Library the whole day.


Attention please!
I hereby announce that my sister, Ms Oo Xin Jie, finally become a goody goody kid.
She now declares that clubbing is a waste of time, (Yes, she reaally said THAT.)
& she claims that she's interested in studies and MORE story books!
Ain't it weird?
She was like, "Thank god I become guai before I reach 20."
Which is like, after one month? Geeez.
She has finally gotten into a study mood, thanks to her part-time study on business for diploma.
& just bought a pack of chilli seeds and plans to plant them.
She sleeps between 10.30pm - 11.30pm & rarely exceeds this.
She wrote a resolution that says, "Smoke 1 packet for 5 days."
&, "Don't go out after work unless urgent,"
Shouldn't we cheer and clap and slap her on the back??
Champagne please!

Went to library after I woke up.
For, the whole frigging day!
& I managed to do the chemistry notes that I planned to do since 3 weeks ago.
Shall go library with my sis more often!
Cause I actually, really, did work.

She's too busy to close her mouth.

I know this is nice!
And once again, it's because IT WAS TAKEN BY ME.
*Smiles wide wide wide wide.

Eh I look sick. Stupid sides..

This is better, my specs is covering my double eyebags! :D
Okay not really.

Yep, a big mouth, I have.

Guess what I'm writing! 
(Kinda easy).

Can you see now? Yep, it's 'XINJIE'. My sis's name!
I still remember Rosanna did my name for me, it's still in my wallet! 

She was suppose to be my model for the ridiculous DnT user testing.
& she did this! HAHA.
The posture look so funny and wrong lah!

Oh yeah,
I read Yotsuba& today!
It's a reaaaally nice comic, like, short stories?
But it's damn interesting, and I like how the author (Azuma Kiyohiko) describe somethings.
I would love to have a whole collection of Yotsuba&!
Then I can laugh while I shit, y'know.
My birthday is on 21st of March, people.
*Heeee. Joking.
 Yep, it's about this little green-haired girl,
Who is really clueless about bus, playground, festivals & even badminton!
Plus, she's REALLY cute.
Check it out if you can!

Okay, that's all, PEOPLE OF THE CYBER WORLD.
Sleeping early soon I guess.
It's gonna be a longgggggg week tmr.
Wish me luck.



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