Happy birthday Farhan the BM.

I wore my 'new' specs today!
Want a picture?

Seee! It's black in colour!

Okay, tell you guys a secret.
So why is it black? You ask.
Because I coloured it, DUH!
Ahaaaaa, I've actually got this permanent marker, that is for like, plastic type material.
& I used it to colour it. Omg.
It works! HAHA.
Since I'm not that rich, and I think black specs is like, NOT SO STRIKING MAH.
So I did it! Buaybai right?
Best thing is when I wash it the colour doesn't come off.
Anyway if it does I just colour again lo~ LOL.

So, today there was math remedial.
Then I saw Syazwani, and we walked to classroom tgt.

She was like, "Oh you change specs?"
Me, "YEAH. NICER RIGHT!" With lots of enthusiasm.
Me, "Actually I coloured it lah.".
Syazwani, "Huh, really??"
*Showed her the 'inside' which I never coloured finish cause no ink*.
Syazwani, "YOU AH!"

That just shows what a good artist I am. Tyty.

Oh yeah, got back our common test papers!
AND, not surprisingly, I failed again.
Emath: 15/40.
Amath: 19/40.
But hey, I improved okay.
See, I actually gets SINGLE digits for all my math test,
This time it's like, DOUBLE DIGIT LAH.
So yeah, was quite satisfied, woooooo!
Shall work hard this week, since band prac v little. :/

Oh yeaaaaaaaa.
Philomena: "I prefer your this specs then your previous one, Xinman."
Syazwani: "Yeah, nicer right!" *giggle.
Me: *pffffffft.
Philomena: "WHATTTTTTT!" 

Haaaaa! FOOLED. :D

So yeah. 3 hours of math really does kills you.
After that went to band room and practice, but it was like, darn early lah.
12pm ended remedial, 2.30pm reach band room.
Early like shitzxz.
But I practiced okay!
I practice till Iman called me from his house,
which is one road away from school.
He ask me can play my clarinet softer anot. LOLOLOL! (He's jk lah).
I'm hardworking, right. :D

So yeah, other than practicing, what did I do?

Take picture of my clarinet~ LOLOL.
No lah, I polished it a bit.

& Since it was Farhan's birthday, I felt bad cause I didn't get anything for him.
*It's tmr, but Samantha & Jiawei giving him a surprise after band.
So, I did something for him!

Ahaaaaa, lame right.
But yeah, it's the thought that counts!
I used up quite a number of paper to do a nicer one eh.
Got put in heart one okay! HAAAA.

Then warm-up, etc etc.
MrLim came, etc etc.
Shall not elaborate, cause it's not really that much of a great/memorable event.
I do hope we learn something from wasting one of our 2 precious practice.
:/ Getting blamed for not spending enough time with juniors.What can I do to spend more time with them? I also want to teach them, help them improve what. It's not easy when only 1 or 2 person, trying to teach 6 to 7 people at the same time. Whatever.
After band!
KhoiYan was trying her best to delay Farhan lah.
I helped! :D
& I even discussed with him band stuff okay!
"We should get those small shelves that has more slots, so that can blah blah and blah."
Seee! Waste his time plus considering band's affairs.
Even though he keeps want to sneak away cause MrLim wanted us to fall-out quickly.
I agree lah, fall-out everytime so slow, dunno wating for what sia. -.-
Maybe I should start writing instruction down to say after band fall-out.
Since Khoi Yan like got alot of things to do.
Cannot everything also depend on other people, right!

Anyway, I ran up to the band room to get the board for Samantha & Jiawei.
Think that left it there? Deliberately or not, I don't know.
I was told to go up and take, so yeah.
When they got it, we face the side where there was this, 2nd floor corridor or something.
Then Farhan was like, "What are we waiting for?"
Then Samantha came out by the side, awkwardly. XD
And Jiawei actually popped a cracker(?).
It was, AWKWARD. Haha, we were like, WHAT??
Jiawei also shove up the board that they made at the 2nd floor.
HAHAHAA. It was real funny~
Then Victoria started singing the birthday song and everyone joined in.
Then blah blah.

For some reason, Farhan looks freakishly like a small lil' kid here. 
When he's suppose to be older~
Amiirul pervertic sia. Tsk!

I apologise for the blurry-nessss!

Blur. :/

Samantha looks like she's dying to eat the cake! Haaaa!

Woooo, Saleswoman!

Alright, that's the end of today!
Haaa, kinda boring this post.
Bye. Gonna kill my brain cells tmr during math remedial again!
Wish me luck.
Maybe going to library again and try to complete my homeworks.

Oh yeah,
Welcome back, Dawn! :)
Practice hard! Don't skip any more band prac already ah! Haaa.

Oh yeah, what should I get for my sis's birthday?
Any suggestion?
Needa save money!
Tmr after remedial I shall rush home and eat maggie instead.
Save money!



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