Batam with my mum.

One word. Boring. (Sorry mum).
We went there for like, 2 day, 1 night. And frankly, I was quite relieved that this trip is so short. For one, my sis wasn't there to crap with me, and my mum keeps abandon me to see her friend - that guy.

So thank the gods- that I had Percy Jackson accompanying me! (LOL) Glad that I asked (or nagged) my mum to buy for me since I can foretell the future, that it's gonna be a damn boring trip. I actually read finish one book!

So yeah, here are some pictures, but it's not gonna be entertaining~

Chio right, my mum? And since she's my mum, and she gave birth to me, means I chio also. :D
(ahaha stupid inference)

Yep, I just gotta cam-whore with my mum~

I have no idea how come that guy is in my photo! HAHA I JUST CAUGHT HIM SLEEPING. Candid.

And of cause cam-whored with my  Percy Jackson! 
(& there's that guy again, ruining my 二人世界 with Percy Jackson. Tsk)

My mum entertaining me. So good right. I know you jealous. MUAHAHA.

Our room. My mum actually REQUESTED this room! My mum's friend's room was much more smaller. Like, 3/5 of our room. And doesn't have that nice wallpaper. Should count ourselves lucky I guess? 

But the room wasn't in a good shape either. For one, when I opened the bathroom door, I saw this, insects which looks like baby cockroaches but I don't know whether is it baby cockroaches. Ewww much. I think there was around 3 or 4 inside? Whenever I wanna go pee will see one. Yucks.

Even though got a number of flaws, I still like their wallpaper. (positive eh) HAHA.

She forced me. D:

Yep! One of my cousin! He's the most gentlemen of them all already. :) This picture was taken secretly. MUAHAAHAHA.

Mum trying to take a picture with him but failed miserably. HAHA.

The oldest one. Getting married soon.

And... that's my cousin's (the gentleman one) fingernail. FUCKING LONG RIGHT. 

And yes! We actually did that! My mum suggested it, and he was okay with it, omg. HAHA.

He was like, "Eh not nice ehhhh.." and over there make make and repaint it. WTHHHHH! 
(I suspect he do this at home too) HAHA.

I took this for my sis. HAHA. He's my sis's favorite cousin too.

I remembered going to this uh, coffee shop? But it's not exactly a coffee shop.. Fine it's a coffee-shop-that-has-this-stage-where-people-can-go-up-and-sin-and-entertain-people(?). HAH. And my mum absolutely love this kind of  'coffee shop' because she's one of those that will actually go up stage and SING. (omg). Here's a picture.

Yeah it's damn blur, cause I zoomed in due to the fact that I was... uh. Paiseh to go there and take yet my mum asked me to. 

When we sat down- and I mean JUST sat down on a table there, a flock of people wearing different uniform but has the same tags on their chest came to our table. There was 13 of them. I counted it. Because I was too shocked and stunned that I just stared and counted them. I mean, imagine 13 people coming up to you and try to talk to you in a language you don't understand and try to convince you to drink THEIR beer. (Yes each person sell different beer). WTH??

Gong gong! My sis love this, and yes. I'M TAKING THIS TO BOAST TO MY SIS MUAHAHAA. 
But I must admit, their's was real yummy. 

Look tasty huhhhh! Okay maybe not. (Made it smaller, so that the quality better..)

Okay, that's all. I didn't exactly take a lot of pictures when all I see is baby cockroaches or something that look like baby cockroaches, and busy reading book when I have nothing better to do. And that there's REALLY nothing that will make you feel 'WOW' to take picture of. Gah. I'm just glad I'm back.. 

P/S: Curse those bangalahs. Take advantage of the bus crowdedness and touch my butt when I was in bus otw home. Fuck you lah. Make me feel so dirty. Cb. Yeah I know, I'm racist.. But hey, tell those fuckers to stop touching girls and I'll stop being racist.

P/S/S: Sorry for the bad quality. I had to make it more brighter cause some places were too dark. And phone camera just plain suckkkkkks. 

I want a frigging camera. 


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