Changed blogskin colour!

I've changed my blogskin colour! (duh it's so obvious and do I have to repeat it since my title is the exact same words). Hah. I'm quarreling with myself wth. Okay. So. Yeah. Changed my blogskin! Cause, I figured that my previous one was kind of.. emo (lol wtf). 

Don't get me wrong. I like the blue! But somehow it's kind of unlike me, being so hyper and crazy and etc. I sound like I'm praising myself lol. I'm not feminine and serene like blue I guess? So intend to change something bright and striking. Been into brown and etc ever since I bought the keychain! But hey blue, I still love you.

Maybe you'll see my blog in PINK someday. HEHHH.

I just heard my stomach rumbleeeeeee! Shall eat the guides cookie that I've bought from Syazwani and watch D.I.E. (Y)


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