A random day with random people.


Alright. Let's get to the point. Today we rehearsed Whistle for tmr's uh, orientation or something like that for the Yuhua primary! (They're coming to our band room). I think Ms Chang is gonna vomit blood sooner or later teacher the flutes and clarinets. HA.

Cleared the band room as I've mentioned, the Yuhua primary students are coming to our band room and we're clearing the chairs & etc for them to come in and because our band room is reaaaaaaally in a mess and it's annoying~ Hope after this spring cleaning we'll ACTUALLY maintain this cleanliness. So gross.

I managed to snap some pictures!! MUAHAHA.
Note: I've only got a few as everyone was busy (including me) so I only took a little bit towards the end of our spring cleaning. ): But hey, I wasn't even suppose to use my phone, LOL. I'm just trying to snap more memorable photo of SWO! ;)

SO MANY CLARINETS. Yet only those that we're using is in good condition. :/ 
I'm so gonna find one day and fix them. I mean, bring it to be fixed, I can't fix them, duh.

Our BM mopping the floor! Or hitting people's leg with the mop. 

SWO's very own maid! (hehe joke)
This shows that Michelle got do something okay. 

"Yati ah! Clean properly ah! Good good, the wire below still got dust ah, sweep properly!!"

So many scores lying around. Tsk. 

Strictly NC16
See, people over there cleaning stuff, he sitting in the middle of the band room showing off his bright red boxers.. HA.

Our very first fall-out in band room (due to the ongoing O levels)! (Y) 

And Michelle and Cherry made up peoms. Omg. Let me list them out. 
P/S: Did Syafawani made up any of it? If do tell me, must credit. 

There was a girl named Michelle.
She thought she was the school belle.
But in actual fact she is as ugly as hell,
So into the water she fell.
- Cherry.

There was a girl named Cherry,
Who likes to eat a lot of Jelly.
She fell in love with a guy named Barry,
Who had a big size for his belly.
They were happily married.
One day they were dancing to a song named Mary,
When he saw that her armpits were hairy.
He then thought she was very scary.
And then they were not so merry.
- Michelle.

There was a girl named Xinman, (walao I also kena)
I think she cannot run.
Maybe she will become a nun,
Then she can only eat bun.
And maybe also the sun?
- Cherry. Or Michelle. IDK HAHA.

There was a girl named Celine.
Her favorite drink is urine.
She will never be feminine.
If she did, humans will die of famine!
- Cherry. Or Michelle.

AREN'T THEY CREATIVE?!? I can never, ever, ever, EVER make rhymes! Admire them. Somemore so annoyingly funny. HA!

Went to JP with Michelle, Cherry and Jenny,
and we took pictures in the bus. It was so....random.

Yep this is JENNY.

Amazing how we can be this crazy. This is only the 2nd time we went out tgt! HA.
That's Michelle's hand. She was...talking to herself. :D

The guy behind like extra lehhh. 
I guess he just wants to take picture with pretty girls. *ahem. 

Cherry look soooooo cute here! Paiseh ah not used to taking picture with iPhone. 
Was using Jenny The Thick Skin's iPhone. :D Hehe.

Yes. We're taking picture with...a pad. 
I had no idea why. 

When we reached, we were famished so we went to eat Pepper Lunch! Okay. I must admit, it was my virgin Pepper Lunch. :X I'm so, uh, outdated? HA. Whatever. Everyone has got their first time right?! And Cherry also lost her 'virgin' with me. HAHAHA. I always don't dare to eat it cause I thought that Pepper Lunch have to go with cheese which is the only food I hate. But IT WAS DELICIOUS. I couldn't stop eating, HAHA. 

Did took a picture but it was an unglam picture of Jenny. Hehee. Since I'm not that close with her yet I've decided to not post, rude ya know. Heeee.

Went to Popular to get stuff for band! Wow we stayed there for a very long time I think. Cherry and I were like aunties finding stuff to get while Michelle and Jenny walked around aimlessly. But they didn't even complained or give those GL face. Omg and we kept fooling around. I really had SO MUCH FUN hanging around with them! We stayed there till like, 6pm+. Time really do flies when you're having fun. It feels..good. Even though my leg is sore and I feel sooooo tired. I think I have never really go to a nearby shopping mall with friends after school, in school uniform, and just walk around, having fun. Since I don't really have any friends.

Oh yeah, we ate ToriQ too! Ha, my second time. I think I'm really falling far behind. So many things didn't tried before!

Feeling damn tired right now, shall end this post and... sleep?
Last picture before I go!


P/S: Cherry really likes nail polish! Next time her birthday everyone get her nail polish ok. HA.

Update: Yaohui, Michelle and Cherry are currently having a rhyme spree in FB. They're all marvelous at it omg. So darn creative please kill me.


Anonymous said...

Jenny here:x Yea, you did not post that unglam* picture of mine on your BLOG as you thought it would be rude to do so but then, you posted it and even tagged me on FACEBOOK!!!! Lolz=)))) Isn't it the same?!?!?! Hahahaha=))))) Ah, also, CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!!!!!

DOUBLEOXM! said...

@Jenny; AH THAT'S DIFFERENT. Cause you can actually untag it and ask me to delete it mah! Hehe what if you never come my blog then you know I blogged it and A***** see then you not happy how?!? Hehe. CLOSE MY EYES HOW TO SEE ALREADY?!? Heh.

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