Farewell, 3C.

One year has already passed in a blink of an eye. (Compo liddat haha) We've been through a lot together as a class. Quarrels, unhappiness, annoyance, etc etc.

I still remember how often we would have trivial argument and between the guys and the girls because of class tees, outings and etc, and I guess the sec 3 camp kind of brought us closer. during the last day of school, the guys even asked for a last 3C gathering! (Shocking). Even though it's uhm, playing basketball and I couldn't go cause of band practice, I do think some of them who went had fun. :)

I know most of us will be in the same class again, but some would be retained or dropped to NA. But nevertheless, we've been in class 3C'10 for a year, and I'll miss those who won't be in the same class as me.

Took this few days ago at the math workshop thingy or something. It's a wonder she can still continue to read her book like that. She didn't even moved!

Ahahahha frog face!

(omg my hair I look so ugly but whateverrrr)

Hahaa, I look so fugly in most of the pictures. But hey, the most important thing is that we all took these photos tgt, as a class. And it's gonna be a priceless memory. And of cause, when I grow older, I will look at them, and laugh at my ugliness omg.


Alright, so yeah, went to get report book just now. And had to see Mr Victor Soh before that, cause of the Amath thingy. I'm given the choice of continuing Amath or drop it. Of cause I want to continue it!! I mean, I've just started getting the hang of it, and now you want me to drop? I don't think so.. Plus! I DID IMPROVE OKAY. From single digit to a okok double digit okay! At least I failed Amath in a improved way. LOL. Got 37/100 for your info. Normally like 9/100 or 15/100 one hor. HAHA.

But, to continue Amath, I would have to study in this 2 months time for a mock exam next year in the 1st week, and if I failed that, they will consider me as dropping Amath. I have to write a letter of undertaking, telling them what I'm going to do in this month to study for Amath and what marks I hoped to achieve for the qualification exam.

Sound so sian right?! But I'm determined to study for it. I've already wrote the letter of undertaking and gonna give to Mr Gopal after band tmr. somebody pleaaaaaaase remind me cause if I didn't hand it in by tmr I would lose this chance.. Gonna ask Samantha to teach me Amath after her Os! Do hope it will work. :/

So yeah, my results. It's very veryyyyyy bad.

English: C5
Chinese: B4
Amath: F9
Math: C6
Science (combined): B4
Humanities (combined): C5
DnT: B4

Total: 389/700 
Percentage: 55.6
Class Position: 27/40
Level Position: 33/97
L1R4: 22
L1R5: 28

Conduct: Very good. (Cherry keep say type wrong HAHA)
Comments: Xin Man is able to work independently and takes pride in work done well. She is able to communicate in a clear, precise and confident manner. She is an enthusiastic learner and is willing to contribute ideas during lessons. (From my results... it doesn't seems to be the case.)

See? So lousy. I've deproved badly. Not even one A. Think I'm gonna step down real soon to study hard bah. ): I dowan man, I rather go for band and don't care about studies! RAWR.

Oh yeah, today went to JurongPoint with Cherry, Regine and Jenny (I think), and ate at mac. Had fun! They all were sooooo friendly even though I've never seen Jenny before. HAHA.

And....... *drumroooooll*

I bought Percy Jackson book 4 and 5!! Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg.
I'm in heaven. Feeling ecstatic. Euphoric. Bliss. Elated. Exhilarating. Jubilant. (okay cannot think of anything else already.)  I've got the whole collection now! Yayyyyyy!


Guess who? 

CHERRYYYYYYYYYY! OMFG SHE'S SO PRETTY EVEN WHEN SHE WAS IN PRIMARY SCHOOL. I WOULD'VE  JIO HER OR MAYBE BECOME LES ALREADY IF I WAS IN HER PRIMARY SCHOOL LAH! (exaggerating). But she was so damn cute. I guess a lot of guys must have jio-ed her lah! Wowwwww.

She looks so much like those uhm, ang moh models for children clothes? Haha! Wowwww.

Gonna go read my PercyJackson. (Y)


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