Back to blue?

Now everyone is saying my blue background was more like me. O.O I mean, blue is like so calm whereas I'm so rowdy! But I'm too lazy to change back, and it's kinda boring to be in the same colour, so changing once in a while isn't such a bad thing, right? Next colour: PINK! Hahaha, Tiffany for you eh. HA.

Tmr getting back result slip. I'm feeling... neutral. I know I did badly, so there's nothing to look forward to, and nothing to be worried of. Hah. Guess I'll be posting my results as I've promised in my previous-till-dunno-where-post.

I'm not gonna be lenient during fall-in or fall-out anymore I guess. Really want SWO to be serious during both fall-in and out. It's okay to crack jokes once in a while I guess (which I don't think is a good thing to do anyway) cause I do understand how BORING fall-in is. But sometimes when you're suppose to stop and listen or be serious, you should. But of cause, I won't be that fierce when it isn't fall-in laaa.
 Get ready to see my black face at every fall-in, SWO. 

Ah yeah! Grats Jesslyn for getting top for level! (Y) This shows that BAND IS NOT THE REASON THAT YOUR RESULT IS BAD. See mine is bad too but my parents also bo say anything. (ha actually they do) but yea, I don't care! Muahaaaaa.
Feeling so uncomfortable when you return to band. I kept thinking that you both are talking behind my back, and I don't know why. 
I don't understand how come everyone hates me so much. What did I even do wrong. Anyone care to tell me?

Shall watch D.I.E since there's no school tmr! Yayyyyy. Sorry for posting such boring post again. Not high enough today. Hah. BUHBYEZXZXZX.


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