Rare lucky day!

I'm here to post, about today! 
Yeah, it's gonna be boring, cause. it's. about. me.
But who cares? This is my freaking blog and you have no say! Wakakakaka!
Okay, I am really so LAME. :/
WARNING: This is all really, rubbish. I think it's really really boring, so you can skip.
Go on, SKIP IT. Go some other people blog or something! LOL.

I woke up, LATE today.
It's not those normal late. It's those late late.
Like, 7.05am when I'm suppose to reach at 7.20am!
Haha, even if I'm superman also cannot wear my red underwear and fly there on time!
So yeah, I knew I was gonna be late, and might even have 2 hour detention.
But then, I had to go what, and already prepared for the detention! (Whoa, I know).
Cause got the stupid amath test mah, and I dowan to miss it. :/
Hence, I was walking to busstop like talking a morning stroll, like a turtle.

So yeah, when I reach the school busstop, 
I remembered that we have to walk another big round to another gate,
Cause the current one is fixing, and yeah, I still walk like a turtle. :D
(For detention).
I mean, WHOA. I was so damn late!
Maybe I was TOO late and they all went back to do other things already? 
But NO. 
Syazwani and Philomena told me should be because today they change gate,
So maybe letting us late, like, got this excuse?
But then, I was late cause, I WOKE UP LATE!
I'm really so lucky eh?

& guess what??!?!?!!!!!
Nah, Mr Gopal got come lah, you think everytime I say this means he never come meh?!
But then, humanities and P.E teacher never come! 
Which is, the periods before our recess.
Imagine! 4 perious w/o teachers! :O ( I know you're jealous~)
& I very guai one, I spent the whole 4 period studying for my amath test with Mei Xuan that gang.
I actually learnt alot of things!
Thanks alot to Mei Xuan! Since she was like, describing and explaining to me lah!
& Arron too I guess! :D
I should jio her out to go library study math together someday. XD
It's a good idea! Weeee.

Okay, that's how long my luckiness lasts. :O
Anyway, after recess, was 3 period of math.
Which, is also somehow revising for amath test later!
& the pure physics people get to stay in their class cause their teacher never come too!
(Hey what's wrong with all of them?!?!)

So imagine, the pure physics people gets to revise for their amath, 
Wow lah. So relaxed liddat leh.
AND YEAH! Tmr is teacher's day! (not the real one).
Therefore, there will be no classes and school ends at 10.30 or somewhere there! 
Plus, wednesday has no school for I-don't-know-what-reason.
Can revise for emath test! Woooo!
Hi MeiXuan you wanna revise tmr? HAHA.

Plus, I was VERY wide awake and hyperactive.
Despite sleeping at 4am+ last night.
What is wrong with my body!
I think I spoilt it. Shoot.

Oh yeah!
After school went to find my aunt who flew from Australia last night!
I miss her daughter, Sienna lah!
Plus, her husband ang moh leh, Michelle's favourite. HAHAHA!
Ate with them, but didn't eat anything, only a few satays and meat, cause I don't feel hungry.
(Omg, I didn't eat the whole day, scared stomach got hole).
Sienna damn cute lah! I like her smile.
But didn't get to play with her alot, since she slept very soon after I see her. :/
Took some pictures though! :D

My smallest aunt! 
Her stomach damn HUGE right!
Whenever she walks or what I'd get so worried that her stomach will burst easily. '-'
It's damn worrying!
& btw, IT'S TWINS! Omg! I can't wait to see 'em!
Man, when can I have my own children?! :/ Haha!

Aunt's candid! HOHOx.

Yep! I think he CAN he humorous, just that it's hard for him to communicate with us.
Since our English is actually SINGLISH. Tsk.

*Whisper: She's asleep!
Damn cute right! She totally looks like an ang mo!
Just that her eyes and nose is from my aunt's genes. Woooow.

Then we went their hotel, I forgot the name, but it's 5 star. 
(Rich eh?)
Sienna was wailing, I guess she's not used to the environment.
& I think our existence is making her uncomfortable,
So we decided to leave, but my sis and her friend was inside a club.
So we sat down on a, errr, I DONT KNOW. O.O
I got picture though!

I know it's not that clear, that's why I really want a camera. Tsk.
Anyway, the breeze is nice here!
Listening to band songs while looking at the river water.
Whoa, feel blissful!
Perfect date for couples! (In my own opinion).

You see this? I think it's the bungee thingy.
It's right in the middle, the blue colour one.
Damn cool! It flew quite high, WHOA!
I wanna try before I die, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE. :/

Alright! That's all!
Sorry to bore you out, ahahaha.
Goodnight to all the people in cyber world and smelly dreams to you!


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