Reminiscing the past.

Yes, I'm bored. Again. So I shall blog. But then.. I have nothing to blog about fml. So.... I shall go find some random pictures to post? Hehhh. I know I know, it's so late already Xinman, still don't want to sleep? The thing is... I can't sleep! Insomnia? :/ Oh hell.. But whatever, you can see me posting eh, aren't you happy? HAHA.

I'll be posting pictures that I most probably did posted before, but who cares!

Note: The pictures is like, totally random. So don't be surprised if you see my sis digging nose and then a picture of a cup of milo. (Which is so not gonna happen because I haven't had the chance to snap a picture of my sis digging her nose and I won't be taking a picture of a cup of milo unless it cost $3000 which is impossible).

Enough said. PIGTURES!

When I was still sec 1 I think! 
I was still playing flute omg. And we were having sectionals at the carpark near our school! 
I still remember there was once this guy who came and complained that "his child needs to sleep and will we stop playing". :O

Ahahahaaaa! I was bored that time, so I went around drawing on stuff. 
Look closely at his shoes. I actually wrote "My name is Daddy". Aha, he seems happy. :D

Join the band and you'll be as happy as him! Muahahaaaa. 
Hey Kendrick looks much more chubbier here!

Excos in year 2010. (Y)

Our current band! Man it really increased a lot. 
Of cause, some went missing and the seniors (which is quite little) stepped down. But you get the idea. 

I think this was after fall-out! Haahaaaa.

Sports day! Was it this year? Man I forgot. But yeah. 
We got like, top 3! But forgot the exact position. Heh, not bad already ok!
I was still having long hair. :O

I really like this picture a lot! It's like a picture that can be rarely taken. 
Kinda natural don't you think? Hee.

I still remember posting this up that time! And Jiawei's head looks scary when her body is hidden.
Samantha's face. Classic.

My sis wearing a police uniform! Looks not bad right. Heh. 

The quality is so bad that I can't enlarge it properly. :O 
But man. How long ago was this? Maybe when I was still sec 1...

I think this was the time when everyone starts to be more cooperative. 
I mean, all of us bought the class tee! (I think). And it was difficult to asked some of them to buy. 

I remember posting this too! HAHA. 
I was asking Huiying "Neh neh leh?" and she actually brings up her shirt to really SHOW IT. (Y)
She can't even speak properly yet at that time!

During the HK trip! That's really really epic. 
Btw. I can't find my HK trip shirt! Omg, I'm really damn sad lah. :/

My mum was staying in hospital to do operation at her butt there. And my sis literally accompanied my mum. Like, that. HA.

The quality is pretty bad here too, so yeaaaa.
We were still selling my dad shoes at JEC! It was even before JEC got demolished. Whoa right.
Sighs, the memories... 

(Y). She went up the toilet bowl herself. She couldn't come down after that, and started crying! HAH.

TAE HEEEEE! Omg lah I really missed her! 
I think I posted this before and mentioned that I couldn't contact her at all. She didn't have a facebook, too. 
But Da Jun (also same class when sec 1 or 2 with Taehee and me) told me that he has her email, and gave it to me! I was thrilled! And asked her to create facebook. HAHA. And tadahhhhh! We were in contact again! 
She's still so pretty. ^^

I managed to snap this while she was looking out the window! Mixed blood people really damn chio lah. Tsk.
Too bad the quality wasn't good cause my Ah mah's house's light wasn't that bright..

Ahahaa, my sis's friend Tajuudin (direct translation please cause I dunno how to spell his name :O) came and helped us with the shoes! I think I posted this not long ago. Hmm.

During the JJC performance/exchange or something! Alexandra was still there. Omg, the memories!!!!
Seriously missed those days. I still remember we would always make a lot of mess during lunch! 
It was damn fun working with other band mates from other school. (Y). 
Glad that I was given the chance, and that I choose to go!


Yep, Kendrick is famous. Heeeee.


Clarinet section outing!! (Y) 

Having clarinet lesson at Aljunied! Heh..

My sis! Hahaa, it's nice because I took it one. Hehe. She was pissed. Look at her mouth. HAHA.

Sister love ya' know!

His leg damn looooooooooooooong can omg.

Heri!!! I seriously think he's damn cute here lah. When he was still sec one!

The cotton candy from Disneyland! Isn't it mesmeric? The well-blended colours.. That's why I like rainbows.

I bought this for her from HK! Hehh.

I think we were doing the history project? Heh, I STILL HAD LONG HAIR.

Hahahaa, trying to act stylish. That hair is fake. MUAHAHA.

Them playing with the fake hair. LOOK LIKE THOSE THOSE THOSE. Ah. Dunno how to explain. 

Our sec 1 boys! Hehe, whenever I see this kind of pictures, I will daydream about them (don't anyhow think and read finish my sentence!) attracting a lot of girls to our band!!! HAHAHA. 
Imagine that! Confirm a lot of sec 1 girls next year will join band cause got so many cute guys (provided they grow taller and more mature looking). OMG LAH. Heh.


Okay wow I'm out of pictures to post! Which is a good thing cause it's 3.20am and I should really sleep even though I'M STILL NOT TIRED. Gosh. 

The pictures aren't that shocking and interesting I guess, mainly because it's only from 3 years ago the most and still don't have the 'wow' feeling. Maybe when I'm like, 21years old and I post them, it'll be soooooo fun to think back! Heh.

My leg and thigh muscles feels better. But I'm still having difficulty walking especially climbing stairs. Try running 3.6km without doing warm up and you'll understand why ah ma(s) and ah gong(s) walk so slow. I am really not exaggerating!! It's like, my hand will automatically find something to grab when I walk!! HAHA.

Okay people, I shall go drink some yakult and then maybe read the book 'Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief' that Ashwin borrowed me bebore I sleep! :D I started drinking yakult few days ago everyday. :O My mum bought a lot! HAHAHA.



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