Today is a bad day.
Why am I born in year 1995?
Why not 1994 or something?
Or maybe like, year 2990.
Better then 1995.

Oh yeah, has got 11 mosquito bites on my thigh, all the way to my butt.
Can you believe it?? 11!
In just ONE DAY.
I really damn suay, if I was born earlier, the school wouldn't have been constructing.
Then the canteen won't change.
& the food will be nicer.
The mos which bit me today wouldn't have came, & I wouldn't have those bites.
Okay, jk.

Seriously, my attitude sucks nowadays!
Gotta be more relax & chill.
Shall bring ice around everywhere I go.
Sorry SWO, my mood hasn't been good these days.

Should I drop amath?
Or might as well drop studies.
Or drop my life.


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