I ♥ Band!

Hell0rhhhzxz pe0plers.
Today band practice was... not exactly like a band practice.
We played games in the morning! Was quite okay.
Sightread Noah's Ark. It's nice but difficult lah!
At around 12, the seniors were allowed to go!
Cause we're going to Plaza Sing to look at a performance by MsChang and Idham!
Those who never go had to stay at band till 3 though.
& we have to fall-out.
You don't know how PATHETIC that was!
There was only, 5 people during fall-out?!?!
The other 5 or 6 was excos and drill instructor so no need.
I mean, OMG. Can't even form a decent square..
Seniors are not coming to band. Lol.

Some pictures!

They seems to be... looking at Wedding's armpit. :D


I know this is nice, BECAUSE I TAKE ONE MAH. :D

Fierce aaahhhh!


Woooo! 2 sticks 1 hand!
I like to see percussionist do this. 

Look carefully! 

Yep I wore specs. 
& I'm not the shortest here! Hooooray! :D

The performance!

Okay, don't see they 4 people ah.
When they play, the WHOLE store was filled with their indescribable tone!
Ms Chang's tone! The Sax guy's tone! OMG.
The basses blend in soooo well.
AND YES. Mr Lim Lip Hwa (Direct pronunciation, think spelling wrong.) was there too!
Ex clarinet tutor. Omg.
Btw, he said I grew taller. ^^ (Because I kinda force him to. AHEM.)
Heee, I kept smiling like an idiot when I hear them play.
It just makes me feeeeeeel soooo happy and contented!
I don't feel bored, and standing for straight 40min didn't affect me at all!
& this last song, something about what Billy Goat?
There was a few parts they all went "Mehhh mehhhhhhh".
I never regret coming here.
It's a really good experience!

After that went to Aljunied to get the fixed clarinet.
Thanks Victoria & KhoiYan for accompany me eh!
Seriously, I have 4 QMs. Yet. Lol. ):
What's happening to all the seniors in SWO?

Oh yeah!
I tried Mr Bean's soya ice cream today!
I don't dare to try cos scared very the milky y'know.
But it turns out delicious!
Okay, i feel so... what's that word? Old-fashion? Out-dated? NOOB??
But it really is nice.
I swear I'll eat it again. 
If I pass by any of the Mr Bean shop right, I must buy.
I WILL buy.
I definitely WILL buy!!
Unless I broke lah.
Then maybe I'll pickpocket, or rob a bank, or beg! HAHA.

Ahhhh, i'm so lameeeeeeee!
Feel that my sense of humour is gone. Sadddddddd!
& next time when you come my blog, I'll be blogging about the same things.
One day I might blog about how smelly my legs is,
Or how many moles I have on my body, and each of their names. :D

Okay, shall end here.
Maybe I'd get my humor back after I sleep and while dreaming of Soya Icecreams!

I don't care, eh eh eh, eh eh.
Shit. This is stuck inside my head.
It's too catchy!

I only had 3 hours of sleep for 2 days!
Ain't I pro? :D



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