Spring (or winter LOL) cleaning!

OKAY, THAT TITLE SUCKED. I'm not good at writing titles~ Since whatever I write is always random and different from my title. Stupid.

So yeah, I think today went past really quite fast. Woke up at 1plus, get ready and ate beef noodle (direct translation lol). Trust me, the stall selling this at the market near my house is really darn delicious. I once ate it for 3 or 4 days straight and I don't feel sick of it at all. Wow right?

Anywayyyyyy~ After I ate the noodle, went to my new tuition teacher's house for amath tuition! Ohyeah I wasn't late, which means my punctuality is improving. Which is. A good thing. And, IT'S A SHE COME ON. So it's okay to go her house lah! Tsk! Dirty minded eh you.

I've got so many things to comment!

1st: IT'S DAMN CONVENIENT. Direct bus travel! (Y) Just take one bus, and hey presto! I'm there! Plus it's really easy to find.

2nd: Her house is damn clean, LOL.

3rd: We went to a room to study, and surprisingly (I was really surprised, like, stunned), her 'room' is like, how a normal tuition room will look like. SERIOUS. I SWEAR. AND IT'S DAMN COOL. When I peep at another room, (the door has, uhm, holes?) it's the same thing. I mean, imagine having a room which is filled with exercise book, chairs, table and whiteboard. A typical tuition room. In a flat. Wow.

4th: The 'room' or whatever-you-call-it, is AIR-CONDITIONED. Wow, again. I mean, when you go to someone's house to study, you'll assume that it's gonna be in a living room, with maybe a fan. But in fact you got a 'tuition' feeling room with AIR-CON. Which doesn't make it THAT awkward!

5th: I like the way she teach! Even though I still feel pressurised, cause my basics is real bad and have to rely on calculator for simple calculation. ): But she'll wait for me patiently and I don't feel mocked. (Y)

6th: Her english is excellent. Which makes me feel like I just started learning english cause I kept giving the 'huh' face. But I really look up to people with superb english. So. (Y)

7th: I really understands a lot of things! I can actually absorb it omg. And, the way she explain. IDK how she do it, but she makes it seem simple and easy to do. And the best thing is, SHE DID EVERYTHING STEP BY STEP. And I like knowing how to do things step by step. Cause, I'll....know how to do it. Step by step. LOL I'm repeating the sentence. Anyhoo, I'm kind of those 'instruction booklet' person.

8th: She's kind of pretty. HAHA OKAY RANDOM.

9th: She gives me work to do omg! Yeah actually tuition teacher is suppose to give work anyway but my previous tuition doesn't seem to go through back the work given.. And the things she go through is like, those that I don't know, (She asked me to re-do my EOY papers, than teach me again) thus doesn't waste time. (duh).

And I'm those kind of person who won't do any work UNLESS someone gives me work to do. But when they do, I'll surely do it asap and make sure it's perfect. Weird ay.

10th: I'm reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaally glad to know of such great teacher like her. I've got confident I can pass my amath re-test next year. And it's all thanks to MEIXUAN. She introduced her to me one! And she told me that the teacher teached her ever since she was young, I totally ok-ed and ask for her tuition teacher's number. XD Heh.


So after my tuition, I went home and started cleaning my room since it's like a pigsty. I'm not kidding. There's rubbish below my bed. How do I explain it?

It's something like this! It's not that pretty lah, and it's metal... Well you get the idea. 
And btw it's pushed to the side of the wall.

So please imagine all the dust and etc, inside, here. (below)

(Credit: Google).

Trust me... IT'S DAMN DIRTY,MESSY, DISGUSTING. And since I sleep on the top bunk, the floor below and etc is kind of... not my territory so I don't exactly care, and YES, clothes filled up the bottom bunk (since my sis doesn't even stay here anymore, got boyf dowan family, 重色轻家), the table was filled with my sis's stuff, and it's practically...a pigsty. It's so embarrassing lol. 

But had to meet my sis and eat with her with my mum, and accompany her buy panties. LOL. I hate to do things halfway lah omg. So of cause, when I reach home I immediately pack again. 

And. Being me, once I start something, I do it whole heartedly. (Like praising myself lol). I.... 

1) Cleared the mountain of rubbish below my bunk bed and swept out the dusts
2) Cleared and packed my 'memories' box (nostalgic!!)
3) Found space to put my story books!
4) Pack the table which I've never use before and the culprit who messed it is actually my sis.
5) Washed 3 bags! And the bags that my sis used frequently (which means cigarette-smell and tobacco bits), really stinks, and when I poured the water, it's YELLOW-ISH. Ewww. Hope the smell is washed off! Yucks.
6) Sweep and mop the floor. (essential)

Quite a lot of work done don't you think? I even washed the broom and dustpan cause I felt annoyed about the dust clumps sticking below! So omg-ewww-ish right. 

I think I did much more than my sis. LOL. The before and after were reaaaaally so...different!!

And I realised that it's kind of...fun. Clearing up the nonsensical rubbish you have and making it spick and span! The feeling I feel can't be explained.. Shiok maybe. It's kind of like taking off some burden

Maybe that's why people who are troubled and stressed would do housework. It somehow distracts you by changing your focus to "walao so many dust" instead of "how am I suppose to blahblah and blahblah". And maybe let you have to chance to think clearly, like why people likes to do housework, while changing bedsheets. (LOL)
HAHA OK. I think I'm like, speaking nonsense here, don't mind me.

Anyway, I used 4 to 5 hours to create a playlist of band songs (read previous post) and used like, 2 hours to turn a pigsty into an acceptable room. What is this?!?

Thus, I can infer from my above sentence that Oo Xin Man has spent today, November 10 wisely. Haaaaa.

P/S: Wouldn't it be great if the auto spelling correction checks that windows or whoever provided on comp includes tenses check too? 
P/S/S: Should I delete my tagboard?
P/S/S/S: Thanks Huaiyue for printing for me amath papers! I'll surely do it. :)
P/S/S/S/S: Sorry for such wordy post!
P/S/S/S/S/S: I love Ribena Pastilles! 
P/S/S/S/S/S/S: 1st time having so many P/S. LOL.


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