Math. $%$#$@#@!

I still laugh whenever I see this.

Alright, you guessed it.
I will be talking about (or I should say, RANTING) about.......
Because I just came back home from having a 'tuition' class with Samantha!
Thankyou Samantha!
Damn, I used 2 days to finish up one EOY 2009 E-MATH PAPER.
If that, was my EOY,
I might only finish 1 question, cos normally exams 1 and a half hour mah.
My math reaaaaaaaaaaaaally CMI lah.
Like, totally.
But still, Samantha still slowly teach me, so must really thank her.
She's really good at math, unsurprisingly.

So, what's the use of learning math huh, you tell me.
We don't even use in in our daily lives!
Do we count how many green beans there are using SURDS?
Who will actually use a PYTHAGORAS THEOREM to find out one side of maybe, a window?
People just use measuring tape for goodness sake.
I admit, physics is more based on daily lives.
Chemistry too, maybe.
But, MATH?
Why can't they replace math with, uh, making balloons?!?!
At least that makes people happy.
Or they can teach us how to do housework, you know.
So instead of going home & do tons of math homework,
We could lessen our mum's work.

What's up with this man?
We still have PE & etc, why not music eh?
I mean, they can really nurture people who are interested in music, (like me),
To maybe become a conductor/music teacher/professional player/etc.
& spare them from those hateful algebra.

Maybe people can start to choose their future during sec 3?
& they can already choose courses, regarding their future?
Like: Music, Designer, Model, Teacher, Doctor, Engineers, etc etc...
So maybe, Music can focus on music, like, scales, rhythm, dynamics..
Designer can focus on DnT, maybe how trend works etc,
Models can learn how to dress up, make yourself pretty?
Ahhhhaaaa! Teachers can teach on different topics, but they can only focus on one?
Doctor can learn BIO!
Engineers I think DnT?
Etc etc etc etc~

Okay, they're all just daydreamings lah.
You know, rantings.
So please don't take it seriously, I do whine about life you know.
Anyway, music is also linked to math, SOMEHOW.
So, yeah... I'm contradicting!
& if the world was really like the above paragraph, the world would be in chaos!
Why? Because most girls would choose to be a model mah.
Then some courses won't be that popular, which will cause blah blah blah blaaaaah.

Let's just say I'm just unhappy about my life.
Lol. I should have become a hamster!
Lie in a cage, run around endlessly  in a 'wheel'.
Eat, sleep, mate, & eat my own babies...
Bite that human hands, etc..

Alright, shall go sleep now!
2 days doing math homework, (& not finishing them.) is tiring!!
Despite finishing my homework, I'M GOING OUT WITH JIAWEI TMR!
& Yippeeeee! There's gonna be pictures!
Tadah for now, & please CLICK ON MY NUFFNANG ADS!

2 days, ):


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