The Last Airbender!

Okay, 1st, I gotta say what I dreamt about today!
It's really cool lah.
Cos I was in a RPG world!
YES YES YES! Of cos I'm excited. Since I RPG!

Right, so I was in this, cave, or something.
At the end of it, (I think) was a boat, lying against a huge stone.
In a lake or something like that, (round shape) and yes, we're really in a cave.
How do I explain it?
Anyway, it's confusing~

Then got this, uhm, bad guy? (a girl).
She raced us to this cave, and in the end, we have to fight her.
& guess how we're suppose to fight?
By playing GAMES. LOL!
But they were real painful.
Like, if I can remember clearly, one part was you had to dance or something.
& had to inflict pain on e/o.
And I'm the one who played with her.
I can still remember her being pushed to the rugged wall by me,
& I was dancing and slashing her legs with a knife. BRRRR.
Gross, I know. Tsk.
There were other 'games' we had to compete, but I just can't remember.
In the end, she admit defeat, in a friend kind of way. (HUH???)
We fought, and we became friends, weird.

While we were competing, my teammates were busy getting the boat ready.
Somehow, we know that the 'river' or something linking to the 'lake' was acidic halfway.
& then got this person, who says she's willing to sacrifice her life for us, to check where is the place where the acids start to spread.
I think she owe us her life or something? Hmm.
Then we actually allowed her to go, ):
& there was some scene regarding her too.
She died, ):
& she even marked down where she start to feel the pain, and wrote 'row faster'.
Hahahaa! Okay, weird.

I think that's about it.
Kinda short, but I missed out some parts, so....
But it was interesting laaaaaaaaa.
Cos, I repeat, I LOVE RPG.
& the best part was that I look like a cartoon. LOL.

Okay, sorry for these stupidness.

With YJiawei!
& yeah, I finally bought a notebook. (Yes I lost it again, :/ )
It BLUE! Wooooooo!
We went to arcade too.
Played the eh, bball thingy.
205, our highest score! Buay bai right.
Considering my aiming so sucky, I managed to get quite alot
I think we improved. Ey it was really funnnnn!
Then we played the Silent Hill thingy also.
Omg, we were shooting, squealing, laughing like mad people,
But we got till quite far ehhhhh!
It was REAL FUN. I wanna play it again!
& DDR-ed. So weird laaaaaaa, I prefer PIU.

Ate this... this.. thing too. I seriously don't know what.
I can't even read the 1st character of it's name. :X (it's gu, right?)
But it's darn delicious! The seafood tempura Jiawei bought, I mean.
Mine wasn't that good. Don't like vinegar.
I don't 吃醋 one okay! (lame-ing).

Then of cause! The Last Air Bender!

It was kinda like, the 1st part of the series.
Y'know, like, Chronicles of Narnia?
Cause this cartoon series if I'm not wrong, there is different chapters.
Currently OKTO one is on the Chapter, Fire.
& this movie is on Chapter, Water.
Somehow, like, the 'summary' of this chapter?
& I'm swear I'm gonna watch the next one!
Even though it wasn't that good... But it's interesting!
I'll rate 3/5.

Okay, this is kind of a random post.
Shall watch Sekirei pure engagement! (intro-ed by Heri again).
Dang my post is getting boring, wahahahaa.

I dreams!


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