Yet another random post.

Yo yo yo yo yo what's up people, yo, yo, yoooooo.
Okay ignore me please. I'm just bored. 

Stolen from Michelle's blog. Yep, this is what I will always do when I'm bored AND high. 
What's that thing on my hair lol.
And YAY Michelle is gonna post regularly (I hope) and so if you wanna see chio bu please go her blog.

I went out with my mum today! To Bugis. And we bought bra and panties and lots of waist belt (like maybe 6?) because there's a lot of pretty pretty ones and we have none and bought a few dresses! (Y) But I didn't took any photos with my mum omg sad. But I think this is like the 1st time had so much fun with her, mainly because I didn't dare to picked out what I like for fear of her saying my taste bad. But turns out whatever I choose she seems to be okay with it, so I was quite relieved. :D

And I ate the 'Mr Bean's' icecream again! Muahaha, I really like it a lot lah. Gonna try the chocolate dip some other time.

Okay, my dad just cried while watching 下一站幸福. Cried. Tears. Roll down. His eyes. Oh my goddddd.
Ain't my dad cute? I never even watch before siaaaa. He still can cry. (Y)

Okay okay okay. Why do I keep okay-ing? Okay. I seriously have no idea what to blog about but I really have nothing better to do and I feel like blogging but what should I blog about and let's try not to put any commas or fullstops and continue and you should try to keep reading without stopping cause it'll make you breathless like what I feel now even though I'm actually reading in my heart but my heart feel breathless and it's kinda fun and I have nothing to type now but I still don't want to put a fullstop because I still want to make this as long as possible and hey good day to you today is such a hot weather and I was sweating profusely even though I'm wearing a skirt and I read the book Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief today and realised that it's book 1 and I'd love to read book 2 even though I haven't read finish book 1 and I realised that if I never book comma I'll put a lot of 'and(s)' which makes it like an endless sentence!

Phew. Okay. I know people will  just ignore the paragraph and you should because it's just rubbish. MUAHAHA.

Oh yeah. Tmr school resumes~ Whoa get back result slip. I shall post my results here even though I know it'll suck like hell. :D I do think I'll be promoted(?) but the teachers will most probably ask me to drop amath. I did think about dropping amath before. But now since I've start to understand... And I'm getting a better tuition (I think), maybe I should ask to continue taking amath. Any suggestions?

Okay I really have nothing to post so yeaaaaaaaaaaa. Shall update when there's anything interesting happening in my life which I will doubt so.

P/S: I'm so gonna continue watching animes!!!! And I've really gotta find a way to watch D.I.E! Any suggestion for this, too? Heh.


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