Random shitzxz.

Suddenly thought of the sentence that my Aunt's (the australia one) husband said to me a few days ago.
"You look all grown up now!" 
(Please imagine the accent). :D
It can be intimidating if you think it the other way. (The pervertic way).
If you know what I mean, HAHAHAAA.
I'm random.

Went to poly clinic ytd since I cannot tahan the stupid cough & phlegms anymore.
1st time see poly clinic so little people!
It's like, after 3 more people it's my turn. Whoaaaaa.

Me:*walks into the room*, *sits down*.
Doctor: Hi what's wrong with you today? *Looking at comp while saying that*.
Me: Cough, sore throat, phlegms.
Doctor: Okay are you pregnant? *Still looking at computer*.
Me: HUH, No lah! *WTF?*
Doctor: When was your last menstruation? *STILL looking at computer*.
Me: I don't know? I've never take note of it. *& that makes me pregnant???*.
Doctor: Okay let me check your lungs.....

Okay, that wasn't very specific, cause he ask lots of shit about allergic to medicine, asthma attacks, and things like whether my family members has the same sickness, whether I just came back from other countries, check my hands (I think he was thinking I'm having the hand foot mouth disease). & ETC.

But I just fine the pregnant part ridiculous. I mean seriously, I WAS WEARING SCHOOL UNIFORM.
& wearing specs, with that stupid mask.
How can it be because of my 'lian' face as that moron suggested??
Anyway, my face where got look like ah lian, I so innocent. *Gives that innocent look*.

Okay lah, they must have their own reason for asking these questions.
But still, PREGNANT???? 
They should really look at who they are asking..
Cmon, a girl wearing school uniform, yet you still ask her whether she's pregnant.
I can't be a 50+ auntie wearing a school uniform right. Cosplay ah.

What can you infer from Source A about the doctors in poly clinics?
I can infer from Source A that the doctors in poly clinics are weird, this can be seen from the questions they ask to a 15 years old young girl.

Ahhhhh! I'm over my limits. This is soooooooo random..

Anyway, I bought a snack or something like that over there!

Yeah I know, my phone camera sucks. 
But who cares?!?!

Yep I bought these!
It's reaaaaaaally nice can?
the 1st few bites taste bitter, but then after that, you can actually feel the sweetness sinking in.
I prefer the 85% nuts and honey one.
Even though they taste kinda the same... But there is a slight difference lah!
Okay now I feel like some kind of food taster or something like that. :O

I'm gonna go watch some animes while eating roast chicken rice.
& then revise some stupid emath. Damn.
Oh yeah! Gonna visit my aunt again later! Sieeennnnaaaaa!!



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