Note: I had to postpone posting this post up ytd because, 
Annoying you know.

Hi to all Bimbos and Himbos!
Yeah, Bimbob is a male version of bimbo. I think.
Source, http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/himbo .

himbo  (ˈhɪmbəʊ) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— n  , pl -bos

slang derogatory usually  an attractive, but empty-headed man
[C20: from him  + ( bim bo ]

So yeah, why did I went to search?
Because MrLim actually asks us to! Haaaaaaa.

Right, actually I was planning to go library and finish up my homework after band.
But after practice we need to bring instrument home,
Plus I was sweating, & I was real tired.
& I actually have something to post about band today,
So good right me.
Nah, one of the reason is because library 9pm close, and not enough time lah.
So intend to sleep till shiok tmr, and go library after I wake up.
Then I'll be wide awake to do some work man!
Plus, I'm gonna go practice my clarinet later. HOHOx.

Anyway, today we fall-in at the new parade square!
It's a great place to fall-in, cause it's super close to our current school gate,
And it's HUGE. Okay not really, just normal.
Better then the old parade square which is suppose to be a car-park right.
Plus, IT'S NEAR OUR BAND ROOM. I mean, the block.
Great right!

Before falling in...
We tried out the new uhm, exercising equipments(?)!

Effect nice right, photographer, Jeremy!
Anddddddd, I couldn't reach that stupid thing.
But this one is the HIGHEST okay!
Almost, but not there yet, tsk.

Wow, NICE SWING Feng Chao!
Ahahaa, see Danish over there.

It's Jeremy here. 
The sky so nice right! (Ignores him).

Wooo, strong eh! 
I forced them to do one, so I can take this picture. HAHA.

See! I can do it too okay!
(Even though only can go up once.)

This is Khoi Yan! 
She didn't know I'd really take the picture, but then I wasn't looking at my phone, 

Haha! I caught him jumping over this thingy, like, mid-way.
& P.S, this is not the correct way to use this thing. DUH.

Did drills today!
Wasn't as tiring as the lasttime.
We still can slack lah!
Note: I only took the pictures after some of them were done with the marching.
So yeah, only got a bit. :/

The guys! Seee, the legs all same! 

Back view.
Seee, we all like just sit down there and laugh at their mistakes. :X
But it's quite fun lah! Can disiao them.

They look so serious here whoaaaa.

Farhan, suan-ing them. HAHA.

Allen march till like how those step beng walks. LOL.

Hahaha, farhan like those sergeant, damn strict liddat!

The females! Wooo. 
& whose hand is that ah! 
Taken by Jeremy.

Hahaha, Eunice and Jolie sitting so close together when there is SO MUCH SPACE. 

Then Ms Jama came, and she wanted to test our sec 1s.
Like, if any of them were not serious/made a mistake.
& if Ma Jama spotted any mistakes before we see them,
The excos will get punishments.
& guess what? They really became quite serious so as to not sabo us.
Touched leeeeh!
Of course there were mistakes lah, nobody is perfect you know. HAA.
So the excos got like, 100 jumping jacks.
At least not push ups lah! 

Ms Jama let us do 50 only lah.
But in the end, she tell the band to help us do the other 50.
Haha! & they never complaint! (I think)
I've got photos! Haaaaa!

Then after that we had sectionals and etc, like any normal day.
This time had sectionals with Kendrick only since sec 1 had to go with Ms Jama.
Then I was thinking, I never take any picture with Kendrick!
So, we took some. HAHAHAA.
I look real ugly here lah. Ahem.
Like, guy.

Ahaaaaa, candid!
Ah, photography skills suckkkkk.

What kind of face is THAT. Haaa!

My precious junior ah!

I feel that, I'm really lucky to have Kendrick as my junior.
He's hardworking, & really wants to learn.
Man he might be better at playing clarinet than me! :D
& the best thing is, he never quit band. 
Wanping too. (:
& I hope my sec 1 clarinets, that no one quits! 
When I step down, after another 4 years when I come back to band,
I want to see all of them here! Heh.
Plus, I know my juniors can attract alot of guys and girls to clarinet one. Heehh..

After lunch Mr Lim came, like normal.
But today was much more fun then the other days!
Plus, he kinda praised me today, LOLOLOL.
I really enjoyed today thoroughly!!
Pray hard that next practice will also be like this.
And will everyone really stop talking and fidget during fall-in?

And yeah, I think I need to trim my hair,
It's like, damn untidy. :O

Alright, HOWIE, please come and take the picture and update the band blog!

I'm glad that feeling is back.


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