I'm bored, so I'm here to post again!
So..... yeah, we got back our result.
For my future self sake when I read back my archives,
I shall post my results here.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to boast, & there is nothing to boast about.
Cause my results SUCKS. Like. Hell.

English: 60.3, B4
Chinese: 68.0, B3
Amath: 18.0, F9
Emath: 38.0, F9
Science (Phy, chem): 50.7, C6
Combine humanities: 66.3, B3
DnT: 69.3, B3

Remarks: Xin Man is a talented and committed student. 
Her affable personality makes her popular among her peers.

Seee? I completely failed all the subjects that require calculator.
I think I really no hope already. :/
I think I'll go poly lah. Not those studious type of person.
Plus! Poly band good leh. LOLOLOL.

& hey, I'm talented. HAHA!

I'd rather learn about music lah. But I'm too fucking poor to get a degree in that.
Life sucks. :)

Okokkkk. Don't feel like blogging anymore. HAA.


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