I don't understand.

Went to science bridging course, and it ended at 12.30pm. Since band ends at 2pm, so I went. It turns out to be the worst 1 and a half hour in band I've ever had.

Took over from Feng Chao to teach Allen and Kimberly since Ms Loh told me to do so, and that I shouldn't let other section members to teach my own section. I forgot what happened, but someone came in and told me something, and I went inside the main band room. Open the door, and saw xx whom is not a percussionist taking up drumstick, ready to play the drumset. Was so damn shocked, and scolded xx I guess. I just got pissed. Walked to the end of the corridor, and saw xxx eating. When I saw that scene, I just turned, and shouted, "We set the rules for what sia." And yes, I even added a harsh vulgarities inside, and I'm guilty. I can't stop myself once I'm really mad. But it turns out that the whole xxxxx section ate in band room in the earlier hours.

I didn't did my job well as a section leader I suppose. To trust them to have sectionals by themselves, not giving them instruction and went to take over Feng Chao. I'll admit it. My fault.

I don't understand. We set those rules, and nobody cares. Why did we even set these rules I wonder. Oh yeah, we're trying to improve our band, to set higher standards for ourselves, trying to make each individual responsible for their own belongings, and to discipline all of us.

Samantha: "Lol, I dont understand why some people are commenting that this is strict. This is basic rules that you all should have whattttttt." - her comment on the new rules we set. Yea, I don't even think most of them is 'new'. It's just that nobody even do it anymore.

And here is the reason why we imposed these rules, mentioned by Danish, and I guess there's more reason behind.
"1.Bcos of PEOPLE who like to talk during fall in/out.I shall not name who.*points to xxxxx secretly.*
2.Logistics take too long. xxxx,You're not innocent.
3.Bowls too dirty.Nobody care.
4.I brought friends once.So im guilty.
5.SOME sec 1s who are RuDe.
6.Perc sec and some other section.
7.For ppl who don't bring ur scores.
8.To respect teachers and not give band members a bad name.
9.So no pests go in band room.Cleanliness.
10.For ppl who drop thier instruments and or mouthpiece and for those who regularly come late for band.*looks at xxxxx*
11.They shouold know who they are.
Probable reasons on why the rules are so strict."

See. We have each rule for a reason. We don't do it for fun. It's not even fun lah wtf. You think excos are spared? Nobody likes to be punished for goodness sake. If nobody break these damn rules- which is easy not to, then why are people complaining?

I've been standing in your shoes too. And I've been rude before, I've been thinking that blahblah or whoever doesn't suit to be an exco or whatever shit, but I can't do anything about it and just let them be. They're suppose to lead the band, so if they don't, it's their business. Call it retribution or whatever, but I know some of you might be saying those kind of stuff behind my back. And haha. I know how tiring, how troublesome it is to be part of an exco member.

If we don't do something to lead the band, correct them, set good examples and get people to listen, we're not a good leader and let others, even Mr Lim, to say things like, "Why Shuqun band like that ah." and etc.
But if we do, people will complain, "So strict for what.", "Aiyoh don't care lah", "Walao bias", and thus become unhappy, and attitudes problems, issues will start to emerge.
So tell me. What is a PERFECT excos in your eyes? To let you do what you want, let you skip band practice whenever you want to, and ruin our band reputation etc?

One of our member mentioned in her twitter, to "Go for the softer approach. Stop shouting your guts out. Hell. We're not in a military camp even though we practice some of the aspects". 
We did, didn't we? And all we've got is people taking advantage of us. Don't you see? Whatever we humans do, it's never gonna be perfect cause not everybody will fucking give a damn and gonna be doing whatever we've gently tell them. And I've got good reasons to say that she's talking about me cause nobody has been shouting except for me. Look. Everyone has their limits. I know I've been very strict and fucked these few practices. But why will I, or we, waste our energy getting angry, and as she said, "shouting my guts out" and being angry? Because I care. I know, it's the same old phrase. Those, "scolding you because we care." Yada-yada-yada. But doesn't it make sense?

I just don't get it. Why must people eat inside band room and during band practice? Does it makes eating more exciting? Everyone is hungry. Why can't we endure together as a band, till the end of practice? All for one, one for all, right?

And why must people play other section's instruments? Okay I know, people will be saying things like, "How come when percussion need help to move the instruments, we can TOUCH ah. It's still consider TOUCHING what." Okay I admit it I've said it before too. But I've never played on it before. Maybe hit it a few times, but I've never dared to really play it. Call me pussy or what, I've never liked breaking rules since it's troublesome to hide here and there. But the thing is... Why must you play it? What's the reason? "Oh, fun." So instead of having this kind of fun in other instruments, why not having fun in your own one, and PRACTICE? Why take the risk of getting found out and waste time on a instrument that you don't even play? Argh.

When we nagged at you, you'll become unhappy, annoyed, etc etc. Why do we nag? Cause we care.
Instead of cursing the person who scolded you, (okay yes I'll be doing that too, fine, AFTER you've finish cursing), shouldn't we think about why we let that person nagged at us, what's wrong with my section, what have I done wrong, and DO SOMETHING about it, and make sure that that person doesn't have the chance to nag at you? That's the main part of nagging. (uhm doesn't sound right, but yeah) The aftermath, the process, whatever you call it. THAT'S what they're expecting. I figured that unless that person is someone you want to leave an impression on, you won't even do it. That's the flaw of nagging I suppose. If that person meant nothing to you, I doubt you'll even listen.

But if it was me, I'd feel so ashamed that I'll do my best to improve myself and etc. Hmm maybe I should change. Not scold, but making sarcasm remarks. Then can shame them to improve lol. Good idea but I'm not that bad. I don't like people to do that to me so I won't do it, duh. Argh.

Okay I'm being such a nag here. One of those days where my blog is my listening ear. Sorry to bore you out again but yeah, it's nothing interesting. I just...don't get it. What should I do? I told myself not to care about who will hate me etc. But I really don't want to use harsh tones to make people listen. Hate me it's your business, I don't care. I just don't like to make people sad wtf. Urgh.

I don't hold grudges. I won't get angry for long (because I'd forgotten what I was angry about anyway due to serious stm). But if you want to make things difficult, and want to 'hate me for life' and whatever shit, it's your fucking business.

I do hope they'll abide the rules, and help to make things go smoothly..
P/S: I'm not going against anyone, I'm just trying to state my point. I'm sorry if you're offended.


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