Hmm. I don't know anything since nobody told me lol. BUT YEAH THE SONGS WE'RE PLAYING IS REAAAAAAL NICE. (Y)

Okay maybe some of yo- NONE of you will care, but just for my own future sake, I shall post them out. HA.

Currently we're playing...
Black magic woman, 
Takarajima (宝岛), 
Theater Music II - ENTR'ACTE.

Black magic woman I've heard it when I was like, sec 1? When Jiawei was in combined band and I was just in junior band, and she played this song before, even though I've never played it before, it's like I've known this song from top to bottom! HA.

Takarajima, I think someone (was it Sanzhi?) introduced it to me! I was damn excited to know that we're playing it! (Y)

For Tinkerbell, I've heard of it in the disk that Mr Lim burned for us, and yes, I have it on my phone! (Y) It's all darn nice lah, really. And hey, this is like one of those RARE songs that woodwinds has most melody! And I was darn excited to get the score and play it TODAY! Omg. omg.

Then we have this Theater Music II - ENTR'ACTE. I've never ever in my life heard of this before. But the 1st few bars really makes me fall in love with this song! I mean seriously, THE CLARINETS BACKGROUND PART DAMN NICE CAN. Omg, I'm all hyper now even though I'm suppose to be tired cause I've just finish working. LOL.

Anyway why did I even post all these? I mean c'mon, NOBODY CARES. But since nobody cares, then it's okay to post all these! LOLOL. Stupid~ Okay fine I'm just bored.

OH YEAH. Today tagged with these 2 girls call Chloe and Mei Yang.
All gone. OMG. How do you explain that feeling? It's like you've accomplished something! Even though it's like such stupid accomplishment but YEAH. Imagine you have like, 20 bricks on your shoulder and then it's all gone!! Something like THAT HA. (Exaggerating).

And yesterday, I worked with this guy call Yuquan. And since he's like soooooo small size, I guess he can gain adults sympathy easily. HAHAHA. We sold 15/20 tgt. NOT BAD RIGHT.

And they're ALL so friendly! It's only the 3rd day and I'm already lovin' this job yo. HA. Can get to earn so much money in a day and widen your circle of friends, not bad, not bad at all!

Plus the supervisor is real understanding and nice. Long story~

OKAY. SO. THIS SHORT RANDOM POST SHALL END HERE. I know nobody reads it anyway, since it's soooo wordy and boring and it's like, "WTF I don't care what your band is currently playing!" But yeah. MUAHA.

Oh yeah, my foot all has got blisters, while wearing SLIPPERS. Wth, slippers also will make my skin peel. Geez I might be walking too much. :/

OKAY, GOODNIGHT BOOBS. Gonna have tuition tmr yay!


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