Marching marching *peeepppppp!!!

Hi, sucky title again! Muahhaaaaaa!

BYTHEWAYBYTHEWAY. I skyped with Ashley and Wayne ytd. Uh, today. *confusing. We talked from like, 2am+ to 6am+. And the thing is... I HAVE BAND PRACTICE TODAY, AND 7.45AM FALL-IN. So I practically slept for like, 45min and went to school. And I can FEEL my eyebags fml.

It was my 1st time on skype. They took my first time. My virgin call. Tsk! Hmms. I think Heri would be mad since when he asked me to DL skype I didn't. MUAHA.

It's actually kinda fun lah, talking to someone from malaysia too! And they speak english perfectly. Hais. JEALOUS CAN. We were just leaving skype there while surfing the net. And disturbing Wayne by asking him to speak chinese (HAHA) and calling him those hair-standing names like 'quan quan' and 'quan ge~' HAHAH! And we had a lot of fun tweeting. Isn't that right, ashhiiwieEee? HAH.

Okay HAHA our conversation in FB while we were skyping. LOL. If you'd care to read it, you'll understand how much fun we had. HAH.

Okay, so after sleeping for like 40min, went for band. I was late. :/ But we didn't have time to do punishment wth. I still feel so guilty not doing punishment when I'm suppose to do it. Damn I'm weird. Anyway, we did some marching, and Mr Lim came.

He told the QMs that an Ang Moh will come and check on our instruments and note down the problems. I think we're making process to fix all the spoilt instruments YAY! And guess what! Remember the picture of clarinet I posted a few post before? Soooooooo many clarinets. And out of allllllllllll of them, only 2 are in good condition! Good job huh.

I had to go and get form Ms Sunarti the hard copy of all the instrument codes and the requirements for SYF recording, so I was inside the staff room, waiting for it. And... Mdm Sumarti(?) was helping with the excel thingy. And Mr Ong, Ms Sunarti and some of the other teachers were also there, _________ her. HAHA. I shan't say what. Y'know, teacher's joke. Hahaaaaaa.

I only know that they're damn bad and I was laughing and trying to be out of sight. I mean, it's an inside joke and they're telling it in front of me! Kind of felt both honored and awkward. HAHAHA!

Halfway through the check, those whom instruments were checked were called down. I was suppose to be there but since Victoria is doing all the job, I went down! 'THANKYOU' Victoria.

They were doing marching! Heck they were marching since the start of band, after breathing exercise. Gosh, WE NEED TO PRACTICE SOME OTHER FORMS OF MARCHING.
It's damn weird.

How do I explain this? It's like, you can move your bottom anyway you like, but your shoulder and instrument must face the front, parallel to the ground or perpendicular depends on your instrument... And, when we were practicing, we have to turn upper parts of our torso ONLY. And, 90 degree. Plus making sure instrument is facing our 'audience'.


After every 4 beat turn one time. I tell you I still can feel the strain now. I might even have muscle after SYF recording. HAHA.

So basically I managed to be high today, even though I didn't sleep at all. Awesome. But of cause, feeling drowsy now..

Sigh. Mixed feelings. Fuck you all. 

Shall end here now, LOL. Abrupt ending. Ah, no inspiration to blog..

Drawn by our beloved Howie and her gang. Wooo! I saw me!

JEREMY'S SPECS. Buaybai right! HA.
You can see my black black eyebags! Woooooooo. Yuck.

Update: Now on skype with Ashley, Wayne again... This time with Ruby! Omg I'm so not gonna stay till 6am again I swear. 


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