Pissed till tired.

I had just spent more than 50min in the bathroom washing off the spray on my hair, and bleaching my innocent band tee which was also sprayed by the uhm, spray. Why? Because I dyed my hair.

The story goes like this.

Mum: *Walks to my room door*. "Ahmei ah, you want to dye hair?" (Big grin)
Me: "Huh really?"
Mum: "Yah lah! Come I help you dye! Want mah want mah?" *enthusiastically*
Me: *Oblivious of all my surroundings and tempted* "OKAY."

Yes. My mum helped me dyed it, (she's a hairdresser) and I guess she was at her rebellious mode again cause she actually was the one who initiated it and tempted me! I actually thought it was gonna be a darker brown or something, but it was, uhm, golden? HA. Those typical colour lah. And quite obvious omg since it's the whole head.

I dyed my hair to a colour that someone from Africa would be able to see it, and there is band practice tmr (today) with attire check. WHAT THE HELL. I was too reckless, HAHA. And anyway, what's with the, "Oh you dye hair, DIE ALREADY." thingy? What, will I get jailed? It's only dyeing of hair omg do you have to make it sound like I just killed someone??

In my 15 years of life, I dyed my hair 1st time yesterday,
and had to spray it all black cause I have CCA the next day. :/

I just thought of this while I was washing my hair just now. That band will NEVER EVER lead you astray because it devours your holidays and every free time you have, thus having no time for stuff like knowing those self-proclaimed Ah beng(s) and Ah Lian(s) and things like dyeing hair. So what are you waiting for, parents?
Go get your child join Shuqun band! HAHA.

Speaking of which, don't you realised that most of those people in band and who is passionate about it does not have lots of bad company and etc? Hmm.

So yeah, woke up early in the morning at 6am to meet Heri at West Mall busstop to get the spray that he borrowed me, and went back to school. Just when I was walking in, I saw Afiq. And I walked beside him and used him to block the security guard's view so I can pass. I was glad of my height for the 1st time of my life. HAHA.

Howie helped me sprayed my hair to black, which of cause, dragged my hands and tee in, causing many little black dots clumped together. Don't think it's easy okay. So troublesome. We had to spray my whole head mind you, and my hair just all got STUCK TOGETHER like I'm sweating and that's just plain gross. When I washed it just now, my hair feels hard and annoyingly sticky and I seriously hates it cause my hair was quite smooth, even after dyeing it and I rewashed it for like, 6 to 7 times? Arghh. I shall thank the person who invented conditioner.

Thank god my mum is gonna help me make it darker by end of this week. If not I'll have to spray it almost everyday since I need to go school almost everyday (urgh) for lessons and band and ruin my hair.

Basically practiced Black Magic Woman and Whistle today. Went to practice marching while playing whistle and it was, urgh argh and ooppf. After that had excos meeting.

Heard outrageous stuff from Ms Sunarti and was even more pissed when YOU didn't admit it. Okay I knew you wouldn't but you even said stuff that totally pissed me off. It's because of people like YOU that now we can't have practice on non-practice days and people like Kendrick, Kenneth, Kai Wen, and Farhan who practice almost everyday in band room can't do that anymore.
Please don't take advantage of your post and do this kind of inappropriate things inside the band room which belongs to THE WHOLE BAND and make it 'dirty'. And not only you of cause. 
The band room is somewhere where we practice and make music as what Ms Sunarti said. It's not a hotel.
If you want to do this kind of thing, do it outside school and out of school uniform.

Damn getting more pissed than ever. Shall end this and watch D.I.E. And of cause I remembered about revising for math, but I should get some time off, right? Planning to start after next week, after the stupid bridging course.

And my post has got no pictures again so....

Was doing the Mister Potato Rice Crisps ad while my sis help me take picture. And she took this.
Yes, my mum do this kind of thing to me everyday. She even touch my boobs and etc -.-
Used to it.


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