Random post.

Hi people, I just came back from band practice.
We performed at Jurong Primary School to promote our school band! I think it's considered a success already, since we only get to know that we're performing on monday/tuesday, and only had like, 1 day to pass the scores to the sec 1s and seniors to let them practice at home, and 1 day to teach the juniors how to play cause they've never played Hawaii five-o before and we had to memorize both Hawaii and Sock Hop. By 1 day actually, since I think nobody practiced at home. '-'

So yeah, we rushed everything and it's so last minute! Even though we performed like trees that are rooted to the ground, Mr Ong did say the music was fine...
So I guess we've succeed, SWO! This shows that we can do it, as long as we have the resilience! :)

Okay. So. Let me just post some random thing, since I'm bored and I can't fall asleep despite having a bad headache. LOL.

This is taken from Mr Keith Tan's FB! 
He was taking pictures and candids of people during the Principal Challenge. And I saw this picture. (Y) 
He's a good photographer! 

Jiawei's sis's baby hamsters! So adorable lah! 
Plus, their fur is sooooooo nice to touch, and their eyes haven't even open yet! 

The keychain that I've bought. No bad right.
Of cause, it looks nice here cause I made the cloth ribbon nicely, if not it'll keep curling..
I like the bird! (Somehow, I have a fetish for bird and birdcages..)

OKAY I WAS BORED. So I actually mirrored it. Turns out not bad sia! Looks like a face.

 My chem and physics notes! HAHA, okay it's random, but I think my notes not bad eh, even though my chem and physics paper didn't do that well. LOL.

Okay I know this is stupid, but I like this sweet's transparency! I mean, look, it's like so PURE.
(I took this while I was studying LOL)

And this is another edited version. This is really made by me, tsk!
I think this is way nicer, since phone editing can't do anything much. HOHOx.

Okay! That's all the random pictures I have during this exam period. And omg, it suddenly strike me (slow). EXAM IS SERIOUSLY OVER. Whoaaaaaa. But band is gonna resume again and I'd still have to wake up early.. Oh well, BAND IS FUN ANYWAY (Band freak). Better than rotting at home eh. 

Which means.. I think tmr and monday is the only 2 days I can really relax? :/ Tuesday take back papers. Gosh. I think I did badly for all my subs. Ahahaha standard. 


古灵精探 (D.I.E) is a really nice show lah! Now channel u showing, but I missed out a lot of episodes.. Shall go find some website to watch. :X And I want to watch lots of animes too! Gosh, and I still told myself this holiday must study math. LOLOL. 

Okayokay. Buaiibuaiixzx.


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